CHOKE formed in 2017, as a RapMetal band in Tokyo. The band started their music activities with a RapMetal Djent and an unique appearance. Recently CHOKE’s music is full of influcements of Hardcore and Trapcore, but their roots will be always be Nu-Metal.


Activities started in May 2017.
At the time KVYA NONO was trying to form a Djent band, he went to various shows, listened to the RAP of various rappers, but when he discovered REON’s rap he felt in love and asked REON to join him, also a new idea was born to form a RapMetal+Dejent band. After REON joined, KVYA invited his old friend B5, who he already knew for 10 years to join too.

Everyone already met various times at venues, but the way they met each other was different.

REON and B5 have been touring a lot with different bands.

REON and KVYA NONO knew each other by playing on the same events time to time, but both were not friends. 

Btw, B5 taught the love for Metal to KVYA NONO, when B5 and KVYA NONO started their friendship,  always when B5 went to KVYA NONO’s home, KVYA NONO only listened to J-POP.  B5 loves Metal so he introduced Metal music by always showing Periphery and Meshuggah videos until the early morning, which is the roots for the love for “Djent”.

When KVYA NONO talked to REON to introduce B5 because of that matter, REON endorsed the formation by saying “If B5 has such background, it’s sure going to be amazing” 

One time during a rehearsal, B5 played “Counter feit” by Limp Bizkit, after listening to it, REON was convinced that Nu-metal also had influenced him in the same way, and so B5 and Nu-Metal became also a part of the band.

BANDNAME -origin & meaning

RapMetal+Djent, it’s called unique visuals.
We express a style that defies the conventional wisdom, it’s a band who is shocking enough to “suffocation” the audience. So we named us “CHOKE”. We also wanted to use an aggressive name as a resistance to the current conservative music scene. Originally, we had been discussing not to choose a long name and couldn’t decide on a name, but when REON brought “CHOKE” to the table, everyone instantly agreed to it.


Our concept is RapMetal+Djent and we aim to create new genres by combining unique visuals. 

Or works are not limited by genre or country, we are practicing with the intention of actively mixing styles and genres. Our future goal is to expand our scope of activities to the world.


Personality: Hiphopheads

8strings guitar
Personality: Guitar HERO

5strings bass
Personality: Dogged


In the three years that we are active, we as CHOKE have proven that we are always a one-of-a-kind band. And that will never change in the upcoming future. However, to be able to grow into a band which is more accessible than before, we will continue to evolve. Furthermore, we will not relax, but we will keep sending our messages to the world. If you feel lost or swallowed up by anxiety, we wish to remind you that we are here for you with our music, our presence, we are a band who never will give up our dreams.


1st album”CHOKE1″
1.under ground
2. Act.1
3.Slash and burn
4.Stay high
6. Rainy

1st album”CHOKE1″
This was our first work produced under our concept of RapMetal+Djent. Back in the days, many people said we created a Nu-Metal revival piece. If you listen to it now again, there are certainly many songs that would have been influenced by Nu-Metal. One of the features is that there are many riffs based on the lowest note of the 8-string guitar, the “low E”. Our live favorites “Stay High” and “BOOMIN'” are also included.

2nd album”CHOKE2″
01.Introduction of “CHOKE 2”
02.Cradles Puppet
03. Fuck It
04.Stay high-DJ YUTO FLIP- (remix)
05. Bloody Hell
06. The Personal Killing
08. Smoke In Me
09.illogical (instrumental)
10. 通天閣 feat.KVYA NONO, B5, MC 龍, AZU #, 834, Shino, u ($ “Casper.), REON(bonus track)

2nd album”CHOKE2″
The more we played CHOKE1’s music at our shows, the more we wanted to make more complex and extreme songs, and so this album was born. There are plenty of songs with strange time signatures and tempo changes. Many songs of CHOKE1 the main riffs were based on “LOW E”, but this album has lot’s more 8-string guitar tones such as G# and A.

This album also includes a bonus track “Tsutenkaku”, Which is created and rapped together with our friends just after CHOKE was formed. 

Also it includes a remix of the track Stay high by DJ YUTO who is a fan of KVYA NONO.

It also includes a live take of “BOOMIN'” from our own sponsored live event “BEEF”.

1st single 全然問題ねぇ-No problem at all-
01.全然問題ねぇ-No problem at all-
02. Shut the Fuck Up and Die feat.REON (DIGITAL Ver. only)

1st single”全然問題ねぇ-No problem at all-“
Our first single and first digital release. It was created under the influence of hardcore and trapcore. It includes repeating tempo changes and it even includes a symphonic element at the end. It’s a experimental and a challenging track to wander a new field. The official online-shop version comes with a 2nd track, it comes with the song “Shut the Fuck Up and Die feat.REON” which is created by REON.  The aggressive lyrics are typical REON-style.

Live film “Pizza and Coke”
1.(live recordings)
2.(member talk)
3.(encore live recordings)
1.(live recordings)

Live film “Pizza and Coke”
Due to the corona outbreak, it was impossible to play live shows. While many bands decided to hold streaming lives, CHOKE has chosen to create a “film”. A live film with the theme of pizza and cola depicts the scenery of a rustic city, after entering a basement, an unreal space opens up, and across that single wall, the real and the unreal coexist.

2nd single 人間惨歌

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2020.09.11 release
“The Human Anthem” interview
Translation by CHOKE.

The Human Anthem Interview

Please tell us something about the concept.

REON: It’s not something I worked on with a pre-concept. I listened to the demo song and developed an image in my mind.

KVYA NONO: At the end of last year, four people, including REON, KVYA NONO, B5 and support drummer Toshiya Sato, started their activities. Then, the sound as CHOKE became clearer. Until now, we have created our own world with complicated beats, but the sound itself has become more individual. I made this straight song in the hope that more CHOKE could be recognized in the world. It is a challenge that I have never been able to do.

B5: We wanted to try something different from our past.

Why did you name the single “The Human Anthem”

REON: This is the theme I felt when I first heard the chorus part of the demo song.

What was the biggest inspiration for this single?

REON(lyric): Longing and faith in life and self.

KVYA NONO(Composing): My work to date is influenced by many Numetal and Djent songs. However, this time it is strongly influenced by post-hardcore. We have succeeded in breaking our own shell.

Please tell us some detailed about the MV.

REON: A patient who visits a psych ward and the doctor who examines him. But not all of them are safe. KVYA

NONO: I couldn’t forget the expression of REON when I shot the MV of “No problem at all” of the previous work, and I wanted to make a video that further extracted that element. So I suggested him the keywords “hospital” and “doctor”. After telling the story, he told me that the lyrics of this song were about the brutal murder of a nursing home in Japan. So we decided to create an MV that contained that element. I was also concerned about the speed at which the images switch.

B5: I thought about that work with a add another twist to not just member playing guitar, bass-guitar,’s like linked to lyrics.

Please give us some detailed liner notes about each track.

REON: The one thing we all have in common about each song is that we have so many problems to live with and we need to overcome them.

KVYA NONO: I am in charge of the MIX of the song, but this time I succeeded in making each part quite carefully. Recently, due to technological development, we often do not use raw sound, but all the drums recorded raw sound. The guitar is also recorded by playing the amp, and the bass uses the sound of the analog pre-amp as it is without using the plug-in as much as possible. By doing so, we were able to create a sound like ours, which deviated from modern mechanical sounds. If you feel that all of the recent sounds are the same, I definitely want you to listen.

B5: I agree with Reon.

What you enjoyed the most while working on the single.

REON: I was impressed by the scenes of eating insects and raw meat. Because it was my first experience with them.

KVYA NONO: This time I used 4 microphones called SM57 to record the guitar sound. The sound was very nice and it was fun. By making this guitar sound, I was able to create the sounds of drums and bass to the sounds they wanted. I also like the sound of the new vocal mic, which is exciting. Music production as CHOKE is all fun.

B5: Sound make of bass-guitar. I wanna say that it is true that Nono is a great sound engineer.

What this single makes different from the previous releases.

REON: This release is a very catchy and easy to understand song.

KVYA NONO: Anyway, MIX took time. It took an unprecedented amount of time to make the bass sound. The sound that reminds me of the early 2000s is what CHOKE has been aiming for so far, and the point that I was able to bring it to a point where I was satisfied was different from before.

B5: Fast as hell!

Please tell us something about thejacket design.

KVYA NONO: I did the design, but I don’t have much confidence in the design. So I made it based on the opinions of the members. First of all, I made something like the MV world view once. So I asked B5 to send me some reference images. After the direction was established, it was completed without hesitation.

B5: Nono took shape of my inspiration.i didn’t have a solid image,just inspiration.

3rd single
「Hack to the basic」

Price: ¥400

2021年01月15日(金) AM 00:00
Download and Streaming START!!

1.Hack to the basic
2.Stay high (ReTAKE)
3.Hack to the basic –Instrumental
4.Stay high (ReTAKE) –Instrumental

※Track 2,3&4 are limited to official shop

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