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Focusing on a wide range of music genres such as EDM, Hard Rock and Metal, with this in our souls we started our career with strongly addictive melodies and screams.  We play our lives without wavering and even our highly addictive and catchy tunes are strongly loved, even by the overseas audience.  


Start: November 2019

Formation: After the leaving of the predecessor vocalist, we formed Visual Laboratory with a new vocalist. 

Member encounter: Mizarii and Takumi who used to be labelmates and were active in different bands, formed the “motherboard” of Visual Laboratory. Later on Yosshii joined with full passion.


Concept: violent shock and passion
Music style: EMO EMO EMO


Dr. たくみ (Takumi): Japan’s best unique muscle drummer, who beats out an amazing sound. 

Vo. よっしー (Yossy): Dexterous All-rounder who is skilled in delicate and bold melody lines, shouts, and death voices.

Ba. みざりー (Misery): The life of a defender is like being offside.

  • Offside is basically when a player is too far out from the other players which is a foul. I think it’s to prevent someone standing near the opposition’s goal waiting for the ball.


Yossy:  a virgin’s dream

Misery: Laziness 

Takumi: Muscle and drum love


under slave a girl
It’s the first song we made that was full of melodious listening points with a sense of speed

It’s a vintage-inspired, underground world, arranged in a very laboratory way.

愛 hate U
There are some homages and some other things in this song, which makes you want to get excited! Let’s enjoy it together!


Visual Laboratory is a nationally conquered band. All members live for the band’s music and there is no compromise, please check us out to get a real feeling of our sound!

We touch the hearts of existing Visual Kei fans and even from those who don’t like Visual Kei at all.

Right now covid-19 has spread all over the world and only dark news is reported.

We hope that people all over the world will discover Visual Kei and that everybody will love our music. We also hope that our music will encourage you.

Visual Laboratory is a band that embodies Japan’s unique music culture and crosses over music from all over the world. 

We will grow up to be a band that will surprise people around the world in a good way, including Japanese listeners!

Twitter: Official
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Twitter: Takumi
Instagram: Yossy

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