BAND SEARCH – ヒミツノコウドウ

ヒミツノコウドウ (Himitsu No Koudou) is a unit band from the city Sanuki were “Marugame Udon” are famous dish. The band was formed in December 2005 and their first live was in February 2006! Since then the band has spread their activities through the country. To keep the music scene in Kagawa lively, the band is holding their own events named “異色獣”. ヒミツノコウドウ is exploding across the country with their own unique world view!


Guitar & Vocal: Cco
Drums & Vocal: Go


When our former bands disbanded, we formed a band together with having in mind that we could start band together. Cco plays the guitar, Go plays the drums and turns it even into the bass and both of us are also the vocalists of the band.


Secret (laugh)


Whatever the genre is, the two artists’ views become ONE, together expressing themselves through music and performance.


Please come to our lives to see our play!


1st album「赤と青(Aka to Ao)」(Sold out)
2nd album「アメ玉(AmeTama)」(Sold out)
3rd album「スクリーム(Scream)」ON SALE!!

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