2$4 formed in 2013.
We are mainly active at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE in Tokyo.
We of 2$4 continue to aim to create music that transcends genres, Incorporating elements of chords, emo, and hip-hop into the songs, as well we add digital sound effects to our songs. 
Lyrics are about the problems that happen in our society that are caused by the different minds between people. If you don’t know each other well it’s hard to understand each other. If we can find a way to understand each other better we will gain a stronger heart, then the world will turn into a better world and many smiles will be born. Music doesn’t have the power to change the world, however people’s hearts and actions can make the world a better place. We want to create songs and lyrics which can make a heart move, even if it’s just a little bit. With this all in our mind we keep going to create our songs.


24 = 24 hours music “S” ← sound←$ = make money
We are a music group that’s started with activities and ideas which only can be told via the digital world. 


24 = 24 hours music “S” ← sound←$ = make money


VMC y-s-k
Currently I am the only member of the band, all others are support members. I want to bring back the amazingness of RAP ROCK(mixture), which is sluggish now. 


There are so many artists in this world and so many people who follow them. However I’m tired of just listening to those ordinary music artists. We’re confident that we’ll be able to create music and performances that only 2$4 can do, which also touch the heart of people, so we want to reach out to as many people as possible. Music which can be felt throughout the whole body!

RAP unit of 2 people, 2$4 y-s-k and Masaki. 

We don’t only RAP but we also add elements out of various genres. 
In addition, Masaki’s weapon “slap” is also interwoven inside some songs. Both turned into a “Rap style unit” which nobody had seen before.


「HYBRID ROCK 2015.02.27 」
We express an worldview of harmony, emo and hip hop that only we are able to show, you can find that all inside of HYBRID ROCK

「2nd ALBUM」
Currently we cannot meet in the current world state.
So I can’t really release a second album. However I want that everybody still listens to my songs, listens to the voice I have to tell you. So for 2$4 I created a lyric video which is like a history karaoke video.



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