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ジャケット・盤面・帯など全てのアートワークは「HOLLOWGRAM」「KEEL」「DALLE」「TAG」のボーカリストでありデザイナーのryo氏(NINE ARTS DESIGN)が担当。絵画の様な美麗で幽玄なデザインは必見です。

Mist forest with time stopped




M1. 憂鬱の色彩〜Singularity〜
M3. Stargazer




~1st EP発売記念~プレゼント企画『エモプレ』






About 20 years ago, Kazuma (一真) was active as a Visual Kei guitarist of the band “rouge~et~noir” (disbanded the same year) which was formed in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

This time Kazuma formed a limited activity project on Twitter emonchhichi (emoンチッチ)). @emonchhichi_emo

Back in the days, Kazuma composed two demo songs “Yu’utsu no Shikisai(憂鬱の色彩)” and “Ame ni Nijimu Sekai (雨に滲む世界)” which were unrecored, both songs only played at their lives.

About a half year ago they were unearthed from the very depths of his room. After 20 years Kazuma decided to create a CD, because of the regrets of never turned it into a sound souce before. However, Kazuma lost contact with the original members of the band, so he reconstructed and ercoreded the music with cooperation of an artist from the same prefecture.

The release will be released as an EP and will include 3 songs including the brand new song “Stargazer”.

Hopefully with this release the former members of that time will be found too.

All artwork is designed by NINE ARTS DESIGN ryo, who is the vocalist of 「HOLLOWGRAM」「KEEL」「DALLE」& 「TAG」. The jacket design has a beautiful, mysterious design which looks like a painting which is a must-see design!

Mist forest with time stopped

Limited release
Includes serial number

¥1,500 (tax included)

《Release date》
Sunday, November 29, 2020

M1. 憂鬱の色彩〜Singularity〜 (Yuutsu no Shikisai~Singularity~)
M2.雨に滲む世界 ( Ame ni Nijimu Sekai)
M3. Stargazer

(Overseas purchasing will start at a late date)

《BASE limited / pre-order bonus》
Those who made a reservation will receive also an interview book (32 pages, B5size), contains secret production stories, song explanations and a signature.

Those who purchase can enter a linked gift plan via Twitter.

~ 1st EP release commemoration ~ Present plan “Emopre”
* Deadline on December 13th

◆ Participation conditions are 3 steps.

Follow me on twitter @emonchhichi_emo

Purchase the 1st EP

Tweet an image from the CD including a text which could include, arrival report, impression, review ◆AND add hashtag 「#emonchhichi」 and/or tag @emonchhichi_emo in the image.

More detailed details will be announced on twitter at a later date.