Interview with 愛沢絢夏

Aizawa Ayaka, thank you very much for this interview, firstly could you please introduce yourself a little bit?

Hello, I am a singer-rock songwriter from Fukushima (Sendai), I write all my lyrics to my songs with a straightforward message.

Which kanji would you give your personality?

真 (shin) – Truth

Anyway, how did you enter this music world?

I really wish to reach lot’s of people with my songs, so what if I would become something to deliver something to someone else? So I started to sing.

On stage you are supported by nice support members. Could you please introduce them by telling something interesting about them?

Gt. Takaki Hisanaga → He is the manager of “Otsuka Welcome back”. When he plays his guitar he always has a happy face. He is a person who laughs easily.

Ba.miyou→ Free bassist. You cannot find her without carrying her bass. She is a wonderful hairstylist and her own hair-styles are very beautiful and amazing!

Dr.MAR→ He is my boss. He is an overwhelmingly consisted drummer. Everyone who sees him play the drums like him, also wants to play the drums!

You are supported by wonderful support members but how did you meet them and what made you decide to work with them?

I met MAR(the boss) when I was performing in the north of Japan. Many different kinds of support players have supported me in the past. After a while I played much more frequently in Tokyo than in Sendai, so I was looking for support members located around Tokyo and so we found and settled on our current members. Well, before I knew it, I found my place in Tokyo. (smile)

Did you ever asked your support members how they would describe you? If so, how do they describe you as a person?

Oh, I never have talked with them about such a topic, but I surely would like to hear it from them in the future, at some point! (smile)
However I guess they would say “Ayaka is a person who loves music”. 

Everyone writes and compose songs on his/her own pace, but what about you? Could you please tell us about how you write and compose your songs.

In the past but also now “I want to make what I feel is breathtaking” But what has changed during the time, is that I want to put a bit of my own color and messages inside which I want to convey. The thing I want to convey is “straight and strong feelings”. So I’d be happy if those feelings were conveyed to you.

You released two MV’s earlier this year. Could you please tell us some more background about those videos?

「Be crazy」It’s the very first video and for that reason an important video which I made as a solo artist “Aizawa Ayaka”.

At live performance this song melody became a killer tune, so to me it felt that the content of the lyrics was often overlooked while performing it live.  So I told my team members that I wished to convey my message with the MV and so we created together an MV with the expression and worldview which also shows the story behind the lyrics. The team who filmed my MV are mainly movie filmers, so I’d be happy if you could enjoy my acting too which I tried for the first time. 

(Moshimo kyou sekai ga owaru to shite mo)
「もしも今日世界が終わるとしても」 This MV was fully shot in Osaka. In contrast to “Be crazy” it’s a work that you can see how I am isn’t? The shoot was done with our usual team so I guess the MV has a totally relaxed look. There is a part in the lyrics I hope you pay some attention too “Let’s live our lives laughing like there’s nothing left to do.”, However I hope you take that sentence in a positive way and get some life spirit from it!  

You released your first album “Search for” last year. Could you please tell us something about this album?

It’s my first album and I remember that I really felt excited about it since a tour was also decided to promote the album. I only released “one” single before this album, after releasing that single it became clear to me what I wanted to express with my music, and so I wanted to make this album with lot’s of my expressions. Before the album release I’ve released 7 singles, but I guess the album shares a totally different taste. 

How do you prepare for the live shows?

I think that there are various ways to prepare for live shows, but mostly I am careful about the condition of my throat. Last year I had a vocal cord polyps surgery…So I should pay attention to how I speak and laugh, so that it won’t get damaged again, also I don’t smoke passively and I also refrain from drinking alcohol before the show. It’s a trivial matter, but I think such kind of preparation is very important for any live show. 

We all love to go to a live show to feel and see you which make us feel exciting, but what’s the most exciting thing about live shows for you?

That it’s possible to deliver songs by looking in the eyes of someone who came to the venue. You would like to ask that person while performing a song “How do you feel now?, what are you thinking about? Are you going crazy?” Anyway, it’s a place where you can feel the emotion of each person with your eyes, ears and skin. 

You released a bunch of songs already, you gotta have a favorite or two? So which song do you love yourself the most?

That’s a really difficult question…
Every song has different feelings and charms, so I like every song. (laugh)
If you would like to try some strong songs, I would say;
“HELLO” if you like rock songs.
“go for it” if you like pop songs.

On your profile is written that you love Kirby and time to time you also share Kirby photos, anyway how many Kirby goods do you have? And what’s your favorite Kirby goodie?

hmm! I’ve no clue, they are countless! (laugh)
My fans gave Kirby goods as a gift often, so I really do have quite a few. (smile)
My favorite are “hand mirror”, “lamp” and a “plush toy, which was won at a game center for  ¥ 1,000” 

ELLEGARDEN seems to be your favorite band isn’t? What’s so good about them? Why do you love them so much?

Yes, I love them.
I guess they were the artist I listened to the most when I was in school.
Not to mention the songs, but I especially like the fact that the live show is so innocent and straightforward in its own way.

Your fans love you but how do you really wish that your fans support you?

I want you to be absorbed with me. I wish that you will be my number one fan forever.I would be very happy if I would gain your unwavering support.  Also, since it’s natural, I would really be happy if you could come and see me performing my live shows, if possible!

Some of us read books and or manga do you have any favorite?

I usually don’t read books or manga at all, so I don’t have a favorite one… Please let me know if you have any suggestions of books/manga I really should read. (smile)

We all love to watch movies so what’s your favorite movie?

I really do like movies, however recently I haven’t seen any. A movie which I’ve seen and that I do remember is the movie “Happy Death Day“. I really like to watch lots of suspenseful movies. 

Japan has many delicious local food, so what’s your favorite?

I could only think of my hometown, and my mother’s cooking. (laugh)
I really love my mother’s “唐揚げの卵とじ“. I often asked her to make it. 

Lately, what got your interest?

Recently, I’m starting to get more interest in beauty again. Such as Make-up and Skin Care. I always want to meet everyone in my best condition, so I’m studying every day how to take the best body care.

We all smile and laugh, so what makes you smile?

I guess it’s when I play live shows together with my friends. However these days I laughed the most when I was playing with soap bubbles.(laugh) 

Soap bubbles, yes that’s funny, anyway what’s your ultimate goal for the future?

Ultimate?… I guess my ultimate goal is that lot’s of people around the world will know my songs. But I always also hope to be able to play at bigger venues. My dream is to have a live show in a big venue to fill it up with my own fans only. 

Talking about venues, how do you actually deal with the global corona issue?

To me it feels that it’s really important for everyone to continue to cooperate with each other. currently there are many new rules for venues, so I hope that everyone will follow them so that we can keep up creating places where we can meet everyone.  

And we came to the end, please write your last message to your fans and readers. To those who have read this so far.

Thank you for reading it until the very end.
I really enjoyed this interview because it had uncommon questions.
So I’m glad that you learned lots more about me.
From now on I wish that you will know me even better!♪
So, see you at the venue!

Aizawa Ayaka, thank you very much for this interview and please keep up singing!

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