Vijuttoke2023/12「チンチン(CHINCHIN)」INTERVIEW Translation: Team JROCK’N’ROLL日本語版・JAPANESE Ver. For a moment when I saw the name of the band, I thought it was a joke,  but that thought turned out to be that “チンチン(CHINCHIN)” is a band that started with the desire to share “HAPPINESS” with as many people as possible! After reading this interview, your perspective onContinue reading “INTERVIEW – CHINCHIN”


VIJUTTOKE2023/12「ARS NØVA」INTERVIEW Website – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube – Tunecore TRANSLATION: Team JROCK’N’ROLL日本語版・JAPANESE Ver. It has been about 9 months since the start of the new Ars Nøva, and the new Ars Nøva continues to outgrow the changes to be proud of the Ars Nøva it has become! The three songs that Ars Nøva released for three months in a rowContinue reading “INTERVIEW – ARS NØVA”