Interview with LiQuid ButterFly

LiQuid ButterFly was formed by Jet Pepper Tower Martin and Yamada in 2014.  They are a glitter orchestra that transcends the brain drive era of the end of the century world view created by the 20th Century Boy. 

The band was so nice to answer this wonderful interview in an interesting and fun way. Enjoy reading it and try not to laugh. (laugh)

リキッドバタフライ jet pepper towerのMartinとyamadaを中心に2014年初ライブ! 20th Century Boyが創造する世紀末的世界観を脳内ドライヴ 時代を超越したグリッター楽団!この素晴らしい面白いインタビューを読み続けてください!

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