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LiQuid ButterFly was formed by Jet Pepper Tower Martin and Yamada in 2014.
They are a glitter orchestra that transcends the brain drive era of the end of the century world view created by the 20th Century Boy. Also a full interview will be published on July 9th which is answered by all members!


A cult band formed by the members of Jet Pepper Tower, a trendsetter of Japanese glitter punk who has been active in the Gothic scene since the Positive Punk scene in the 90’s.


An image of the 80’s word view.
That was the image which triggered us, but currently we don’t have any.
Just enjoy stuff without overthinking.
You don’t need light, if you want to see the darkness.
We hope you enjoy your imagination based on what you see and hear!


Vo:Martin Suicide: This is Martin, the Vocalist, I like alcohol and cute stuff!
G:Yamada Rinne: I’m guitarist Rinne, I don’t really understand myself.
Dr:Quromi 963: This is 963 the drummer, I’m a beer lover and a dog lover.
B:Chuwa: I am Bass Chuwa, I like strange things, for me music is a strange thing too.
G:Zin: I am guitarist Zin, I am a Rationalist.


Meaning: The bands name has no meaning.
Origin: The LiQuid Sky movie 


2016 1st Mini-Album 「Immersion」
20th Century Boy creates a turn-of-the-century worldview that drives your brain!
A timeless jet-black ROCK’N’ROLL of the future!
It’s a piece of 80’s B-class pop that leads to THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH and HANOI ROCKS!

2016.9.24.ON SALE

1.Ghost Driver
2.Planet boy1984
4.Phantom Of The Orgasm
5.Promised Land

2018 2nd mini Album 「Who Killed The Vampire?」

The song has a straightforward 80’s B-pop flavor with more variety than the previous album, in addition, this mini album contains a tribute song of THE CURE as a bonus track! This is the 4th release from the label that the members themselves run, Live & Salon Yaso, in Kyoto!

2018.12.8.ON SALE

2.Dead Flower
3.Monster In The Black Hell (Jump!)
4.Who Killed The Vampire? 5.Wan Chai
6.Scatter Blues 7.Underground


Let’s meet in the near future!!

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