Interview with NIGHT PIRATES

Vo. 龍 (ササキリュウ) ((Ryu) Sasaki Ryu )  
Ba. 叶内君
(Kanouchi shinobu)
Gt. キタムラシロー
(Kitamura Shiro)
SAX. Mura

Please tell us why you decided to start a band together? Also please introduce each member.

Kanouchi asked me to do be a vocalist
Kanouchi ・ Strange guy
Kitamura ・ strange genius.
KAZZ ・ ?
Mura ・ cheerful person

KAZZ:  I received an invitation from our leader
Mura:  I was invited by my friend and leader Ryu
Shiro: I met Kanouchi 17 years ago, and we said in haziness “Let’s form a real band!” to each other (LOL).

What inspired you all to start making music? Why did you want to become a bandman?

Ryu:  Ordinary life and events. It seemed to be fun to be in a band with Kanouchi and Kitamura
shinobu: Hounddog and ARB from Tohoku. But BOΦWY was the shocker. I was shocked by the fact that the band used to add messages in their lyrics, but they also played love songs.
KAZZ: BOΦWY ARB LOUDNESS VOWWOW~HM made me wanto to play bass.
Shiro:  I started to play guitar when I was a 6th grade elementary student, influenced by: BEATLES  LED ZEPPELIN THE ROLLING STONES KISS AEROSMITH QUEEN. Also I started a band with my classmates in junior high school.

What is the concept of Night Pirates? Also what is the meaning of this concept? Also how would you describe Night Pirates music style?

Ryu:  Night Pirates. Pop rock
Shiro:  Shiro Ryu-chan named it, I like his own rock roots spirituality such as dangerous, mysterious and wild . That’s the concept of the name and the style, isn’t it?

How did you relate your clothes, photography, and cover arts to the Night Pirates band concept?

Ryu: I wear this style everyday
Shiro: After all it will come from night pirates (Lol) It’s whimsical, it’s like something sharp and deep.

Night Pirates music is really old style rock’n’roll. Nowadays It’s an unusual sound. Does it also attract young people or are most of your fans your age range?

Ryu: Dad, mother generation is still alive. So we have fans from young to senior.
shinobu: I listen to the current songs quite a bit, but I don’t really care about them because I already decided what I want to write myself.
KAZZ: Simple and easy to play as DR.
Shiro:  I believe that the band sound of the 70’s and 80’s is the real thing, and I have no choice but to work with what is ingrained in my body (laughs). By piercing this real, straight, universal sound, I feel that it is gradually being transmitted to the younger generation.

Middle Boy アルバム

For your 15th anniversary, on 8 April you released a new album, “Middle Boy”. First of all, what is the meaning of the title, “Middle Boy”?

Ryu: Meaning is a middle-aged man born in the Showa-era, ages from 30 to 54 years old.
Shiro: It lets you remind yourself of what became passionate when you were young! (Something like that)

Please tell us if there is any difference between the album released so far and this album.

Ryu: I wanted to record the songs what I currently wanna sing.♪
shinobu: For the part, I changed the sound of the bass depending on the song. The next step is how to express the drive feeling of downpicking.
KAZZ: Tone change of each song as DR
Shiro: The 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums are more dramatic and pop, but this time, it’s more liberating and energetic! It has the sound of the 1st album without hesitation

What is the created impression of the songs on the album?

Ryu: To reach the middle-aged people
shinobu: Band sound
KAZZ: Exposing ROCK
Shiro: Transmitted viciously real ROCK!

Who was the main creator of this album and music production? Could you tell us how each song was born and how it was finished?

Ryu: Sasaki Ryu, Kitamura Shiro, and Kanouchi Shinobu. With the melody playing in my head, I finished the completed songs together with Mr. Kitamura.
Shiro: I find chords on guitar from Ryu’s humming, and I don’t stick to the popular trends in the arrangement, but leave it to the members to make new discoveries.
shinobu: Thoughts about the past and also present. But I also have put in thoughts of tomorrow and the future, so that’s what I made the songs about.

Why did you decide to choose to release 9 songs for this release?

Ryu: It was about time to release a fifth album
Mura: 15th anniversary
Shiro: It has some good songs for you (laughs).  Isn’t this what music making is supposed to be like?

What makes the songs on the album so special? 

Ryu:  Most of our feelings.
Shiro: I think we were able to show each member power in our songs, without having regret .

The melody of the songs on [Middle boy] fits Ryu’s voice perfectly. How do you compose a song which will fit the vocalist voice in an amazing way?

Ryu: It goes naturally.
Shiro: I don’t know if there’s any point in doing this together for 15 years. It’s unconscious, isn’t it?
All the members have become bodies that can only do this (laughs).

Please tell us the concept of every lyric.

① CARNIVAL☮️BIKERS; is to our bike team and all the bikers in the world.
② らら;  not want to forget my beloved dog.
⑤ R O C K Rock’n’Roll; as our current Rock’n’Roll is
⑥ Take a Look Around; is a message to the “great” politicians.
⑦ 夢を見てる;  is a dream of being nice with a girl. (Laughs)
⑧ Anarchy in the city; is what I feel about living in Fukushima Prefecture.

Shinobu: Index reference

Do the “Middle Boy” songs relate to each other in some way? 

Ryu: I just created songs about how I felt at that time.
Shiro: These nine songs shine individually. So I left it like that. 

Were there any parts of this album which were difficult to write, or did they come naturally? Is there anything you’re especially proud of with these songs?

Ryu: It wasn’t difficult at all. Thanks to the members and others for creating this release smoothly. Then you just feel how to get to the point.
KAZZ: Playing the up-tempo songs are difficult.I was able to play the rhythm I had accumulated so far
Shiro:  I had a lot of momentum, and it was a pleasure to create the album. As a result of having worked with each member for so many years, I think it became a sound with a lively, outstanding groovy feeling.

Will “Middle Boy” also be distributed as a digital download?

Ryu: It has been released.
Shiro: More and more will be released

  • Middle Boy isn’t yet on itunes etc.
What’s your inspiration for writing  lyrics and songs?

Ryu: Everyday life  and happenings
Shinobu: With the melody precedence type, the melody can be created first,
For the lyrics I want to convey honestly what I mean,  so I always add provisional lyrics, still if a song is completed the lyrics can differ from the first provisional lyrics.

While composing songs, is there something you keep in your mind? Such as creating songs which are fun to play at a concert?

Ryu: I like to  make a good song that everyone can relate to.
Shinobu: While making songs, I keep in mind that there is a second song, a middle song and a last song.
Shiro: To keep it simple and easy for your fans to understand.

What makes a song a good song? What kind of song do you strive for when composing? 

Ryu: I just want to turn an ordinary song into a good song.
Shinobu: If you play ROCK you just can stick to it, you don’t need to worry about something, you can create what you want. ARB said it long ago, you always can break through. But,  It’s hard to make new things, without destroying it fully. I still keep those words in my mind.
Shiro: If you cook with Night Pirates, you’ll get a taste like no other. And that’s interesting, so there’s no aim.

Which song is the hardest song to play?

Ryu: I don’t play any musical instrument
Shiro: close my eyes (Actually I’m not good at guitar arpeggios (laughs))

Have you ever played any Night Pirates songs acoustically?

Ryu: There are times when I play acoustically
KAZZ: At a acoustic event
Shiro: Basically, I’ll do any kind of hard song (laughs), that’s Night Pirates.

What does “rock music” mean to you?

Ryu: Way of life
Shinobu: To convey your feelings
KAZZ: self-assertion
Mura: Enjoy it to the fullest.
Shiro: Freedom

What’s the most fun thing about touring around Japan?

Ryu: I’m thinking of doing a nationwide tour, But the fun part of such a tour is that you get to know the local people, because you get a chance to talk to them.
Shinobu: To meet the smiling faces of each place.
KAZZ: The chance to meet people.
Shiro: It gives me happiness that I’m glad to play in a band.

Is there anything you have learned from all those years being a musician?

Ryu: To enjoy music, passing it on, and keeping the band going on.
Shinobu: Well, I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell you.
KAZZ: A sense of unity in live music.
Shiro: Not being popular (big laughs). 

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band?

Ryu: If you contact someone and that you don’t get a reply. Then you can’t move forward.
KAZZ: unity of mind
Shiro: I think that the difficulty of group activities is the same for all genres.

Right now Corona is a big problem isn’t it?  How is daily life now? The Japanese government has asked that people should stay home. 

Ryu: Around me everyday life seems to be a lot of self-control.
Shinobu: For now, you have to do what you can. You can always criticize, and you still do what you did before.
KAZZ: The corona problem is in front of us. Safety first.
Mura: I think the thing we can do is that this action will help protect our important people.
Shiro: We gotta make it and beat it. Also this is the time to improve your skills. (Of what?) (laughs).

As an artist, if there was one thing you want fans to remember (some words of wisdom), what would it be?

Ryu: The belief is to keep chasing the dream when the band was formed and to achieve the realization without fail. “well-known”
Shinobu: I can’t say,  because I’m not a proper person. (Laughs)
Shiro: Same as above. (Laughs)

And as last, your message to your fans!

Ryu: I am so grateful to everyone who has supported us.I hope that we all have fun together, that we all become more and more energetic, to get a great feeling. Thank you very much.
Shinobu: As soon as things are over, we’ll be back to bring you the album songs live.
Kazz: I’ll see you at our live again.
Mura: Thank you for your continued support.
Shiro: If you like our music this time too, let’s sing along again and have fun!

Thank you very much for this interview!

[OMN-0005] 2020.4.8release
2. らら
3. テンダネス
4. close my eyes
5. R O C K Rock’n’Roll
6. Take Look Around
7. 夢を見てる
8. Anarchy in the City
9. One Way



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