Interview with Nagasawa Tomonori

Nagasawa he is a writer who interviews bands, but he also writes reviews and articles. He is a writer who enjoys to write about any type of music!

長澤さんはバンドへのインタビューを行う作家であるが、レビューや記事も執筆している。 長澤さんはどんなタイプの音楽についても書くことを楽しむ作家です!

Interview with BELLMONDO

A bandholic bassless trio band. Their sound is reminiscent of alternative/post-punk/post-shoe gazers. Mainly active in Tokyo area.

バンドホリックな3人による思いつきベースレス・トリオ。オルタナティヴ/ポストパンク/ポストシューゲイザーを彷彿とさせるサウンド。 都内某所で活動。

Interview with NEiN

NEiN is a mixed feeling band, they can be seen as non-visual but also as an visual kei band. Their sound is mixed with rock and metal elements and time to time might even a slight taste of pop. All songs they pour out will touch our heart, if you are searching for a band with a perfect taste of beats, surely don’t forget to check them out.

Interview with MMS R&R ENGINEERING

MMS plays Simple and speedy ROCK’N’ROLL! They are a minimal unit who are sticking to the style of a three-piece, rockabilly, R&B, R&R, and PUNK together with their own sense of originality. MMS are offering amazing live performances. Also all members can use their voice as an instrument. All members are showing their skills inContinue reading “Interview with MMS R&R ENGINEERING”