Artist Spotlight: Paledusk

Writer: Guyokai

Hailing from Fukuoka, Paledusk is a five-member band  that has been getting a lot of recognition lately due to their unique sound of blending EDM and metalcore. The band released their debut EP, obsidian, in the summer of 2015. While rather standard in sound for a metal record, it wasn’t until 2019 that the group started to experiment with electronics and almost glitch-like elements with their singles “Varied” and “9 Smiles”. 

Continuing to craft their newfound sound to stand out, they released their 5th EP, Happy Talk, in 2020. This was a huge moment for them as they then started to gain a following and even ended up signing with Australian music label Greyscale Records. Following in the footsteps of Happy Talk, the band has been pretty consistent with releasing one-off singles. 2021 saw the release of “Black Ice” which also incorporates an almost J-pop like chorus while still staying true to their metalcore sound. Most recently, the band released “SLAY!!” featuring rapper Hideyoshi in February of this year and “BBB” featuring pop singer Such in April.

The band has been doing mini tours through the year but will also be embarking on their first Australian tour this summer. This is huge for the band as this will be their first tour outside of Japan. 

Paledusk is a band to look forward to as I feel like big things are to come. Since perfecting their electronica/metal sound, it looks like they know their identity and will show it to the world.

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