Interview with Andend boom

Hello Andend boom, thank you for this interview!
Firstly Please introduce yourselves!

Vo. 曽川沙也伽 (Sogawa Sayaka)
Ba. KaZya
Gt. 凜太郎 (Rintaro)

We formed in june 2018. We play a mix of genres such as Rock, pop, metal, progressive rock, jazz and R&B, which could fit to be used for an OPENING or ENDING song.

We are a rock band who puts in various expressions in each song, a rock band that aims to transform songs into Anime songs.

Anime feeling! That’s nice, anyway, how did you all meet? Could you tell us about your encounter?

Gt. Rintaro and Dr.MKZ previous bands disbanded around the same time and formed a band together which could sell music, soon after Ba.KaZya joined who attended the same college but he refused the join at the first place. We met Sayaka via club vijon and she worked hard to join, after a meeting all together all doubts vanished and we became the current line-up.

Could you also tell us about the origin and meaning of the band-name Andend boom?

It’s a jinx that says “ン”” and “-” (ア”ン”デンド ブ”ー”ム) will be popular. 

It is a jinkx that means rebuild the boom (trend). 

Could you tell us which Kanji character you would give to Andend boom?

「変」 (change) As our concept says, we are a band that isn’t bound by genre or styles, we change our style into the genre/style a song need to be shaped.

What about your musical style, how would you describe it?

We are a rock band that aims to transform songs into Anime songs

Let’s learn a little bit more about your personality, how would you describe yourself with a single Kanji?

Vo. Sayaka: 「伽」 It’s my favorite Kanji because it’s included in my name.

Gt. Rintaro: 「凜」(Rin) Because I want to be an dignified person

Ba. KaZya 「忍」(Nin) Because I think it’s important to endure everything, and because I’m a descendant of a ninja.

Dr. MKZ 「鼻」 Nose, Because it belongs to oneselfs face. Because of my nose shape many people ask if I’m Half Japanese.

What about your musical background?

Vo. Sayaka was a former dancer and idol.

After Gt.  Rintaro graduated, he was active in an instrumental band.

After Ba. KaZya graduated, he was active in various bands such as Loud, alternative etc, he also has supported various solo singers.

Dr. MKZ has been in a proggy band, an underground band, and he has been doing a little bit of support, dancing, DJing and MCing. 

You said you aren’t bound to just one genre, but how do you choose your style and genre while creating a new song?

Well, the style will not be decided until we finish the song completely. We try anything and we will finish a song that’s easy to listen to and will sound familiar to people.

When I listen to your music, I get the feeling that you have been influenced by various kind of music. So who are the (Japanese) musicians that Andend boom is mostly inspired by?

We aren’t inspired by other people’s music. We are inspired by each other’s experiences which have developed their own way.

“A rock band that aims to transform songs into Anime songs” So, are you aiming to be asked to produce a song for an anime? If so, what kind of anime would you love a song for?

We all have our favorite anime, but we want to continue to make music that can be used/replaces for any OP/ED of all the anime we watch, whenever it’s an anime for young or old. For that reason, we are making various genres of music.

How do you actually decide the title of a song?

After creating a song, we let ourselves be inspired by the song itself.

What is your inspiration for writing lyrics?

As first we imagine the overall concept for the songs we want to create and then build up the lyrics along with the melody.

Let’s talk about your latest singles, could you please share some self-liner-notes of 「シンデレランデヴー 、not ALONE、Re:town、日常」?

「シンデレランデヴー」 If you fall in love, you will be invincible. It’s a story that overlaps with the feelings of a girl who thinks about her loved one. “It would be the story about Cinderella, if there was a story about her after midnight”.

「not ALONE」 As the title and lyrics say, no matter how many times I fall, you are not alone, you will break down the wall as many times you can with someone or everyone.

「Re:town」 It’s a strong story about the feeling that you are born out of a sense of emptiness, that you would be the only one left behind, while the city moves forward and renews its memories. Still, with the people you love, you can find a reason to start moving forward again.

「日常」 Even in the midst of an uneventful, flat day, this song is about the joy of finding trivial happiness with your loved ones and the relief of being able to continue to be next to them in the warmth of the moment.

You released two wonderful music videos which are directed by kinoora. What made you decide to work with him?

After seeing the videos he made for other bands, we were impressed by his works. When we did shoot our first video together it went all smooth and well and we understood each other well, so we asked him to shoot a second video. And we hope to work with him again. 

Could please tell us an inside story of the シンデレランデヴー MV?

Well actually it’s shot at Rintaro’s home.

Let’s talk about live shows, what’s the most fun part of playing a show?

Vo. Sayaka: When the atmosphere will become one with the audience, when we meet their eyes.

Gt. Rintaro: Drinking all together after a show has ended.

Ba. KaZya: To be in the midpoint together.

Dr. MKZ: The smiles. I always get a happy feeling if all the members, audience, live house staff are all smiling.

What’s the most valuable event in your musical career so far?

Vo. Sayaka: When we were invited to play in a big venue.

Gt. Rintaro: It’s exciting to be in a place where words cannot be understood.

Ba. Kazya: That we have permed at BIG CAT

Dr. MKZ: When we performed outdoors, that day a typhoon was approaching, on the day itself there wasn’t much trouble of the typhoon however I was surprised to hear that the whole stage was blown away the next day. 

How do you face the global corona problem as an artist?

We think it’s important to not spread the virus. We are always afraid to catch or to spread it so we do anything to prevent it. 

All our feelings we want to convey are always inside our music, so we will create and spread our music even etter to the world and we will try to find the best way to transmit our messages in any kind of possible way. Whenever it’s a subscription, watching or videos, to read an article such as this interview,  and of course watching one of our shows too. Whatever choice you make, how to follow us, we hope that you keep an eye on us also in the future. 

So, what’s your goal for the future?

To make money with music for a living.

And lastly, please give a message to your fans and readers.

Thank you very much for your support.
Hopefully you learned much more about us.
If you haven’t attended a live show yet, please come visit us.
We will give the best show in front of your eyes. 
We also hope that this interview has been read by people around the world and not only Japan. So please drop a message if you read it from a country overseas.
So, thank you for reading until the end.
See you next time hopefully at the venue!
see you next LIVE

Andend boom

Thank you very much for this fun and interesting interview.

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