Interview with 大人のSilver-Rose

大人のSilver-Rose, thank you very much for the opportunity to do this interview!

Former Silver-Rose vocalist YOWMAY has restarted the band under the name “Otona no Silver-Rose”. However, YOWMAY has restarted the band with brand new members. Silver-Rose was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1994. Even until today, the music of silver rose has been respected and loved by many visual fans enthusiastic. So let’s hear about this interesting restart!

Why did you decide to restart as “Otona no SilverRose?”

YOWMAY: When I was 31 years old, I retired as a bandman and turned into an ordinary office worker.

7 years ago, I attended the launch of the BAND that Zoo is working on, and as we talked we decided to form a DURAN DURAN tribute band (DDD) and so I returned to the stage again. 

Later on I started a TM Network tribute band (YM Network), since I was imitating artists, I lost my original vocal style and gave me some trouble. 

In the meantime, at the end of 2019, I received an offer from an event, who asked me to revive and to join an event where big Visual Kei bands as DDD or YMN.

However, if grace the stage, I wanted to perform as Silver-Rose, which was thriving in the same rock scene back in the days and so we agreed to “let’s go back to the original spirit again”.  I thought about reuniting the band with the former members with whom I disbanded silver rose back then in 1994, however to reunite with everyone before the revival event wouldn’t be possible. So it meant, recruiting new members and restarting with the judgment that starting from scratch is definitely faster than reassembling. 

However,  for reasons of convenience, the revival of 大人-Silver Rose has been postponed for a year plus covid-19 was a reason, so it all was crushed. (laugh)

ShuLa: I used to go to many Silver-Rose concerts, also back in the days I talked a lot with the original drummer Kyo-kun face to face at the venues and at some launch parties. So I knew his phrase habits pretty well. So for that reason I started to feel the desire to join the current line-up. 

Please tell us how each member met and formed

YOWMAY: Well before, there were three tribute bands here in Nagoya.

DDD, to which Zoo and I belong.

YM Network, to which YOU-K, ShuLa and I belong.

Also a DEAD END (鉄塔粘土) tribute band, to which Zoo, KAPPY and ShuLa belong.
I invited Zoo and ShuLa to join, and inevitably YOU-K and KAPPY joined in the ensuing process.

Only YOU-K wasn’t a Silver-Rose fan, so he hardly knew any Silver-Rose songs. (laugh)

YOU-K: I went to see a concert of DURAN DURAN copyband DDD which was performed by YOWMAY and Zoo. After the concert, I fell somewhere on the road in Nagoya and YOWMAY picked me up. (laugh) That was the beginning of everything. (laugh)

KAPPY: I met Zoo about 3 years ago when he supported my other band. Well that’s how 鉄塔粘土 was formed. I’d like to say it now, but when I met ShuLa (修羅?) for the first time at the first meeting of 鉄塔粘土. His name and his Chevrolet Camaro freaked me out (smile) 

ShuLa: The first time I got to know our leader (YOWAMY) was when I was Kuroyume’s support drummer.

After a quarter of a century, he asked me via SNS let’s eat Kiritanpo nabe and let’s form a copy band of TM network together! He invited me skillfully to form YMN together. (laugh) 

Later, at the start of DDD, the band our leader and Zoo are doing together, I’ve met YOU-K for the first time.

Zoo, at that time you knew more of me than a quarter of a century ago. (laughs)
A year after one-sided reunion with him via SNS, he asked me, let’s form a copy band of “DEAD END(鉄塔粘土)” together. Also at that time, I met KAPPY for the first time. 

Everybody felt familiar with each other, so when I got asked to start a band all together, my response was immediately a “yes”. 

Do you have any plans to compose new songs as “Otona no SilverRose?”

YOWMAY: Yes, Far from new songs, we are planning to release a full album including old and new songs next spring. Currently, we are arranging the existing songs that were unveiled at our LIVE for recording. The album will be the strongest BEST ALBUM that mixed old and new. So please look forward to it!

YOU-K: It seems that I am inside of YOWMAY’s mind.

ShuLa: It depends on the leader. In my opinion, I’d like to increase the stock of the original songs to improve the arrangement and the perfection of the performance. Still should we make new songs in the meantime?

Where do you get your inspiration from when you write lyrics?

YOWMAY: Delusions and experiences, wishes and messages. Any further information is a trade secret. (laugh) However, there is one thing I am  very particular about; Lyrics which float in my mind and are not final. I also focus on changing the wording and expression according to the melody.  Also I will change the final lyric in an easy-to-listen manner. Reference to 1970s pop songs. (laugh)

Since the new start and line-up, have you changed your mind about how to sing your songs?

YOWMAY: No. And that’s the only thing which isn’t changeable. There will be no change of the past, not now and not in the future.  I’m glad that Argent’s (Silver-Rose fans) are listening to my songs. I want them to smile towards me. And I’m holding a microphone just for their smile. There are no further feelings.

What’s your favorite Silver-Rose song?

YOWMAY: Up until now, I had a fondness for 「Grassic Nonfiction」 however, I far surpassed that with a brand new song named  「カゴの中のLove Song」 . 

Zoo: Our new songs.

YOU-K: It’s 「カゴの中のLove Song」. All of the Silver-Rose songs in my repertoire right now are great, but this one is still the best song!

KAPPY: Our new songs in production.

ShuLa:All songs of the album Labyrince~迷宮

YOWMAY said in a past interview: “I don’t like recording”. YOWMAY, why don’t you like recording? Also what about the other members? Do you like it or hate it? Please tell us the reason. 

YOWMAY: And even until today, I still hate it. (laugh). The reason is actually extremely simple. The singer inside me is only possible to come out when there is an audience in front of me. To sing alone in a booth without any audience… it feels so bitter…. Could you understand that? (laugh)

However, I can’t just run away from that. Argent’s around the country are waiting for my return.  Anyway in the booth I’m singing with the feeling of dying.(laugh)

Zoo: I don’t know if I will enjoy it or hate it, I didn’t have a full-scale REC experience as a guitar player yet.

YOU-K: Honestly, I don’t like it because of various concerns. However it also gives lot’s of various opportunities to try things which you cannot normally do on stage. 

KAPPY: I dislike it. Even if it felt good at the recording time, I’ll regret it afterwards again.

ShuLA: I do like recordings, since you can receive serious opinions from others. Also you can improve your skills and knowledge.  

What kind of music did you all get influenced by?

YOWMAY: Overseas: I like the general NEW WAVE music from the 90’s.
Japan: ARB, THE Mods and RC Succession are my roots 

Zoo: My influences are new romantic, hard rock and heavy metal.

YOU-K: British rock of the 70’s.
And national, it’s Silver-Rose. Silver-Rose Visual Kei style awoke me!. 

KAPPY: The band who affected me the most was called ONE EYED TROUSER SNAKE.I doubt that I ever would have been in a band if they never had existed. 
And ZIGGY has a big influence on my bass phrases.  

ShuLa: When I was just a kick, I didn’t live a rich life, so I couldn’t buy any CD. For that reason the hit songs which played on the radio affected me. Also I loved completely different genres such as electric pop, heavy & slash metal etc. what I liked depended on my age. 

Please tell us something about the instrument you are playing. 

YOWMAY: I’m considering buying a Vocal effector for the upcoming recording.
Right Now I am using a Schur wireless mic, but it’s currently under repair.

Zoo: Main guitar: Original guitar “GPZⅡ” made by Kojima Music Factory

YOU-K: Gibson’s Les Paul Deluxe and Fender’s Telecaster.
Currently, I am making my guitar suitable for Otona no Silver-Rose.
The amplifier is VOX AC-30. In some cases I use Roland JC-120.

The amplifier is HIWATT DR-103.

ShuLa: Pearl MX series: BD22x18, FT16x16. Remo Rotatum, 8”, 10”, 12”.
Snare: Ludwig LB416K, AYOTTE Maple 6 ply 14×6 1/2.
Cymbals: Main, Zildjian, Cymbals, Effects, Paiste, Sabian, MEINL.
Drumhead: Remo.
Stick: Pearl, 110LH, 110AC are used properly depending on the song.

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band?

YOWMAY: We are not professionals but working-men musicians, who we have our own work and life. It’s difficult to adjust the schedule on that. I can only enter the studio for about 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. So it’s difficult to make a big tour around the whole country. so unfortunately after releasing our album, we probably mostly only go to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

Zoo: To share some time with bandmates.

YOU-K: I didn’t really notice any struggle, but isn’t a band teamwork?

KAPPY: To have a good relationship together. I think silver-rose’s relationship is doing alright. (smile)

ShuLa: That you don’t have enough time. 

In all those music years, what’s the most valuable memorable memory?

YOWMAY: It’s all about getting older. My life has had its peaks and downs. All of those experiences made me the person who I am today. I’m grateful to everyone who has been a part of it.

Zoo: I’ve experienced breaking down the touringcar, while being on tour. (laugh)

YOU-K: For me it’s the way I joined Otona Silver-Rose as a guitarist. That I am able to join a band that has influenced me, it’s a blessing in disguise. 

KAPPY: The circle of exchanges has spread to rural areas.

ShuLa: During a tour in the Kuroyume Support Drum era, all of us, other than myself and a vocalist of a certain band, became sea sick and groggy during a car ferry traveling from Niigata to Hokkaido, dealing with a large typhoon. The ship shook violently, the tableware in the dining room was overturned, and we couldn’t see anything on the outside deck due to heavy waves. There was an announcement that the ship might enter a nearby harbor to avoid sailing, so we had to stop for a while. I was drinking beer with a certain vocalist and I seriously thought I was going to die. After all, but two of us were groggy, and the ship arrived in Hokkaido. (laughs)

How do you want us to see Otona no Silver-Rose? As a visual band or punk/rock band? Or do you see it as a mix of those 2 genres?

YOWMAY: “Otonoa no Silver-Rose” is not established as a visual band. There are only ojisans (lol)

Visual Kei is entrusted to the younger generation. (laugh)
We just play the music we want to express. Whether it’s hard rock, punk, rock, etc. 

I received the following point from a famous guitarist during my active career;
he said; ” Silver-Rose has no venom“.
I don’t care that we don’t have venom, we have “thorns” (laugh)

See it like this; Rose flowers also have petals, stems, leaves and thorns. The stems are the members of “Otona no Silver-Rose” and the leaves are our Argent’s. The thorns are our aggressive songs and the petals are the catchy and melodious songs. And one flower is missing, the one I won’t hold, it’s the selfish flower. (laugh)

In any case, all songs which are sung by YOWMAY will become “Otona no Silver-Rose” and the members who are helping me are also “Otona no Silver-Rose”. So if you ask me “What’s the genre of Rose?”  I can’t say any different than “It’s a genre called “Otona no Silver-Rose”. 

Zoo: I don’t want to get caught up in just a genre.

YOU-K: Each member has different roots and wants to try and do different things. We are a wonderful mixed band with a wonderful mix of different styles! 

KAPPY: Those who listen to our music should decide that themselves.

ShuLa: Everyone has a different view, isn’t? So I can’t give you an answer from my side. However I would feel glad, if someone who watched our show(s) would talk about it towards everyone. 

What does “Visual Kei and rock” mean to you?

YOWMAY: It’s just my own interperetation, but I believe that “Visual Kei” belongs to “Fashion” and that it isn’t a music genre.

Let me say it like this; If visual Kei is about wearing makeup”  Then it started with D.Bowie and T-REX, Queen and Kiss, and for the Japanese domestic market it started with; RC Succession(RCサクセション), Kenji Sawada(沢田研二) and by Kiyoshiro Imawano(忌野清志郎). it’s true isn’t? 

If you are an artist, you should judge by the difference in the music you play.

When I formed Silver-Rose, the term “Visual Kei” didn’t exist! I don’t know who named it, but it seems that it has been used and spread around 1992 or so. 

Zoo: I think it’s just an appearance thing

YOU-K: Ah? How should I say it? I think what YOWMAY said it’s everyone’s interpretation. (laugh)

KAPPY: I think it’s okay for each person to be different without making any assumptions.

ShuLa: To begin with, the term “visual kei” was called “Okeban” in our time. Visual Kei is one of the ways to attract people. Rock music… I don’t really understand it (laugh)

What changed the most in the visual kei world? Did this affect your band?

YOWMAY: I can’t really say anything because not all visual bands are like this; but it concerns me that some contact distance between FAN’s and band members might be too close. Isn’t it the same as underground idols? It feels like a host business. (laugh)
If you might think “Otona no Silver-Rose” is like that, Well we never would accept money in such a way. I would rather pay money to take a photo together with a young lady. (laugh)

ShuLa: I also don’t know the current system, but I’m sure it would not affect us. (laugh)

What’s the goal of 大人のSilver-Rose?

YOWMAY:Aiming that our new album will sell 10,000 copies! (laugh)

Zoo:The goal is, to have fun….and to see the beauty….

YOU-K:World domination!(laugh)

KAPPY:If it would be possible we would also like to play outside of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

ShuLa:It would be great if we could play overseas with this band. We’re waiting for offers! (laugh)

Do you remember the day when you felt like being an Adult? 

YOWMAY:Some time after I turned 31 years old. I started to smoke. (laugh)

Zoo:When I bought a new car…. or so?(laugh)

YOU-K:When my body hair got thicker…(laugh)

KAPPY:When I started to live alone.

ShuLa:When I did choose LIFE over the band. 

Beside being a musician as a job. Do you have any hobbies?

YOWMAY: Motorcycle, Catan(boardgame) & watching anime anime.

Zoo: My hobby is drinking alcohol.

YOU-K: Drinking alcohol and eating delicious food. And for the rest I love to play Catan. YOWMAY and I are just about to start up a Catan club in Nagoya. We are currently recruiting opponents and club members.

KAPPY: Reading Manga

ShuLa:  Lure fishing, playing guitar and driving around. 

What’s your favorite car or motorbike? Please tell us the reason.

YOWMAY:  Any car will do as long as it can withstand the rain and wind.
The cheaper the maintenance costs, the better. (Lol)
I used to ride a BMW 5 Series, but I was offered an astronomical amount of money to inspect and repairs so I let it go. (Lol)
Currently I’m riding a 1200cc VW polo.
I want six more bikes that look like they could be ridden by “Kamen Rider”.
BMW R-nineT Racer
Kawasaki W800
HONDA CB1300 Super Four (SC40) red frame
They cost a lot of money. So I need to sell my CD’s in full speed! (laugh)

Zoo: Feller-Dino, Rancha Stratos.

YOU-K:  I like Toyota Hiace!
However, that one is expensive, so I compromised, currently I am riding a Honda step.

KAPPY: Porsche. More specifically, RUF! For a motorcycle, the ’88NSR250R.

ShuLa: American Car! They have cool designs and are large! Also their sound and running are just perfect. I’ve owned 6 American cars in the past 23 years, and I am riding my second Chevy Camaro in a row now. 
I haven’t ridden a motorcycle lately, but currently do love the Kawasaki types. 

As an artist, if there was one thing you want fans to remember (some words of wisdom), what would it be?

YOWMAY:I am really passionate about each song.
I will always be, I’ll never forget, I’ll never change that passion. 

Zoo: My motto is  “to be indispensable”

You-k: Easy going

Kappy: Fortune comes in at the merry gate, it has never happen to me though

ShuLa: Never forget first experiences keep your decision and do it

Please say some message to your “Argent’s and other readers” 

YOWMAY: Please look forward to the new album. If the title has been revealed you will probably feel very excited! (laugh)
I can’t announce the title yet, but it’s definitely going to exceed your expectations. According to KAPPY, “I’m the type I want to play with…” is the reason. (laugh)
Please wait with the feeling you cannot wait!

Zoo: Thank you for everything so far.

YOU-K: Please keep on supporting us also in the future.

KAPPY: Please give us your support.

Shula: Please come to see us when it’s possible again. We never lose! (laugh)

Thank you for this interview! ROCK’N’ROLL!!!!

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