Interview with Menopause

Menopause was formed at the end of 2016 by the duo Aya-ne on Vo+Prg & Kenji on Guitar.

Menopause, Thank you very much for taking time to answer this interview!

How do you know each other?

Aya-ne: I got to know Kenji via a band I joined a year before the formation of Menopause. (however that band disbanded before her activity).

After the disbandment, Kenji contacted me and asked me “Let’s do an industrial band together” 

Kenji: I’ve met Aya-ne when he played in a different band. 

Please describe yourself in a few words. 

Aya-ne: Craftsman (laugh)

Kenji: Passionate person (laugh)

What does your band name “Menopause” mean?

Aya-ne: ” It’s from the word “menopause,” in the sense that “giving birth isn’t possible anymore,” or “birthing music”. I named it with that meaning, because when this band ends I will stop my activity as a song producer, this band is my final musically activity.

Kenji: isn’t? (laugh)

What makes Menopause different from any other bands? 

Aya-ne: Being a unit band. 

Kenji: That we are a dark industrial duo

—Last year in September you released your Mini-Album “ViViSECTALiZZ” 

Why did you name this mini-album ViViSECTALiZZ?

Aya-ne: The title of the album is merged with the name of a certain industrial master artist together with the names of my cats(ViVi & LiZZ). To say it simple it’s a gag. (laugh)

Kenji: It’s Aya-ne’s idea.

What was your biggest inspiration for creating this mini album?

Aya-ne: As the number of Menopause songs increased, I wanted to release a CD with a bunch of songs.

Kenji: I thought it was about time to release a mini album.

Please tell us some story about each song of the mini-album.

1. Ashes to Ashes

Aya-ne: I wanted to create a SE  song that would lead to the second song, “ASH”, so I  made an SE song based on “ASH”

Kenji: The SE has a dark industrial feeling.

2. Ash

Aya-ne: It’s the first song which shaped Menopause, also I think the initial impulse in Menopause shaped well via this song.

Kenji: It is no exaggeration to say that Menopause started with this song.

3. enchantress

Aya-ne: I created this song with the intention of making a song with NEW WAVE elements which is easy to listen to. I think that this Menopause song is a song which everybody can listen to.

Kenji: It’s a NEW WAVE-like song that is different from other hard-hitting songs.

4. Corrupted Paranoid (from 2016)

Aya-ne: So far, it is the only song written by Kenji for Menopause, and also this song we played at our lives since the beginning of Menopause, Kenji’s sense of riffing shines through!

Kenji: This song was written by me and has been around for a long time. The guitars are heavy and match nicely the darkness of the song.

5. deadly night shade

Aya-ne: It’s a rearranged version of “Cradle Syndrome” from our first demo CD-R. It’s Menopause’s representative hardcore number.

Kenji: The finished song is a rearranged version of the original song and is more aggressive.

6. monogatari

Aya-ne: I wrote this song because I wanted to show the darker side as well as intensity. For a while we played this song as the last song at our gigs.

Kenji: This song has a storyline. It expresses hatred, suffering and despair in the rain.


Aya-ne: It’s a straight and fast digital slash song.
Hopefully the metal spirit of Menopause is well expressed though it (laugh)

Kenji: Isn’t the song tempo 210 beats? It’s a song that reminds me of the old indie metal times.

What did you enjoy the most while working on this album?

Aya-ne: When we recorded the guitar for “Filthy Zone”, Kenji played a brilliantly fast backing guitar in just one single take.

Kenji: As with this album, I am excited and satisfied with Aya-ne’s sudden idea statements and then executing them at every recording. (laugh)


How do you prepare for a live performance?

Aya-ne: Deciding the set-list→creating a backtrack→rehearsal→LIVE

Kenji: After determine the set-list, I’ll play the set at home and at studio rehearsals. 

Ikebukuro Chop seems to be your homebase, is there any special reason why you always play in this venue?

Aya-ne: Chop understands Menopause’s musicality the best, it’s easy to perform over there. And of course the staff are wonderful people too!

Kenji: It’s a very valuable place for me, because it’s a venue that continues to have that old-fashioned live music feeling! The staff feel as parents for me, because they all take good care of me.

Beside musical equipment and make-up. Is there anything you always carry with you when you perform a live performance? 

Aya-ne: Cigarettes 

Kenji: Nothing in particular? (laughs)


Your style is “Gothic industrial”. Do you see this style as visual kei? Also do you have any thoughts about visual kei in general?

Aya-ne: I don’t really think of it myself, also these days I don’t really follow visual kei, however personally I do like the early visual kei.

Kenji: It’s Gothic industrial, but the old-fashioned visual kei is still hidden in my heart!
To be honest, I don’t know much about the current visual system…

—Final words

What is Menopause goal for the future?

Aya-ne: Ultimate self-satisfaction (laughs)

Kenji: Playing overseas?

What’s your most valuable memorable memory of Menopause’s activity?

Aya-ne: I guess it’s the fact that various people say that our lives and music are mega cool.

Kenji: Each GIG is a cherished memory.

Please write your final greeting to your fans

Aya-ne: I am truly grateful to all of you for making this a fun activity. I would be happy to stay with you for a while longer until you get bored.

Kenji: Menopause just keeps evolving and keeps going on! I won’t disappoint you!
(We are always grateful to our customers who come and buy our albums! )

Thank you very much for this interview!

Twitter: Aya-ne
Twitter: Kenji

Thanks to Kenshin, vkgy and Dylan!