kanashivari -lyrics

Yume Annai – Jokyoku –
Guidance of Dreams -Prelude-

Translation: Team JROCK’N’ROLL

Welcome, to the world of sleep.
The depths of your heart were bound by a discordant bell.
That announced the beginning of a strange dream.

In the middle of this sad, broken, ruined world.
A lonely girl hugs her doll alone.

(Dialoge: In a society of digital surveillance, people are brainwashed by television and robbed of their dreams.
The girl who appears in this story is one of them.
Is there really a way to save her?)

“I want to dream, I want to flap my wings, but those little wishes of mine scattered. Without having to suffer I want to sleep in peace. “

“You cannot escape reality.
Who has decided that? I don’t know.

God, please let me take over the time.
Welcome to get lost in the deep dream of KANASHIVARI
Let’s play MAGIC with the cute you.
Let me cast a wonderful spell to make your wish come true.
Let’s give MAGIC to the astonished you.

The pleasant, unbearable magic hypnosis works.
The girl who fills her heart with contentment longs for God.
The overflowing, unstoppable, suppressed desire.
God, please unlock the door beyond.
Dance with me, we dream of you being the Princes.
Beautiful magic in the eyes of the beholder.

“I don’t want to go back to reality yet.
Because not being able to dream is much more
of a nightmare.”
the girl muttered.

On this hour, the hands tell the time to move forward,
More desires, stronger desires, wish for it more deeply.
In a dream that shines out, that reflects the moonlight,
that entwines itself deep inside of you.
When the drops of love fall and red roses bloom in full glory.
It’s the final present for you.
The magic of dissolving, time axis twists, return and repeat.
The mysterious space disappears

In the morning, when the bells stop ringing, everything returns to reality, It’s time to say goodbye to the girl.
Please come again when you have a hard time.

Shin・Sekai-sen Kakumei
Truth・ The worldline Revolution

Translation: Team JROCK’N’ROLL

When I sleep deeply and peacefully at night, where am I?
Before I even realize it, a gate unsealed a scenery of eternally.
The spiral continues to reflect my own dreams.

Sadness, hatred or warmth.
(What to feel,)[2] is up to myself.

Brightly♪ and dashing towards [4] my own future.[1]
On the way to heaven, on the way to heaven, will I end up in hell?
Somehow, someway, I got off the road.

I remembered and felt the days of glory.
It is dazzling, it is glowing in front of me.
That is the rule over here.
It can reflect the world onto myself.

Pureness, even poisonous or Loveliness.
(What to feel,)[2] is up to myself.

Brightly♪ and dashing towards [4] Samsara
There is no time to wander off.
My destiny? (No, it’s not)[3] I’m destroying it.
Or somehow I will always be a repetition of myself

Sadness, hatred or warmth.
(What to feel,)[2] is up to myself.

Brightly♪ and dashing towards [4] my own future.
Rushing myself, to heaven, to heaven.
Making my own choice at the end.
Somehow, someway where am I?

Brightly♪ and dashing towards [4] my own dimension.
Dream and PARALLEL between my future.
Changing my world.
Going beyond, beyond, my own world line.

[1] Future; with the nuance on searching and finding your own fortune/destiny.
[2] (What to feel,) isn’t sung/written in the original lyrics.
[3] (No, it’s not) isn’t sung/written in the original lyrics.
[4] Dashing up the stairs, going up, moving forward.
⁂ Song perspective can be understood as sung by a “girl/woman” or just out a “I” perspective. It’s up to you how you want to understand it.