THIS VERY DAY was formed in August 2019 and has appeared at Japanse TV in the show「踊る!さんま御殿」. They are a new generation rock band in the center of tokyo and thanks to “Prince (王子)” Yuchaso which is an SNS influencer the band received more than 100,000 followers!

On August 17, 2019 their 1st Digital Single “BRAND NEW WORLD” was released as a digital distribution. Also the MV which promotes the song was played 10,000 times in just a few days, the popularity of the MV was due the influence of “famous” guest appearances in the MV.
Since September 2019 TVD has performed a bunch of secret live shows and also shared a few of those lives on youtube. In November the same year TVD held a SOLD OUT ONE-MAN show. about 100 people visited the show. 

In January 2020 a national release tour was announced and the independent label 「Dead!y RECORDS」was established. On March 18th 2020 TVD released their first mini album “Departure” national (also digital).  In April 2020 TVD opened a variety channel  「ディスベリ探偵団」to which they upload random videos.


We accept our past and our current lives as they are. Each of us love ourselves and become happy, also each of us makes others happy.  We feel that music is a tool to live good and that we can express wonderful beliefs in music.


This very day
Something new begins at the moment you hear our music. We wish that just something new starts “this very today” That’s what THIS VERY DAY means.


please tell us something about yourself.

Vo. Yuji
I write and compose lyrics bases on my 100% real intention.
One word: The most regrettable thing is; to do not do something at all
I always treasure these words before I enter the stage and recording studio.

Gu. Yuchaso
By what I love, I wish to make myself and everyone else happy.
One word:I’m challenge myself with something what everyone else won’t do
My motto is, to take on challenges challenges that no one else has thought of before.

Gu. Kohta
I want to prove that everyone can shine in whatever you do. 
One word:I’m unique
I can shine in whatever I love, even though someone would tell me that I would never be able to do it at all. I want to prove to others who feel the same way and lead the way.

I’m willing to die for it.
One word: All the time
I’ve made a lot of mistakes so far. Even if things continue to go wrong, I’m willing to try again and again.

Dr. Ryoga
I want to believe in the music I love.
One word: Small but big
I’m small, but I want to continue to make a big impact on those who around me with a powerful performance who nobody can beat!


We will continue to fight in this world where we can’t go wrong with the music we believe in.
We’ll be happy doing what we want to do.
We want everyone to be happy.
But most of all, we want you to be happy.
Everyone who believes in the music we believe in.
Let’s move forward together through our music.



RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-18

1.Forever Hero
4.Stay with you


A new start. For us and for the fans.

01: Forever Hero (Yuji: comment)
I just spelled out my true feelings because I kept losing in everything.
The next time you’re on the music stage, you’re going to win.
But winning isn’t just about someone else, it’s about yourself.
I still have a lot of work to do.
We are faced with something that is difficult to do.
I want to continue to fight against myself over and over again.
I hope it reaches the listeners who are working hard over again.
The intro and the Woo-Woo-Woo phrases in the middle of the song are a call-and-response that will make you feel at one with your fans even live.
That phrase is like a cry of the soul, and you can scream with us with all kinds of emotions.

03: Loser (Yuji: comment)
The English part of the A melody is a phrase that my father used to say to me. The lyrics of the chorus spell out the life of the person you’ve been longing for and the words you’ve layered with your own.
Towards the end, the future wants me to be your hero. That is a strong feeling.


No matter how much you lose, there are things you can’t let go.
It’s something you want to keep.
With these hands, we will walk towards the light.

「Stay with you」

No matter who I was, I’m receiving all of the past.
Let’s change the world at this moment.
It’s the song that started our story.


In my past I’ve been through a lot, so I will go beyond this moment. I’m going to change that. I will always walk with you.




Band search thanks to RIORIO!