Interview with 彪(Aya)

Born in Otaru, Hokkaido.

In the spring of 2018, Aya launched her own solo project and started to work as a singer-songwriter as well as a bassist.

The concept is “the true self“. Because I wanted to make myself known as a person through my own music.
Aya’s music does not glorify suffering, nor does it force anyone to sympathize, but rather it expresses feelings of her own.

First, please introduce yourself.

My name is Aya(彪), a bassist and singer-songwriter.
As a solo artist “Aya”, I work together with support recording musicians and on stage I play with a band. 
As a bassist, there are currently no official activities,  but I’m always looking for bass jobs too since it serves as my “origin”.

What is your favorite Kanji character? And why do you like that kanji?

Tsuya (艶)(Glossy). Because I want to keep improving myself for the rest of my life.

How would you describe your music style?

I believe in my own sensitivity.  I express my belief vividly and thankfully it’s highly praised by everyone.

Since you are actually a bassist, why did you decide to be a vocalist too?

Well, simply, I also love to sing.  I started it because there was something I wanted to communicate through music in the category of “singing” as well.
Through my experience, I discovered that both singing and playing bass have something in common namely;   “the taste for poetry”

Why do you like to play the bass and not a different instrument?

From the beginning, I felt the mission to play the bass. That’s the only reason.

How do you look back at your RE:VEIN days? Did it teach you anything?

I am proud that I was the only bassist of the band since the start.  Also I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to bring all of the experience I gained back then, to bring to the present.

Your manager is ex-eastern youth Toru Mitsuhashi (三橋徹). How did you meet him? And why did you decide to work with him?

I’ve met Mitsuhashi when I expanded my musical activities from my home city of Otaru to Sapporo.

We were both attracted to each other by our “musical souls” without any sense of any urgency. 

The first time we saw each other, we didn’t know each other’s experience or personalities. Since he was my bassist teacher and I his pupil. 

Of course there are some parts that I compare as a bass player, but I believe that we share the same “roots”; we share the same “musician” blood.

I respect him deeply myself,  but he also sees me as an artist and determined to hold that feeling. 

Also without him I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Beside “Aya(彪)” are there other bands you played often support for?

I have experience in participating in a wide range of events, including sessions as well as bands.

Who are your favorite artists, and why so?

In the past, of course, I loved many artists, however my own “jealousy” started to grow more than to “admire” the ones I liked, so since then I’ve always pursued my own music.

Because there’s no way that someone can love your music, without loving your own music yourself.

What’s your biggest inspiration for playing music?

In my own words, “love” and “humiliation”. I believe that I can create music by those words; because I have experienced both sides; “positive” and “negative”.

Why did you decide to cover INCUBUS from Acid Black cherry? 

I respected the project and felt that I had the potential to express myself with the song.

「2nd mini album episode」
You released your 2nd mini album 「episode」 earlier this year.

Why did you name the mini album 「 episode 」?

Each song on the CD has its own story to tell. Each song is a “drama”, but they aren’t connected to each other, so all songs aren’t follow up “chapters”. 

However, to give each song a strong impression on their own, I thought it was suitable to name the CD “episode”. 

2.Dear my treasures

episode Dearest member

What was your biggest inspiration for creating this mini-album?

Various forms of human love.

What do you hope the listener feels while listening to 「episode」?

I don’t think that I included any hard-to-understand expressions. Hopefully you will receive an honest inspiration when you have listened to it and hopefully you are able to enjoy that imagination.

I really like your MV for the song TOKYO. The atmosphere is really lovely. How was this MV made? Since the MV has some story, did you direct it together with the director?

Thank you very much. 
I told my “ idea” to photographer Reiji (Tokyo Cyber Gigs), which popped up when I wrote the lyrics. I can’t forget his expression that he was really pleased to shoot the MV immediately. Also there was almost no work to retake any shot.

Please tell us the concept of every lyric of the 2nd mini album 「episode」.

It is a song about the adventure of facing high walls and surpassing them with faith. This song should be heard by all those who live and fight in today’s world.

2.Dear my treasures
From some time until now, I was relying on only one dream inside my heart. My honest feelings which I wrote for my precious friends flew out on their own

3.紅い糸 (Akai ito)
A story about two people who love each other but never got into a relationship together.

4.アメとボクと_ (Ame to boku to_)
I wrote about “boku [I -male speech-]” remembering the person he once loved in the autumn rain.
It reproduces the “quietness” and “movement” which only the rain can provide and is depicted into a realistic scene. Please enter your own key words in the “_” at the end of the title to feel the melancholy of the song more deeply.

5.記憶 (Kioku)
A crossing fleeting warmth of heartfelt feelings for a lover someone will never be able to see again. The taste of Hokkaido, the place of severe winter where I’m from, is thoroughly involved.

What is your inspiration for writing lyrics?

Mainly my real experience.
Sometimes I’ll let my imagination free. 
But I try to use the fresh material of “realism” as much as possible,  to gain such feelings, I try not to spend too much time on it.

What did you enjoy the most while working on this album?

Every process was an important experience for me now, but I really enjoyed the time when we were planning my first MV shooting. I was really happy with the way the music video was shot.

Does this mini album differ from your first mini album ​「No disguise.」?

As the title suggests, “No disguise.” contains no falsehoods and is about expressing myself.

The latest “episode”, I received the oppertunity to provide my own music for the first time, so I expanded my horizon and I wrote about “human love”  

(“TOKYO” and “Dear my treasures” were written by SHINKAI YUKIHIRO (GYZE, CAPTURED).)


What makes you smile?

The moment when fans feel happy

In all those music years, what’s the most valuable memorable memory?

Ordering can be difficult. However, I have always been aware that I am walking this path because of myself.

It’s difficult to put them in order. However, I will always be aware that “I’m on this path because of the way I am” .

What’s the most difficult thing about being a musician?

I think it’s a matter of always facing yourself, both in happy times and difficult times. Don’t be afraid of it and it will turn you into a stronger artist someday. There is absolutely something that can be born out of  experience. That’s what I always tell myself when I’m having a hard time (laughs).

Corona is a worldwide problem now.  How do you face it as an artist? 

I’m always searching for what I can do. I don’t think there is a right answer, but I’m constantly updating my information to avoid misinterpretation. Fortunately, social networking sites (SNS) are widely used today and there are many different ways to deliver music. I’m using those tools to share what I can give to my fans.

Even in this difficult time, Do you have planned some new fun things for your fans?

No matter what time of day it is, I will create stuff that I want to express at the moment, also I’m thinking about what my fans would like to receive.

Why should someone listen to your music? What is a unique point that other artists don’t have?

As the concept says, I’m not trying to force you to sympathize with the “real” me.  But I’m more emotional than anyone else and those feelings I share inside my music. I will surely evolve and I’m proud of that. My true hope as an artist named “Aya(彪)” I hope that my ambition can be transmitted through music.

As an artist, if there was one thing you want fans to remember (some words of wisdom), what would it be?

As the lyric in Tokyo says, “Who’s your rival? isn’t it yourself? “.
~Always draw and pursue your ideal self~. These are the power words from me.

Please write your final greeting to your fans. 

Thank you so much for everything.
I pledge to continue pursuing myself, so that you can proudly say “I’m a Aya(彪) fan!”

Thank you for this wonderful interview。

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