Interview with Eins:Vier

We would like to thank Eins:Vier for answering the questions.

Which Kanji character would you choose to describe Eins:Vier and what’s your own favorite Kanji? Also why did you choose this Kanji?

HIROFUMI ・ Eins:Vier: 想 (sou) | Thought
Myself: 空 (Sky)(sora) | Sometimes vast, sometimes empty.

In all those years how did all the experience affect the band?

HIROFUMI ・Enhancing our living Genes.


YOSHITSUGU・ To stand where we stand now. 

What makes you smile?

HIROFUMI ・People smile and laughter.


YOSHITSUGU・Of course the smiles and laughs of our fans.

How would you describe your musical style?


Has the influences of Eins:Vier changed since you first formed?

HIROFUMI ・ We have changed. Instead of being stuck by rock, I(we) also learned to play/create music acoustic. 

LUNA・It’s always changing. I’m still unbounded by anything!

YOSHITSUGU・It’s not that we changed, but that we have expanded ourselves.

What has changed the most since you started your career?

HIROFUMI ・Own pace.

LUNA・My skills grew. 

YOSHITSUGU・I think to be a little bit more expressive.

The word visual became a common word for makeup bands. Did you adopt that word? Or do you feel uncomfortable with the words?

HIROFUMI ・I never really was aware of it, and now I don’t mind it anymore.

LUNA・I’ve never used it myself. I don’t care about genre division. 

YOSHITSUGU・I never called myself visual kei. But in the past it was common. 

You have been wearing make-up since the days when the word visual kei didn’t exist yet. What made you choose to be a visual kei band?

HIROFUMI ・Because it was something everybody around me was doing.

LUNA・Back then, I thought it was cool.

YOSHITSUGU・I was influenced by my friends at that time, and I really liked the idea

Has the process for making music changed since you started making music again?

HIROFUMI ・Roughly speaking, it doesn’t change. 

LUNA・Everyone continues to make music!

YOSHITSUGU・Not really. 

Has touring as a band changed from when you first formed?

HIROFUMI ・Emotionally it doesn’t change

LUNA・We’d be screwed if we didn’t!

YOSHITSUGU・It’s not just the momentum.

Luna – Hirofumi – Yoshitsugu
What’s your favorite place to write new songs?



YOSHITSUGU・ I only write at home.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your own work, both musically and lyrically? 

HIROFUMI ・ Stuff what happens in our daily life. 

LUNA・Accidental impulse!

YOSHITSUGU・daily life happenings

Which Eins:Vier song is your favorite?

HIROFUMI ・I can’t choose.

LUNA・Impossible to choose.

YOSHITSUGU・ I guess these are the two new songs that have been released now.

Which song to you is most loved by fans of Eins:Vier?

HIROFUMI ・Please ask our fans.

LUNA・I don’t know, please ask our fans.

YOSHITSUGU・I don’t know which song our fans rank as the number one.

Do you plan to continue online streaming?

HIROFUMI ・ I don’t know what the future will bring. But it won’t be our priority. 

LUNA・I don’t know our future plans.

YOSHITSUGU・I don’t know, but if we have the chance, we could do it. 

Since the mini-album has been postponed, is there a chance we’ll see this music in digital distribution?

HIROFUMI ・We will not release the songs as digital before releasing the actual CD.

LUNA・Advance sales have already begun!

YOSHITSUGU・Only two songs are distributed in advance.

The first press of your upcoming release will include a bonus disc containing MV’s of [To the FLAT].

LUNA・There is no plan to include [To the FLAT], but the recorded songs of this mini-album will be recorded as an MV.

Corona is currently a global issue. How do you face as an artist?

HIROFUMI ・We are trying to find a way to be secure and do our best to stay in between the realities.

LUNA・We fear no more than necessary! We are careful and following the rules!

YOSHITSUGU・We do what we can do.

What is the most difficult thing for being an artist?

HIROFUMI ・For me being an artist isn’t difficult at all. 

LUNA・To keep up your motivation.

YOSHITSUGU・Various stuff.

What is the most precious event in your music activities?


LUNA・That we formed Eins:Vier.

YOSHITSUGU・There are many events which are unique.

What is your ultimate goal for the future?

HIROFUMI ・To be able to die happily. 

LUNA・To live a happy life.

YOSHITSUGU・A peaceful life.

Please tell us about your beliefs as an artist and inspiration for your fans.

LUNA・Let’s live as freely as possible. 

And please write a message to your fans and readers!

LUNA・Thank you very much for your support.

YOSHITSUGU・Please listen to our upcoming mini album! And please come to our live shows which will be held next year. 

Thank you very much for this interview!

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Questions discussed together with Katt, Japanese translation thanks to Kenshin.