Vijuttoke 2023/02 「MISSREAD」INTERVIEW

Translation: Team JROCKNROLL

MISSREAD is active as a “proto device” visual kei band based in Hakata! On stage they have been updated to Ver.2.0!
A 4MAN event will be held on March 2nd, where four visual kei bands from western Japan will gather together in Hakata!
With the background of Hakata, MISSREAD will show its existence to the whole country!

L→R Bass : 依(Yori) / Drums : 汰朗(Tarou) / Vo.未来(Mirai) / Guitar : 凌雅(Ryoga)

Because this is MISSREAD’s first appearance on Vijutttoke, please introduce the band to us.

未来(Mirai)▶ We are MISSREAD, a PROTO DEVICE based in Hakata. As the band name suggests, we are currently foreshadowing our future activities in the Visual Kei scene. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please introduce yourself

未来(Mirai)▶ I’m  Mirai, my favourite word is “Koshitantan (Tiger vision)” .
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ I’m the support guitarist Ryoga. Mirai, with whom I’ve been in a band for a long time, asked me to be part of the band and so I did.
(Yori)▶  I’m support bass Yori. I’m born in Nagasaki.
汰朗(Tarou)▶ I’m support drummer Tarou. Washing your jeans in seawater is called “Sea Wash“. Nice to meet you.

At the end of last year (2022) The band updated to version 2.0 and future evolved. What’s actually the concept of ver.2.0?

未来(Mirai)▶ MISSREAD represents an unfinished state and indicates that a step towards completion has been completed. Please stay tuned for future updates. However, I would like to inform you that the number of updates is limited. This is because the MISSREAD devices also has its own limitations.

You will be sponsoring a 4MAN live event that will feature other bands from Hakata and will be held at Fukuoka Tenjin graf on 2 March. Please introduce all the bands.  

未来(Mirai)▶ The first band I like to introduce is 「#Botsu」because they started around the same time as us. Their kind of aggressive and lively live performances are attractive and are the represent of our underdogs
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ They are a band we really wanted to play against to, because of their impressive stage presence fires up the stage and they have a wonderful focus on their concepts. 
未来(Mirai)▶ Next band is Z CLEAR from Hiroshima. They are a wonderful passionate band that moves anyone’s heart with their solid live performances and vocal AKIRA’s honest touching words. 
(Yori)▶  If I would need to describe it in one word it would be Buchiwaya, if you don’t know the meaning of the word, please search for “Buchi Hiroshima dialect” or “Waya Hiroshima dialect” 

*Butchi = Great, very much.  * Waya = Not good, Mess.
If you combinate both words it means something positive simply as “Amazing (Mess)”  

未来(Mirai)▶ And the last band is Tarareva. Their range of activities has expanded to various genres and the character of their songs are diverse. I would be happy if people could pay attention to them once again. 
汰朗(Tarou)▶ We’ve only played against them once, but this will be the first time to play against them as the hosts as MISSREAD. So I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they’ll give.

The title of this event is called “Kinsokuchi (Forbidden land)”. What’s the meaning behind this event title?

未来(Mirai)▶ We will create a scenery that you usually won’t face. Therefore, it’s a forbidden place to be. So we would love to ask you to visit us that day. 

What kind of day do you hope this 2 March event will be?

未来(Mirai)▶ Actually this is the first time that these 4 bands play on the same event, so I think it will be a surprising combination for all the fans. I’m going to use this to begin to overthrow the everyday routine and the common sense that has somehow failed to fit in with the past. This day also happens to be the birthday of our support guitarist Ryoga. It’s not mentioned in the event title, but celebrating his birthday is also part of the event, so please join us in celebrating!
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ We hope to provide a precious time that can only be shared by those who were there. We hope to see many smiling faces~
(Yori)▶ It feels like the first step in the revival of the Visual Kei scene in western Japan.
汰朗(Tarou)▶ That day, I wanna have the best day ever!  I wanna do a live show that everyone will enjoy and remember for more than a week!

A lyric video (INSOMNIA) has been released on YouTube. Could you explain what kind of song this is and the meaning behind the lyrics?

未来(Mirai)▶ The title literally means INSOMNIA. Ever since I started my music career with a dream of being in a band, that dream has never changed and I’ve come this far. It’s not a dream you’re dreaming while you’re drooling, but a dream you’ve been trying to achieve since that day, without letting yourself sleep to get there. To capture this latter meaning, I gave the title Insomnia, which means sleeplessness. To be honest, when I wrote this song, my doubts and conflicts about my own way of life were at a high emotional level, so all my thoughts went into the lyrics.  
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ The lyrics and the way they unfold are typical of the music that Mirai creates. I am sure that the image will change when Mirai performs this song live, so I would like to share this with everyone.
(Yori)▶ It is a song which has a lot of points I feel they are good and the more you listen to this song, the more you fall in love with it. 
汰朗(Tarou)▶ Along with our first song “Illusion”, “INSOMNIA” will be our main song, so I hope you will listen a lot to it. 

Please tell us more about your future releases and schedule as much as you can.

未来(Mirai)▶ Actually, I’ve started to work on two new songs right now and I’m sure they show their true value when we perform them live. The timing of the release is also close to each other, so please look forward to it.
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ The leading role of MISSREAD is what Mirai puts in front of us. I will continue to support the expression of the music that Mirai wants me to yell out on my guitar. So far I feel good about what he wants to do now.
(Yori)▶ A bunch of songs are still unreleased. Those songs have a totally different feeling than the usual visual kei music, so maybe it will be difficult for some people to accept it, but I’m sure they’re gonna end up cool and amazing and will be liked by everyone. Or rather we’re gonna make sure of that! 
汰朗(Tarou)▶ Mirai-san has still a lot of great songs yet to be released in his pockets, so I hope that everyone will be looking forward to seeing how each of them will be released.

MISSREAD is based in Hakata. What does the current visual kei scene in Hakata look like? 
未来(Mirai)▶  Hakata’s visual kei scene has been stagnant for a while, but since we’re here we’ll be able to revive it, so I’m sure we’ll see signs of a revival of the scene based on our planned future activities. 
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ To me it feels the scene was always changing, for bands and the audience. For now on, We want to change the environment in which we operate, including our audience.
(Yori)▶ To be honest, it was down hill. It’s a fact no matter what someone says. But what are you doing with that fact? I think the most important thing is that we believe in the future that lies ahead of us. Mirai-kun is here with us as well to make it lively again!
汰朗(Tarou)▶ If Hakata has been “Dragon Ball“, we will be “Dragon Ball Z“. I want that all of you will see in our current time the moment that we become Super Saiyans. I’m sure that moment will be an exciting episode.

How would you like to create the Hakata’s Visual Kei scene?

未来(Mirai)▶ We want to create a live spot that bands from all over the country will be able to easily incorporate into their touring schedule. For that reason we need to show that the visual kei scene over here in Hakata does exist. Before we can take those big steps, it would be nice if everyone would pay attention to us so that we can make it happen.

Finally, please give a message to the readers of Vijuttoke.

未来(Mirai)▶ Thank you very much for reading until the end. Stay tuned for further developments!
凌雅(Ryoga)▶ I play in MISREAD with hope that there will be a good bright future, so I would be happy if you would come and touch Mirai and the band, thank you very much.
(Yori)▶ Fukuoka is a recommended city because the rent is cheap, the food is delicious, close to the airport. It’s just an easy and relaxing city to live in! 
汰朗(Tarou)▶ jumbo.

Information Notes.
[It seems that MISSREAD will be holding their LAST ONEMAN on September 15th at Fukuoka graf…will they be upgraded...?]

MISSREAD last release
[Proto Device]
[A bonus for those who buy/bought an advance ticket for their LAST ONEMAN live on September 15th]
[Those who enter for Free will get the song SMILE as a bonus]

01. illusion
03. industrial