BEBOP is a punk band who is mainly active in Shinjuku and Koenji and formed in 1998. After some member changes the band is mainly active as a live band. In January 2019, BEBOP’s 20th anniversary ONE-MAN was held at Shinjuku Antiknock. Currently, the members of BEBOP are Vo. Tommy and Dr. TsutomuUSA and support members.


1988, BEBOP was born in Niigata, formed by childhood friends Tommy and Fuzzy. Back then Tommy was the guitarist and Fuzzy was the bassist. The drummer was their classmate Toshimori. The vocalist Konppoi(混xxx) got introduced by a guitar school in the neighborhood where he was a trainee teacher. And so BEBOP was formed.

1999 Tommy and Konppoi(混xxx) moved to Tokyo and continued the activities as BEBOP with new members. Ryo joined as bass and Kiichi(キイチ) as drummer.

2000 Konppoi(混xxx) decided to leave and guitarist Tommy changed his position to vocals and mamo joined as the guitarist.

2003 When Kiichi (キイチ) left the band ba. ryo changed his position to drums. Also Fuzzy moved to Tokyo because Tommy called him to join BEBOP again.

The next 5 years BEBOP was active under the following line-up: Vo. Tommy, Gt. mamo, Ba. Fuzzy & dr. ryo.

Also this year BEBOPS first mini album “Dead Man walking” was released.

2008 Even the band disbanded this year for about a month Tommy and Fuzzy restarted the band again and the first vocalist Konppoi(混xxx) joined them as their guitarist. Also TsutomuUSA joined the band as the drummer after his Melodic hardcore band Genkotsu disbanded.
Konppoi(混xxx) joined the band only for a one-year limited time.

2009  Konppoi(混xxx) one-year activity ended. Boss joined as the guitarist and mamo re-joined the band again. The band became a two guitar band.
Also the maxi-single “Regret” was released this year.

2011 This year the album “END JOY” was released.

2012 Bass Fuzzy decided to leave. activities continued with a support bassist and at the endof the year bass Hayato joined.

2014 Guitarist Boss decided to leave.

2015 Due Gt. mamo’s poor physical condition, he stopped his activity and BEBOPS activity continued with a support guitarist.  

2016 Guitarist Kazz decided to join.

2018 Bassit Hayato left the and.
For the band 20th anniversary oneman, we received support from guitarist Boss and well known bass Yasu.

2019 one-man live at Shinjuku Antiknock

2020 Guitarist Kazz decided to leave. Currently, the members of BEBOP are Vo. Tommy and Dr. TsutomuUSA and support members.

Current members
Tommy(Vo,Gt) 1998-
TsutomuUSA (Dr) 2008-

Past members
Kazz(Gt) 2016-2020
mamo(Gt) 2000-2008, 2010-2015
Boss (Gt) 2009-2017, 2018-2019 (support)
Konppoi(混xxx)(vo,Gt) 1998-2000, 2008-2009
Yasu (Ba) 2018-2019 (support)
Hayato(ハヤと) and (Ba) 2012-2018
Fuzzy(Ba) 1998-1999, 2003-2012
ryo(Ba,Dr) 1999-2008
Kiichi(キイチ) (Dr) 1999-2003
Toshimori (Dr) 1998-1999


From the word “BEBOP” that refers to jazz freestyle.
We decided to use this band name because we wanted to freely incorporate other genres based on punk rock.


As the band’s name implies, we’re not limited by genre while we keep punk rock as our core.  Free music is our concept.
The basis of our music style is punk rock.


Vocalist Tommy
He is the only original member.
He also writes and composes the lyrics for the band.
One word that express oneself is “innocent”

Drummer TsutomuUSA
Melodic hardcore roots.
After he joined, our songs and also our live shows gained a new sense of speed. He also has a good reputation for smiling during live shows.
One word that express oneself is “smile”


In the current era, digitally releases are common, also it feels that this era is an era where people can listen easily to music.
Because we are mainly active as a live band, to enjoy us the highest, you gotta watch our shows! So hope to see you at our live shows!


2003 1st MINI ALBUM 「Dead man walking」
This CD was made after our first full scale recording.
Released via Bose Clash Records, which is owned by the senior band THE Tiger bose.

2009 1st MAXI SINGLE 「Regret」
The first release after becoming a five-member band.
Released via Kirakira Records.
The single was limited to 200 copies which sold out.
Buy via Tunecore

2011 1st ALBUM 「END JOY」
Our first full album contains many of our best songs which we are still performing today.