餃子大王 Gyoza Daioh


37 years ago Gyoza Daioh, formed in 1983, was the same year of the birth of Tokyo Disneyland. Kazuo Mori, who went to Osaka University of Education gathered the other members in the Parlour music club to form the band.

Gyoza Daioh is a popular rock band born in Osaka which has survived the Showa and Heisei eras.

Four of the members are school teachers, because of that reason they never made their major debut. For exeption of Kazuo Mori the members have become, principal, vice-principal and head teacher, yet they are still a bit of dodgy and even until today they continue to create and give mind-blowing live shows.


Formed in 1983, 37 years ago, in the same year of the birth of Tokyo Disneyland. Kazuo Mori, gathered the members together at the Parlour music club.

(Only  the most important points are translated. For the full version, please check the Japanese version)

1983 The university’s Parlour music club gained a reputation in the school for their original incomprehensible and vulgar songs.

1984 First live in Nishinari Osaka at “Egg pant”
With “Lemon Squeezer (レモン・スクイーザー)”

1985 Won a contest sponsored by Yanta Rokumeikan.

1986 Received attention of Night Gallery Record after playing a live show at “The Bourbon House” in Osaka.

1987 The main members including Kazuo Mori graduated from their university and became teachers.

Vo.Gt. Kazuo Mori (森かずお)
Sax.Vo. Arabu jin (アラブ人) (now: cameo (カメオ))
Ba. Bibirin Jun(びびりんじゅん) (now: Jun-chan (じゅんちゃん))
Vo. Prince Hosokawa (プリンス細川 ) (now: ex-member)
Vo. Nazo no onna kimuchi (なぞの女キムチ) (now: ex-member)
Gt.Vo. Jiro (森治郎) (now-ex member)

And because Genki Brothers (Aka & Ao) and others joined Gyoza Daioh’s lives became more and more interesting and they started to gain more popularity mainly in Osaka.

1988 Free distribution on a flexi disc.
Popularity increased after each live at “The Bourbon House” in Osaka.
Played first live in Tokyo together with NEWEST MODEL and SOB at Hosei University, which increased the popularity more.

1989 First one-man at Tokyo Shinjuku Loft, which was sold out within a minute.
First album “Live at the Bourbon House” sold over 10,000 copies.

1991 A late-night program called “Rockin’s Teacher Gyoza Daioh” was aired on Kansai TV.  

1992 November Gyoza Daioh hold a live show at Osaka University, and their opening act was Mr. Children.

1993 Kazuo’s younger brother Jiro was transferred to Tokyo and left Gyoza Daioh and got replaced by ex-member Takahiro Matsumoto. (Currently acrive in the band Rollyや世良公則さん and also provides songs to Johnny’s WEST)

1994 Holded a ONE-MAN at Shimokitazawa Club QUE.

1997 Takahiro Matsumoto left because his other band Turtles moved their activities to Tokyo. However even after his debut with the Turtles, he still joins live shows of Gyoza Daioh as a guest.

2009 February First appearance in Teradacho Fire Loop.
April: Transferred to Kazuo Mori High School to participate in the UKP 20th anniversary event.

2011   Kazuo Mori starts making effectors and composes the theme song for the play  “Youth Detective (青春探偵)” for the theater company “Babalores”.

2014 Gyoza Daioh live event with students at Rock Town in Aveeno Q’s Mall.

2017  Performed at the 30th Anniversary Live of Osaka MUSE, a one-man show in Izumi-Otsu at the Senboku Sakai Area PTA Council Leadership Seminar.


Just a “friendly rock band”


MORI Kazuo(森かずお ) Vocal, Guitar
He is a high school math teacher.
He is the Parlour music club advisor. 
His Parlour music club has been awarded the “Osaka Art and Culture Award” as the best Parlour music club in Osaka and has won many national competitions.
Born in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture.
Blood type O.
He is not only talented as a composer/guitarist, but also his live performances with a momentary inspiration are unique.
He has a good reputation for his MC and performance.
A few words that expresses himself (I’m so absorbed in my life)

KANAMORI Shigeo (金森しげお) Drums
Vice-principal of a junior high school (social studies). 
Born in Naniwa-ku, Osaka City.
Blood type O.
He used to paint his face with red and white stripes under the stage name “Shimima Shigeo”, but he doesn’t wear make-up now.
He can play a wide range of music with his powerful drumming skills.
A word that expresses himself (wild, right?)

Jun-chan(じゅんちゃん) Bass
He is the principal of an elementary school in Ibaraki City. 
Born in Minato Ward, Osaka.
Blood type A.
Fourth generation bass player.
His soft bass play and dry entertaining talk have an impressive contrast.
Together with Shigeo, he supports Gyoza Daioh.
What he said in his own words to express himself (groovy)

Kameo (カメオ) – keyboard, saxophone and vocals
Junior high school Japanese language teacher affiliated to a certain university.
Born in Osaka Prefecture.
Blood type O.
He used to perform under the names ” Arabu jin” and “ARABY”.
He adds color to Gyoza Daioh’s sound with his outstanding technique and sensitive phrases.
His brother is Norio Nonaka, formerly a member of Pli:z and BLOW.
A word that expresses himself (Rock Complex)

Genki Brothers Aka (元気ブラザーズあか) – Dance & Shout Kazoo Fue
Born in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture.
Blood Type A.
All of Gyoza Daioh’s leaflets, record jackets, correspondence, etc. were designed by him.
He was a student at Osaka University of Arts. When he joined the band he made a jacket for Gyoza Daioh for his graduation project, and is currently working as a graphic designer at Dentsu.
He is also the voice of Sun Television キャラクターおっ!. 
A word that expresses himself (stray sheep)

Kita-chan (きたちゃん) Guitar
He works for a major company.
Former drummer of the Dynamite Jiro’s.
He was active in the Kansai area from 1997 to 2004. Now he lives in the Kanto area.
He is the utility player of Gyoza Daioh 1.
He still lives in Tokyo, he also participates in gigs in Osaka when he comes back on a business trip.
A few words to describe himself ( I am still wandering in my life but I am already in my 50s)

Members who join the band from time to time.

MATSUMOTO Takahiro (松本タカヒロ) Guitar
Ex-Dynamite Jiro’s  guitarist joined the band after Jiro left the band.
He formed The Turtles in 1994.
After forming the Turtles, he was parallel active with Gyoza Daioh, but he left Gyoza Daioh around 1997 when the Turtles moved to Tokyo.
However, even after their debut as the Turtles, he continued to participate in Gyoza Daioh’s live shows as a guest.
Currently, he is also in the backing band of Masanori Sera.

Prince Hosokawa (プリンス細川) – Crazy Dance – Vocalist
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Blood type O.
He joined Gyoza Daioh in 1986, singing just one song at a live concert and then dancing the rest of the time.
When he joined the band, he was a teacher at a cram school.
He also worked as a health teacher in junior high school on behalf of a maternity leave teacher. He is now back at home in Hiroshima to take over the family business of grape farming.

Nazo no onna kimuchi (なぞの女キムチ) – Vocalist
The only female member of Gyoza Daioh, She is an actress who lives on Awaji Island. Like Prince, she participates in the style of singing just one song at our live shows.


We continue to play funny lives!


Live at The Bourbon House (1989-07-15)
Initially, 3,000 copies were released as an LP record. The LP was sold out within a month. Later the release was released as a CD and reached number one on the Oricon Indie Chart. The jacket was a graduation work of Aka who was a student at the time.

5/3 Koonen dai ONEMAN (1990-07-25)
-Live at; Osaka kouseinenkin kaikan dai hall-
We’re too busy to record, so see you again!
It’s a live album of a live show at a big venue.
It lets you hear the popularity of that time.

休み時間は何をしよう (1991-04-25) -Studio album
Yasumi Jikan wa nani o shiyou
Experience the first full scale recording.

Live in Taiheiyou Belt Chitai (1992-11-25日)  
See you again!
The MC’s on this live album are genius.
Includes the song “Impo No. 1”, which caused public criticism.

GOGO (1994-03-15)   
Takahiro Matsumoto awakens. Starts being a successful guitarist.
The CD is recorded in the studio of GIAN STUDIO FREE PEOPLE
Kita joined during the recording of Gyoza Daio Live 2000 Wonderful Panda Full 2000 Live at Shimokitazawa Club QUE

Shuuroku Gish! (収録ギッシュ!) (2002-11-27)
Kazuo Mori recorded with a 8-channel MTR

Nadeshiko Dori (なでしこ通り) (2006)
First mini album

Gyoza Daizenshu 1 (餃子大全集1)(2008)
Best Album

Gyoza Daizenshu 2 (餃子大全集2) (2011)
Best Album

いよっ! 餃子大統領(1990年9月25日)1993・5・3メモリアル さようならジローくん(1993年7月20日)


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