FUJI TAKASHI and KEITH? Who are those two persons? M-BAND and ARB? Who?
That’s a question I receive a lot when I talk with people about Japanese rock music. I didn’t know M-BAND myself yet and after checking Fuji’s website I wished to know more about him, he released a brand new mini album ROOTS OF ROCK as a digital release which is available to purchase and to stream world wide too. Music style? Amazing rock music which brings you back in the time back to the beautiful rock sound. You can check it here via spotify.

But who is KEITH? Well, KEITH is the drummer of ARB, ARB was a very well known rock band in the 80s. And yes you also can listen to ARB on spotify! ARB is still around however without lead singer Ryo Ishibashi. But KEITH keeps ARB alive with playing their songs time to time with wonderful musicians, the line-up isn’t always the same. Also KEITH support various musicians for playing (support) drums. So can follow KEITH on twitter and facebook.

However what is this video about?
Well FUJI just started his own youtube channel which he wish to fill with various content as so also introducing rock artists he works with, his first guest is KEITH. KEITH joined his new mini album ROOTS OF ROCK. Also he will join the special release live on October 3rd which KEITH will support as guest.

Part 1 teach us that FUJI and KEITH do know each other already for a long long time however both didn’t contact each other for years. One of their last encounters was in the Yamamoto-line to Shinjuku when FUJI got into a quarrel fight with some businessman. KEITH entered the train when FUJI was in the middle of the quarrel, KEITH stopped them by saying “What are you doing?!” and told FUJI that it is not good to quarrel around. Also it teach us that FUJI was a fan of ARB and that he loved to watch them from the second floor of Kudan Kaikan venue. Also KEITH said that the lives of ARB were well visited and that more and more fans came to watch them, however their CD’s were not sold that well. Also ARB’s Major debut wasn’t on a usual label, no they signed up to a PUNK label. Punk bands really thought Why is a ROCK band signed to our label?!

You can watch my translated version here. If you understand Japanese well, be free to correct anything. You also can download my subtitles here. Keep in mind that my translation isn’t perfect, but it gives a good feeling about what they are talking about. So any corrections are welcome! And the band also appreciate it!

Please look forward to PART2, I will also roughly translate it. PART2 might will tell us more about why KEITH loves rock so much and how he made his debut. So definitely look forward to it!

Let’s enjoy Japanese ROCK music!

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