INTERVIEW – Hakidame

Vijuttoke 2023/07 吐き溜め(Hakidame) INTERVIEW

Translation: Team JROCKNROLL

Hakidame’s existence was born out of the black “THAT” you spit out, the resentment, envy, pain, sorrow and suffering that everyone wants to hide, Hakidame is born out of those dark emotions. 

*「ソレ」(SORE) = That、 (this, these, those etc) . (The exact meaning will be explained later in the interview.)

You have announced yourself as a new band called “Hakidame”. There are still a lot of secrets around you, so please introduce yourselves first.

厭 (En):Readers of Vijuttoke, nice to meet you. We are Hakidame. We are the existence born out of the darkness 「THAT」 you spit out. That kind of darkness is 「THAT」 we have put into our sound, right?

奏 (Minato):That’s right. No matter how hard you try to hide it, you’ll spit out [THESE] feelings before you even know it.

お菊 (Okiku): I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, so sorry. 

骼 (Kabane):The「THAT」what everyone can and does spit out, and that’s what we are born of. So you can say that you are “one” with us. 

天命 (Tenmei): That’s right, the more you spit out 「THIS」 the more we can become bigger in our existence. That’s why you don’t have to crop up anything. So, just spit out 「THAT」 and cling to us.

厭 (En): See, even now is spitting out「THAT」somewhere. I just know that. FUFUFUFUFU

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

厭 (En):What I like is human observation and self-googling. What I dislike is the absurdity of the world and politicians. You know, I am an anarchic superstar.

お菊 (Okiku):There is nothing around me that I like. I dislike hypocrisy, laughter, light, the outside world and the sun. I wish they were all gone.

奏 (Minato): I like almost everything that has to do with music. What I don’t like is people who are dishonest, sticky, short-tempered, cowardly and such things of human nature.

骼 (Kabane):I prefer the dark and weak-hearted human beings. Those who are strong and shiny make me sick to my stomach.

天命 (Tenmei):I like extraordinary things. I hate this dirty world.

「Hakidame is born from your 「THAT」 you spit out」. But what exactly is the 「THAT」?

厭 (En):You know, 「THAT」 is the dark feeling that everyone wants to hide, such as resentment, envy, pain, sadness and suffering. There is no such thing as a truly beautiful person…
[To the interviewer] So you also spit out 「THAT」 darkness, don’t you?



You started your activities at Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH on 21 June. Please describe this day.

厭 (En): All the tickets were sold out that day, so there were a lot of foul-mouthed people around, which felt very comfortable. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun spitting out 「THAT」. I really loved them all.

骼 (Kabane):You’re right, I felt a little happy that day because we were surrounded by people who were exposing「THAT」.

奏 (Minato):Well, we absorbed lots of 「THAT」.

天命 (Tenmei): It was fun, it was really fun.

お菊 (Okiku): To me it felt like I finally found my place. 

A free CD was distributed on 21 June. What kind of song is it? Is it “THE” song by Hakidame?

厭 (En):You’re talking about “CLOSET PARANOIA”, right? Well, it starts with the beautiful sound of a music box, but it’s actually a very intense song, so I guess it’s easy to go wild during a live show. As for the lyrical content… I can’t really spit it out here.

奏 (Minato):Our music has the dark “THAT” in its sound, as we said at the beginning. The melody is intense, but we also added a lot of sad melodies reminiscent of Showa-era pop (kayoukyoku) songs.

天命 (Tenmei):Sadness and Joyful.

What’s the atmosphere of Hakidame’s lives? Anyway you are a band full of mysteries, so I want to know a lot of things.

厭 (En): It’s made of addiction and dependence.

天命 (Tenmei): Well, if you watch one of our lives you will understand. 

What kind of development do you have in your mind for the future of Hakidame?

厭 (En):I can’t tell you the details yet, but I am sure I will meet all of you, because you all live on this planet and want to get「THAT」 out of your bodies.

骼 (Kabane):We’re not only planning to develop only our music, but also lots of other content that will allow you to release your「THAT」. 

奏 (Minato):That’s right, For example we also might consider video distribution.

お菊 (Okiku):…………….

厭 (En):There you go, it’s the expose to a green certain SNS app and phone number. So if you feel the need to shout out your 「THAT」,  add and contact us.  It’s never a SIN to spit out that 「THAT」. 

(An QR code and phone number are really exposed on black on white [inside the Vijutokke])

天命 (Tenmei):Please look forward to it…. FUFUFUFU…..

Please give a message to the readers of Vijuttoke.

厭 (En): If you have read this far, I think it means that you have lots of 「THAT」 inside you. This makes me feel that the best thing for you to do is to come to us directly and spit out all the 「THAT」which is absorbed in you. I’ll be waiting for you and the 「THAT」!

お菊 (Okiku):Thank you for reading this interview. 

奏 (Minato): I really wish that you come to visit one of our lives someday! I’ll wait for you and thank you for reading so far!

骼 (Kabane):I will continue to be the “location” where everyone can spit out the 「THAT」they’ve been hoarding up all the time, so please come to us! Thank you for reading this interview!
天命 (Tenmei):That you have read until so far shows that we should definitely to keep in touch!


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