NEW RELEASE – gaizao

gaizao has started to produce a new CD.

In addition to the songs which where released digitally last year, gaizao is planning to release a mini-album including unreleases songs and songs yet to be recorded.
Last month gaizao release the MV of GUM TAPE(ガムテープ) which has a dancing punkish sound, which gives you an all of kind impression of gaizao.

The album will be released in a special edition, with a binding that looks like its taped with duct tape, a luxury lyric card and xxxx is enclosed!
The normal edition will be 2000yen it has no extras but will include a lyric booklet.

“Tokyo Agitation 5(東京アジテーション5)” will be filled with NEW WAVE explosive and addictive song, which turns it into the most colorful album ever. which you want to listen over and over.
Also on February 3rd, gaizo will held a live show at Shinjuku HEIST.
Please look forward the the release and be sure to keep an eye on gaizao!

2023/02/03(FRI) Shinjuku HEIST
OPEN/START: 18:00/18:30
TICKET: ADV 3000yen / Door 3500yen + Drink fee.
Ticket can be bought here
CAST: gaizao / 侍NEW WAVE本間 / 慟哭~doukoku~ / DENTAKU

Be free to discus this on the JROCK’N’ROLL forum


発売に先駆けMVも公開されたパンキッシュなリードナンバー「ガムテープ」やgaizaoお得意のダンサブルサウンド、 NEW WAVE炸裂の中毒性抜群ナンバー…ミディアムなテンポが心地よい楽曲までこれまで以上に彩り豊かな『東京アジテーション5』… 発売を心待ちにしてほしい。



gaizao主催イベント 「ミッドナイト サイクリング リサイタルvol.6実録!
2023年2月3日(金) 新宿HEIST
【開場/開演】18:00 / 18:30
【チケット料金】 前売3000円/当日3500円
出演: gaizao 侍NEW WAVE本間 慟哭~doukoku~ DENTAKU