Interview with SINRI

Interview by: RIO RIO & Ryu日本語訂正:RIO RIO & TamakiEnglish: Ryu / Grammar fix: Rena 【SINRIー『ソロでのバンド活動やアイドルグループとして活動している他、自ら作詞作曲したり、舞台俳優としても活動しているマルチな人物。】【今回はソロ活動と楽曲制作について語ってもらった。】 But who is SINRI?…SINRI is currently a solo and a male idol group artist as NEO STRANGE, however in the past he was also in a rock band before he went abroad for about a year. We asked him about his solo activities andContinue reading “Interview with SINRI”

Interview with ASK I FALL vo. Fabio

Interview by: Ryu & RenaJapanese questions: Ryu & TamakiJapanese: FabioEnglish transcription from Audio: Ryu & RenaSpecial thx: JROCKONE (The best forum to talk about Japanese music!) ASK I FALLTwitter – Insagram – Facebook – Youtube – Bandcamp – Spotify?? Vo.Rid @fabio_rid –?? Gt.Nishiva @nishiva_gt – @nishiva_guitarist?? Ba.Zack ?? Dr.Robin @robin_511 ASK I FALL are aContinue reading “Interview with ASK I FALL vo. Fabio”

Interview with AS I AM

Interview by: Ryu & Rena – 日本語翻訳:珠城 – English Translation: Ryu English check: Rena AS I AM SNS:Twitter, Youtube, Website, InstagramVo⇨@69white_u Gt⇨@yuki090218 Ba⇨@ken_asiam Dr→@ASIAM_ko 【リリース / RELEASE】6月下旬シングルリリース予定。7月下旬EPリリース予定。Scheduled to release a new single at the end of June.Scheduled to release a new EP at the end of July. 【Live information?】2022年8月1日(月) 下北沢ReGJAPAN LIVE HOUSE INTERSECTION vol.5 -ジャパイン-OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30 / 前売¥2,500Continue reading “Interview with AS I AM”

Interview with Graupel

English: Graupel YuuEnglish check: Ryu/Rena Graupel SNS: Since their formation in 2015, Graupel have become a heavyweight in the Japanese Metalcore scene. From touring in Vietnam to guesting at Crystal Lake’s True North festival, Graupel have made a name for themselves amongst western Metalcore fans. JROCK’N’ROLL had the opportunity to talk with them about theirContinue reading “Interview with Graupel”