Translation: Team JROCK’N’ROLL

L→R 冥亜(Mea)(ba) / 刹那(Setsuna)(新gt) / 危機(Kiki)(vo) / 白(Haku)(dr) / 苦怨(Kuon)(gt)

ZEILE first appearance in Vijuttoke.
“FAKE”, a cursed antithesis song to the fake humans who are full of lies.
The song is (was) exclusively distributed for free in Like an Edison stores! “FAKE” is a must listen!

Please introduce ZEILE to us, as this is ZEILE’s first appearance in Vijuttoke.

冥亜(Mea): Nice to meet to all who are reading Vijuttoke. We are ZEILE, a virulent band from Tokyo.
We mainly perform in Tokyo, our songs will make your muscles ache, all our songs are addictive and unforgettable!

苦怨(Kuon):  The characteristics of our band are: Disturbing but somehow catchy music and solid lyrics that are easy to understand and support, surrounded by a crazy atmosphere centred around our vocalist, 危機(Kiki)-san. It’s something that other bands don’t have.

Anyway! The group has grown from 4 members to 5 members! 刹那(Setsuna), you are new, so please introduce yourself and please tell us how you joined ZEILE!

刹那(Setsuna): Nice to meet you all, I am Setsuna the guitarist. Actually I helped them out as a gofer(roadie). But since there was some crisis going on they told me “We need another guitarist”, so I joined them.  

Has anything changed, since the band became a 5 member band?

冥亜(Mea): From the time being the left side has become more narrow (laugh). Until Setsuna joined we were with 4 members, so I was also in charge of the left side, I had a pretty large spot to go wild. Now I have to be careful not to hit someone.(laugh) I wonder if I haven’t been in a twin-guitar band so far.

白(Haku): Just like Mea-san, I’ve never played in a twin-guitar band before, but it feels great because the sound is more bold♫  But looking around the stage from the drummer position it feels and looks a bit more narrow (laugh)

苦怨(Kuon): As the lead guitar, after all it’s better to have side guitar than having a sync backup. It gives us more freedom, but I also feel that it increases the number of elements required of us as an ensemble, so we will be diligent about it.

From October (2022) your free distribution CD “FAKE” was distributed, exclusively at the Like an Edison stores. It’s a song that can be used as a business card for ZEILE, it shows the world view of a mid-tempo band! Please give an explanation about this song.

冥亜(Mea): Explanation…mhmmm(smile). It’s a pretty slow-paced song, isn’t it? We had a lot of songs that we’ve been rushing through so far, but this song has a solid start, hook and end. Personally I really like the bass-line, so I hope you listen to it a lot.

苦怨(Kuon): Personally I think it’s because of the quality of the picking for each part. It’s down to the finest tiniest detail. The more patterns we tried the more we stuck on them, the more complete the song became. 

白(Haku): hmm, the development of FAKE is more complicated than our previous songs, so I personally don’t want to hit the drums too powerfully. I played the drum patterns with the intention of changing the scenery for each part. It’s a great song that is worth listening to!

What are the lyrics of “FAKE” about?

危機(Kiki): A lie is “gentle” but also a “cruel weapon”. 
“It’s about a person who tries to improve himself by repeating lies and becomes irreversible”. The person receives the so-called antithesis, it’s the curse that makes you regret your lies in the end.

Your 2nd MV “FAKE” has also been announced. Please tell us the concept about this MV and please let us know if you have any interesting stories to tell about the shooting. 

苦怨(Kuon): The main concept or rather the main image is the “curse” that KIKI explained above. So I wanted to create a MV that is much creepier and insidious than MESS. That’s why the shooting location was an abandoned building deep in the mountains with a lot of humidity…

冥亜(Mea): First of all, it was really difficult to transport of equipment. The shooting location is a ruined place where there is literally nothing around.
Then after the sun went to sleep, Kiki-san was shivering death from the cold, which we all thought was funny (lol)
And there’s an abyss, if you would fall off that abyss you wouldn’t survive for sure. It was scary to see Kuu-chan(Kuon) dizzy and about to fall(laugh)

危機(Kiki): Bats also live there, so we played tag and hide-and-seek with them.

苦怨(Kuon): It was harsh, when I fell down I thought I had broken my guitar…

冥亜(Mea): Oh the moment you fell, I got the chills. (laugh)

苦怨(Kuon): Your heel was also broken off..

刹那 (Setsuna): It was soooo cold that my breath turned all white, I felt so desperate to keep myself warm.

 Your first single “M.E.S.S” also is available digitally now. Please explain each song

危機(Kiki): 『M.E.S.S』 is about the difficulty of a human being who goes crazy with jealousy and bondage. It’s a slow mid-tempo among our songs.
『白渦』(Shiro Uzu)  is a sad and fragile angry song of abortion.
『世苦』(Yoku)  is a song that considers itself incapable of participating in the greed of the oppressor and the oppressed, who are ridiculed from the perspective of a third party. It’s a crisis pop song.

The last two lives of this year (2022) will be on December 22nd and 31st. What kind of atmosphere are ZEILE’s shows?

冥亜(Mea): We’re aiming for a live where we can go wild together. We are always wondering if people who like headbanging will be satisfied.
And if the name of Kiki becomes more and more famous? Confuseded? Well look forward to our MC’s.

苦怨(Kuon): Our band, of course, uses synchronisation, but because of the solid backbone of us, we have a live feelings which feels very real and our sound is loud as well, so I am confident that people who like intense music will enjoy our music. 

刹那 (Setsuna): ZEILE is really cool, so I want you to come to see us at least once.

We are at the end, please give a message to the readers of Vijuttoke.

危機(Kiki): The songs of ZEILE are always wrapped in something black, so the more more you listen to them the more they will dominate your brain. We are waiting and looking forward to new addicts, so called junkies, let’s go crazy!

Translation: Team JROCK’N’ROLL

L→R 苦怨(Gt) / 白(Dr) / 危機(Vo) / 冥亜(Ba) / 刹那(Gt)

ZEILE released the MV from their new song “Deathside” under their new concept “Madness”! 
The theme of this song is the madness and conflict of a human being on the verge of death!  

ZEILE has started full-scale under the new concept of “Madness”. First of all, please tell us more about this concept. 

危機(Kiki): Madness is a small, raised question or resentment that grows into you as you grow up, so every human being has their own madness. Madness is what everyone who has eyes and ears and a sense of the feelings and things around them has. This means that expressing my own feelings is also madness.

Please introduce yourself. 

危機(Kiki): I’m the vocalist Kiki. I like gummy candies. 

苦怨(Kuon): Good evening from Sanzu no Kawara. I am forced to play the guitar. No matter how hard I work, there are things I can’t make up for.

刹那(Setsuna): I’m Setsuna, I play the guitar and I sing the chorus. In my sounds, I capture madness, sickness and feelings of unhappiness. And I would love it if you could give me some booze.

冥亜(Mea): Nice to meet you, I’m Mea, I’m the redhead who plays the lower-end frequency sounds. A perennial loser who loves spicy food and beer served in a silver can. Redheads-lovers and BASS-lovers will fall together with me in the world’s misery, right?

白(Haku): I’m Haku, the drummer, and I’m going to beat my drums with all my might! So be prepared.

On the 12th of June the music video for your new song “Deathside” was released. First of all, do you have any secret stories to tell about the making of the MV?

白(Haku): We almost got into two accidents on the way to the shooting location.

刹那(Setsuna): We were seriously screaming loudly in the car.  Kuon-san even went crazy, he almost escaped from getting out of the car… It was really crazy.

苦怨(Kuon): I failed to escape.  

As usual this song is characterised by the screaming and the rough ZEILE sound. But first of all I would like to ask the members to explain “Deathside”.

冥亜(Mea): I don’t think we’ll be able to have the intensity we’ve always had, or if there’s a loss of intensity it won’t be us anymore, but it turned out to be one of the easier songs to listen to. As usual, the composition itself was written by Kiki-san, but this time it was a song that we all came up with by coming up with ideas for the structure, melody, etc.

苦怨(Kuon): It’s a strange song, but I wonder if it’s safe to say that the catchy tune is the ZEILE clause. A wild catcher who doesn’t get caught up in theories. The performance is also more concerned with momentum and the uncanny than it is with a neat and tidy show.

刹那(Setsuna): For the first time I’ve heard the song, I thought it would be a perfect fit for us.
The flow is well mixed with the previous flows and how our fans enjoy our music. So without any worries I could record the song and also shoot the MV as well. 

I have heard that “Deathside” is about the madness and conflict of a human being on the brink of death. Please tell us about the content of the lyrics.

危機(Kiki): In life, we always have to make choices, and we often live with regrets about what might have been if we had done this or that. DEATH SIDE is about how I felt when I made the wrong choices.

刹那(Setsuna): Crisis writes sick lyrics every time, but they all come through so easily. This time the lyrics feel very well expressed as well. That’s all I have to say. So please read this lyric very carefully as well.

Please tell us which part of the song we need to pay special attention to.

危機(Kiki): I added inflections to my songs.

刹那(Setsuna):  I think every human being has times when they feel a little bit depressed or disgusted and I want you to listen to this as an outlet. If this song could be a coolant for everyone, I would be very happy. This song also has lot’s of choruses, so it would be nice if you could sing along and/or raise your hands. Please do lots of listening, watching and memorising.

冥亜(Mea): This time the bass sound itself is very forward and personally pleasing to listen to. If you like the sound of the bass, my wish is that you will listen to it often and carefully. The bass is lovely, noticeable at some parts, and has a beautiful rust line.

苦怨(Kuon): The guitar solo in the second half is fast and cool. It feels like an obsession.

白(Haku): The drums have an aggressive feeling, because of its fine fill-ins at key points. Which gave it a much more intense feeling.

I recently had the opportunity to see your live show, it was characterised by a swinging, riotous live performance. So what’s ZEILE’s live show about?

冥亜(Mea): It’s what you just said, it’s a riotous and wild live. I think we are not the type of band you see that often these days. We are definitely fun to watch for people who want and like to headbang at an intense and edgy sound. When we perform our songs, we create a space where you can let go of your daily stress. So come to watch us on your way home to shake out your stress while headbanging! 

刹那(Setsuna): The characteristic of our band is that we are very “loud(shouting)” and tolerant of accepting to “mosh” around. Now that the coronavirus has calmed down and the ban has been lifted, I want to be more wild with you without being shy. I’ll be waiting for you!

Because Vijutttoke is a magazine from Nagoya, please give us your impression of Nagoya.

白(Haku): It’s a very lively and cool city. 

冥亜(Mea): It can be anything…I wonder if you would ask me this question again in the future, would I answer the same thing?
But, Hmmm Nagoya, Nagoya is my personal winner just because it has Misen(ramen restaurant)! Last time when I was invited to go to Nagoya, on the way home, I had Taiwanese ramen at Misen, which was mega delicious with its maximum spiciness. 

刹那(Setsuna): Nagoya is the home om my favourite visual kei bands, including Kuroyume. It’s truly the city of my dreams. I want to perform live again in Nagoya and I will do my best to make it happen.

This time the interview was about your new MV. For the future of the band, please tell us about any future music plans as much as possible. 

刹那(Setsuna): We will spread the sound of ZEILE even more! We’re gonna make our fans and still yet anti-fans will headbang together to our insane sound. 

Please tell us about your final goals for the future. 

苦怨(Kuon): Spread the filth with this creepy band. Teruku Hanoru.

冥亜(Mea): Ku-chan, I don’t really understand what you mean. But I wish we could fill the place with madness and create a space where everyone can go crazy together. I don’t know what our ultimate goal is. But if I were to die tomorrow, I would still hope and it would be great if our music could be heard, even if it was just for a minute or a second.

刹那(Setsuna): I want to go to places I haven’t played before, play against various bands and having fun with everyone. So I hope that people who don’t know about visual kei or aren’t familiar with Kote-kei will listen to us!

Please give a last message to the readers of Vijuttoke.
危機(Kiki): We live in an age where it’s easy to get all kinds of information, but trying to be someone else is like giving up on yourself. Why don’t we nourish our budding madness together?