GrimAqua、12/25『INFECTED ERROR』MV公開、2021年Digital Single&ミニアルバムのリリースが決定!

早速バンド初となるMV映像作品『INFECTED ERROR』が、12月25日にファンへのクリスマスプレゼントとして公開された。

また同曲は、2021年1月12日にGrimAquaのOfficial noteにて特典付きで限定配信リリースされる。 キャッチーなメロディに印象的なリフ。GrimAquaの音楽を手に取り、4人が演出する“Aquarium”という場を感じてほしい。

更に1st Digital Single『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER』が2021年1月5日に各ストアにて配信。 2021年春には1st EPのリリースも決定。それぞれの詳細はOfficial Twitterにて発表されている。



1st Digital Single『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER

2nd Digital Single『INFECTED ERROR
¥300-(tax in)

●2021年春 1st EPのリリース決定!

GrimAqua released their MV of their song 『INFECTED ERROR』 on December 25th and next year the band plans to release a digital single and mini album!

GrimAqua started their activity in December 2020 and the MV 『INFECTED ERROR』 was released as a Christmas present for their fans on December 25th.

The song will be digital released on January 12th, 2021 via GrimAqua’s official “note blog” including special benefits.

GrimAqua sound includes an beautiful impressive riff with a catchy melody! We hope that you will check out the music of GrimAqua and that you will dragged into the world called “Aquarium” which the for guys create!

Furthermore, their 1st Digital single 『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER』 will be released to every digital music store on January 5th, 2021. The 1st EP wil be release in the spring of 2021. More details will be announced on the official twitter on a later date.

● two consecutive weeks releases.

1st Digital Single 『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER
Distribution via every digital music store.
※ URL will be announced later.

2nd Digital Single『INFECTED ERROR
Note distribution (Includes digital photo with the member message for those who purchase)
¥300-(tax in)
※A URL with the file date will be send to you as a thank you for your purchase.
※You don’t need to register for a note account to purchase this release but, if you want to be sure to receive your thanks, it’s recommend that you create a note account.

● 1st EP will be released in the spring of 2021! The details will be announced soon.

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Vo. LUM. (@LUM1110_)
Gt. 菊池明人 (@akito_k07)
Gt. 柳 (@yanagi_Twit)
Ba. さとり ごう (@goh_bass)