BAND SEARCH – The トリコロール by vo.TORU

This band search is original written by vocal TORU.


The Tricolour is formed in Chikuhou, Fukuoka, Kyushu.
In 2010, Toru and bass Arimitsu moved to Tokyo. 
While it was difficult to gain members, we still had to do something about it!
With the bad boy spirit from Chikihou we released our first mini album “SING OR FLIGHT DEATH OR PAIN” in 2016.

Soon after the release, the rowdy’s? the boorish? Gt. Tatsu and Dr. Taiki joined the band and together we started our own independent project CRASS BUY COME. And currently, doing anything now. (laugh)

Noise Shout! In My Mind.
The Roots Of Spirits Route 201 since 2007
From TOKYO Japan
We are The トリコロール (The TRiCOLOUR)

As a single Kanji The トリコロール would be described as (kan).
Because we are a band of 4 members, we all have lots of ambitions, including various different opinions. 


Since 2002 we were a predecessor band and we changed our band name to The TRiCOLOUR in 2007. I always liked the colors blue, white and red tricolors, when my dream told me to rename it, I renamed it without any hesitation. 

When I started the band in 2002 the band members were my local(from Chikuhou Tagawa) classmates, and since then time passed and members changed considerably. Currently members are Arimitsu, Tatsu and Taiki.


Punk Rock!
More strongly; rattling punk rock! 
With a lovely sharpness feeling.


Vo. Toru is the founder of the band name.  

トリコロール (Tricolour) means “three colors”.

Of course it means; freedom, equality, and benevolence, still, you can feel punk in the blue, white, red wristband.



Arimitsu is a member from the same area from the start. He and I (Toru) are two PUNKS from Chikuhou!

I’ve known Tatsu and Taiki for  years now (smile), I knew Tatsu already before I moved to Tokyo.

I don’t know how he feels about it, but I think Tatsu is the bandmaster of TRiCOLOUR, so I leave lots of stuff up to him. 

Taiki is a guy who seems to have been born to be a drummer. Such a person needs to have faith in everyone, and that’s what he gained within a few years after meeting me. He is like “静かなるドン(Shizukanaru Don )”  He is the oldest of us. (smile)

Vo. TORU: I would describe myself as “(to)”. It’s a part of my name and I always want to climb and live as a person. I want to climb rather than descend. I’m grateful to my parents for giving me that name!


I want to do that too, I want to do this, I don’t want to do this, no not this one….
“Decision” it’s a word which means that you decide to do something, if you have decided something it means you’re ready to cut something off.

To answer this one with the decision for TRiCOLOUR, to keep the band alive, I’ve postponed my entire schedule from April 2020. Corona, the current band scene, and to be honest, I’m also tired of social media. The opportunities to be able to show up in front of everyone will decrease for sure, however TRiCOLOUR is still alive and doing well. All of us  are alive somewhere in Tokyo. punks not dead!


Even though we moved to Tokyo, we couldn’t decide who our new members would be, so Arimitsu and I agreed that if we were going to release a CD, we wanted to make it with all the origin official members, but we didn’t get in though with them for a long time, so we realized that if we wouldn’t get in though with them again that it wouldn’t go to happen. To make it something fun we had not to stay in Tokyo but to go back home to create it! So let’s record it at our local studio in Tagawa with support of our seniors and friends! We created this piece at a place where 100% pure Chikuhou products are made, and only made by the bad boys of Chikuhou! 

2nd MINI ALBUM『針音墨 〜I did it MY WAY〜』2017
After our first release we had to go on stage, so we started with an independent project CRASS BUY COME! Back then only I and Arimitsu were members of the band, which gave me the idea to have a good talk to Tatsu and Taiki. We had met both already but we never played a gig together yet, and from there everything went fast and smoothly. The following year in 2017 we released our 2nd mini album. This second one includes older songs which we haven’t recorded yet as well new songs made by the four of us.

LOT studio & bar pre. 『TAGAWA LOT MUSIC!!』V.A. 2018.
D.R.P pre.『KICK ABOUT』V.A. 2009

More about the word 川筋もん(Kawasujimon): 
I translated it as “bad boy on purpose” 

Interview: back beat magzine

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