Interview with Miho and Hana

Interview by JROCKNROLL
Question translation: Momo / Translation JA -> EN: Ryu (check Momo, Derek, Miho & Hana)

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This time we present to you an interview with idols Miho and Hana!
Both are promoted and managed by Derek Vasconi of “Idol Underworld”.
Thanks to Derek both are getting more and more popular by overseas (underground) idol fans around the whole world as well!
Miho’s music is a mix of rock and pop which totally touches your heart and makes you want to listen to her songs non-stop.
While Hana’s music is more focused on dancing tracks, because Hana’s main focus point is her beautiful and cute dance moves!
Both girls are lovely on stage and makes you wanna follow them after seeing them only once.
If you are already a fan, or if you are just curious about who they are, don’t hesitate to read this interview, their answers will touch your heart!
We hope you enjoy reading it!

This is your first interview appearance on JROCK’N’ROLL, please introduce yourself.

Miho: Nice to meet you!! I am Miho, a solo idol, but my clothes don’t match my personality! Well, best regards! 

Hana: I am Hana, a dance performance idol. I used to work as a choreographer and also as a backup dancer. So I am good at dancing. 

What’s your favourite Kanji character and please tell us the reason why.

Miho: It’s “和(wa)”.
It means peace, harmony, etc. It has a gentle connotation. 
The origin of the Chinese character means that an army promises to stop fighting at the gate.
I want the world to become one harmony.
I also want to be in harmony with myself. 
I fell in love with this kanji for a long time. 

Hana: 「帆(ha, means sail)」
My real name is 帆波 and it’s pronounced as Hana. I want to be someone who can push forward without losing to the wind like the sail of a yacht. 

What’s your own inspiration for wanting to be an idol?

Miho: The reason why I became an idol is because I love to sing. In the past I was a singer and before I knew it I became an idol. As long as there is a place to sing, I don’t mind the genre, whether it’s the path of a normal singer or the road of an idol.
Well speaking of the idol genre, I love KARA. They have a big influence on me. 
I respect both idols and singers, each with their own good qualities..

Hana: I like Pabo, an idol trio, they were formed from a quiz show called “Quiz! Hexagon II” , that inspired me to want to work in the entertainment industry myself as well. 

How did you step into the idol world?

Miho: When I was active as a singer, I had a physical breakdown and had to take a break from my activities. Because of my age, it was difficult to come back, so just when I gave up about half, my current producer Derek who was a friend back then, approached me and said “I want to produce you as an idol” 

Hana: I used to be an actor, and one of the girls I acted with was also an idol, which led me to idol auditions as well.

Which happenings/moments had a big impact on you?

Miho: The cheki session challenge! I streamed for 21 hours non-stop. So many fans supported me. Because I streamed for such a long time, it also teached me that if you would only stream for a short time you can’t meet everyone due to the time difference. (smile)
My fans are my pride and joy!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always joining my streams! 

Hana: Seven years ago, I went to see idols in Tokyo with the members of a local idol group.

Are there any hardships you face being an idol?

Miho: It’s the hardship of attracting a live audience and building a solid fan base.
I always feel very sorry for the event organisers for not being able yet to attract much more people. Also I always feel worried when we create new goods about the sale  belance. (smile) So I really feel encouraged by the people who come to my shows and buy my goods as well, always thank very much for that! 

Hana: It’s very difficult to attract new audiences and cheki sales aren’t always easy as well, so are other business aspects which often hit a wall.

■ How do you prepare for your live shows? 

Miho: I do vocal exercises and simple stretching.
The rest of the time I’m preparing the stage “Miho”.

Hana: Before the show I take selfies to share on my SNS because after the show my hair will be all messed up. 

—-Miho, you released your first album “life”, the album really left a wonderful impression. I’ve listened to it lots of times. All songs have such a great atmosphere!
Please tell us your favourite song of the album and the reason.

Miho: Thank you so much for listening to my album over and over! Your words are really encouraging for me!
Well, In each song I wrote, I’ve put a message in every song, so in all my songs are my feelings. Which makes it hard to just pick one. 
So, my answer might be counterintuitive…
My composers have been writing and rewriting my songs over and over again for me, they also  have put their souls into it, while taking their time to write the songs just for me.
So, because we have put all our feelings into the songs, I wish that people enjoy listening to the individuality of each song. 

Are there any points in your first album “life” that you want people to pay attention to?
Miho: Please take time to give attention to the surprisingly cool background melodies. Also I wish that you pay attention to the worldview of the lyrics, how I imagined and wrote them after hearing the melodies. 

Is there anything which you really enjoyed while working on “life”?

Miho: I had a lot of fun and joy when I was signing the album for the fans who bought “life”. The message “Sun is you”, which I wrote on the small poster, was written with all my heart. 

Your birthday live will be held on January 15th.
What can fans expect from that day?

Miho: When I started my idol career, I had one dream.
That dream was that in the course of my activities I wanted someone else’s dream to come true with me. This year I met a girl who wanted to become an idol. And she will be part of my birthday life. I created her first opportunity to be on stage, to make this girl’s dream come true to become an idol. 
But I also have to say that there are many genres of music in the idol world, there are many gentle people, but the world isn’t always fun, but there is also frustration and times you cry. Still I wish that many people see many kinds of idol words. 
On this day, all my favourite idols will perform and I but also you will see the moment when a future idol is born. 
The day is filled with so many thoughts and feelings, I hope those who will support us that day will look forward to it!

What kind of gifts do you hope to receive?

Miho: I hope that you will come to see me!!
I hope that you will come to see us, even if it’s just via streaming.
Meeting all my fans will be the best gift I could ever get.
I want to meet you because you always inspire me..
My biggest gift will be the time I will get to spend with all my fans.

Please give a comment to those who purchased a ticket to watch the live show.

Miho: Thank you so much for buying a ticket to watch my birthday event, out of all others out there.
The other idols on this day are always gentle, friendly and my own favourites. Everyone around me that day are the people I love, after all a lot of nice people….so it should be a happy event.
I wish that all fans release their band feelings they usually feel at this live and feel happy. 
Let’s spend this most fun-filled day together. 
I’m really looking forward to meeting you on this day!!

Derek told me, you recorded a new MV. Could you please tell us something about it?

Miho: We finished shooting the footage for the MV in two days and one night.
The filming schedule was very busy and before we knew it, it was the next morning(lol)
The MV is in the editing process now. Please wait a little bit more for the announcement(won’t be this year) and look forward to it!!!

—-Hana, you release your MV KAMIKAZE (神風) in October, which has a totally cute and adorable atmosphere. 
Could you tell us something about the shooting? 

Hana: On the day of the shoot, hives said hello to me and it was a little troublesome to hide it.

Could you explain the lyrics of KAMIKAZE to everyone? (Because not everyone understands Japanese) Is there any hidden message you wish your fans would understand? 

Hana: I wrote the lyrics with a positive view for the people who lost their joyful days due to corona and the recession.

Could you tell us more about the choreography of your dance moves? 

Hana: My music has the sound of typical Japanese festival music, so I incorporated many Japanese-style dance movements.

I’ve heard you got signed up to tower records! Congratulations! Could you please tell us how you archived this? Because I know it’s not easy.

Hana: Thank you very much.
When I was in an idol group I used to be a member of. We were signed to tower records. And when I sent an email to check if I also could join as a solo artist, they offered me a contract as well. 

■  Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?

Miho: My past experiences, things that happened around me, news happenings in the world, and so the story comes from my thoughts.

Hana: I imagine the cherished scene from the BGM. The thoughts and feelings of my first impression when I listened to the BGM for the first time, because I’ve cherished that feeling. 

How/what do you feel/goes through your body during a live performance?

Miho: I’m probably somewhere between the protagonist of the song’s story and Miho.

Hana: Don’t be nervous and just have fun.

 Is there any genre of music you would like to challenge in the future?

Miho: I wanna go on a world tour!
The songs I’m singing now are hard for me and always a challenge!

Hana: I’d like to do a story-telling song with dialogue.

 Are there any things you would like to try or challenge? (other than music)

Miho: I want to study English and Chinese medicine.

Hana: I would like to work in a wide variety of areas including talk-show-host, choreography, and modelling.

What are your hobbies and addictions?

Miho: My hobby is visiting zoos.
My favourite animal is the ring-tailed lemur!

Hana: I am currently studying for my national certification.

■  When do you feel happy in your daily life?

Miho: When I am together with my cat.
Cat’s are so cute!

Hana: when I’m watching my favourite celebrities Youtube or doing dance choreography.

■  Is there anything you love to collect? Such as stuffed animals, anime/manga goodies etc. If so please tell us about and show us a photo of your collection.

Miho: These days I try not to collect too many things.
But, I collect Perry and Dr. Heinz goods from the animation called Phineas & Ferb.
But these days it’s hard to get those goods imported to Japan. (smile)

Hana: Hair ornaments. I often change my hairstyle so that the audience who come to every live show can enjoy a new style.
You check it out at my shows!

 What is your best memory of your activity so far?

Miho: Streaming chat including a cheki session. It was fun to be able to talk with my overseas fans directly and to read their reactions.
Also the Odaiba off-party was lots of fun.

Hana: I really enjoyed my outdoor live show. 
A lot of people came to see me at the venue and public space. I also liked shopping with the members on my way home.

■  What’s the most difficult thing about being an idol?

Miho: The most difficult thing is to manage your time. 
Performances, singing practice, SNS, private live, work,  administrative contact, etc
There is so much to do. 
My body isn’t that strong, so taking time off to sleep is also very important. But managing my time is always difficult to plan.

Hana: In order to sell, you need not only dancing and singing skills, but also luck.

■  What do you love the most about your fans?

Miho: That we make each other happy.
That we enjoy many fun things together.
My fans encourage, cheer and support me when I feel sad or having a hard time.
I love the strong and gentle way my fans support me, even if we aren’t together. 
I’m always grateful for everyone’s support.. 

Hana: When I ask 1 question, I receive 10 answers. Everyone has lots of knowledge about various things which makes me want to talk more with everyone.

■  We all have our own beliefs and mottoes, could you tell us yours?

Miho: Sometimes your own efforts may not be rewarded, but you can reward yourself for your efforts.
These are words I have been telling to myself for the past 10 years.

Hana: Don’t write weak or negative comments on SNS.

■ Is there anything you would like to convey to your overseas fans?

Miho: For loving Japan, for loving idols, for loving me, I’m always very grateful and thankful for that! I really appreciate it very much! Let’s meet someday for sure!

Hana: I would like to expand my dance and choreography more and more to the world.

Japan has opened its border again for tourists. Your fans surely will visit your shows too. But are there any points and “don’ts” your fans need to keep in mind if they want to visit your shows? 

Miho: The point is to enjoy yourself as much as you want!
But be careful not to get hurt! 

Hana: Venues do charge you a drink fee (usually 600 yen) in addition to the ticket price!

If fans want to bring you a gift, what would you like to receive the most?

Miho: Soft water, fruit, ultra protein (laughs)
I am happy with any kind of water!

Hana: I would be really happy to receive brand-new Cheki film to take new cheki’s. 

What’s your ultimate goal for the future?

Miho: I want my fans to get along with each other across borders!
I want to be the one who can connect the friendship of harmony between everyone in the world.

Hana: I want to become a charismatic choreographer.

■  Please give a few words to your fans and readers.

Miho: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant and amazing support!
The reason why I am still able to stand on stage and sing is because of all my fans who continue to support me.
Even in hard times, everyone gives me their smile, so that I can give everything again and get back on my feets again.
Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to repay my fans.
“Am I able to return the love that everyone has given me?”
Online cheki sessions, online eating parties, video chat sessions, SNS, etc., are all important times for me to meet everyone.
When I see everyone’s comments on a screen at my live show, it totally fills me with great happiness and joy.
Just a word of thank you isn’t enough.
I love you with all my heart.
I will do my best, to be able to support everyone’s life.
From now on, let’s see various sceneries together!
Thank you very much for your continued support!

Hana: In 2023, I Would like to perform not only at venues, but also shopping malls, local events and any other events where many people go too. 
I will continue to do my best, so that nobody regrets having chosen me to support me! So please follow and support me!

お二人は、”Idol Underworld”のDerek Vasconiさんによってマネージメントされています。


美保: 初めまして!!

ハンナ:  ダンスパフォーマンスアイドルのハンナです。バックダンサーや振付けの仕事をしていたことがあり、ダンスが得意です。


美保: “和”です。

ハンナ: 「帆」です。私の名前は帆波と書いてハンナと読みますが、ヨットの帆のように風に負けずに突き進んでいける人になりたいです。


美保: アイドルになった理由は歌う事が好きだったからです。

ハンナ: ヘキサゴンというクイズ番組が生んだpabo(ぱぼ)という3人組アイドルが好きで自分も芸能の仕事がしたいと思いました


美保:  歌手として活動していた時に、身体を壊し活動を休止していました。

ハンナ: 元々演技をしていて、そこで共演した子がアイドルだったのでオーディションを受けるきっかけになりました。


美保: チェキセッションチャレンジです!

ハンナ: 7年前にご当地アイドルのメンバーと東京のアイドルを見学しに行ったことです。


美保: ライブでの集客の難しさ、ファンを増やすことの難しさは永遠のテーマだと思います。

ハンナ: 集客やチェキの売り上げ等、ビジネス面で壁にぶつかることが多くて大変だと思います。


美保: 発声練習と簡単なストレッチはしています。

ハンナ: その日のSNS用に髪が乱れる前に写真を撮ります。


美保: 何度も聴いてくださり、ありがとうございます!


美保: 驚くほどカッコいいバックサウンドと、


美保: 購入してくれたファンの方にサインをしている時は、とても幸せでとても楽しい気持ちでした。
小さなポスターに書いた”Sun is you”のメッセージは私の気持ちを込めて書きました。


美保: 私はアイドル活動を始めた時に、1つの夢を持ちました。


美保: ライブを見て欲しい!!!


美保: 数あるイベントがある中で、


美保: 1泊2日でM V撮影の映像は撮り終えました。


ハンナ: 撮影当日に蕁麻疹が出てしまい、隠すのが大変でした。


ハンナ: コロナや不景気で楽しいはずの毎日が失われてしまった人達に向けて前向きな歌詞にしました。


ハンナ: 日本のお祭りのような音楽に聴こえたので和風な動きを多く取り入れました。

タワーレコードとの契約、おめでとうございます! どのような経緯か教えて頂けますでしょうか。

ハンナ: ありがとうございます。以前所属していたアイドルグループ時代に出させていただいたことがあり、ソロでも出演できないかメールを送りました。


美保: 私の今までの経験や、周りで起きていた事、世界で起こっているニュースや、私の思考からストーリーが生まれています。

ハンナ: BGMから情景を想像しています。初めて音源を聴いた時の第一印象をとても大事にしています。


美保: 多分曲のストーリーの主人公と美保の中間にいます。

ハンナ: 緊張はせず、楽しい気持ちになります。


美保: 世界ツアーに行きたい!

ハンナ: セリフのあるストーリー仕立ての曲をやってみたいです。


美保: 英語と漢方の勉強をしたい。

ハンナ: トーク、振付け、モデルなど多岐にわたって活躍したいと思います。


美保: 動物園巡りが趣味です。

ハンナ: 今国家資格に挑戦していて、勉強をしています。


美保: 一緒に住んでいる猫と一緒にいる時です。

ハンナ: 好きな芸能人のYouTubeを見ている時やダンスの振付けをしている時です。


美保: 最近はあまり物を集めないようにしていますが、フィニアスとファーブと言うアニメのペリーとDr.ハインツのグッズは集めています。

ハンナ: 髪飾りです。ライブは毎回来てくださる方にも楽しんでもらえるように髪型をよく変えます。


美保: オンラインビデオチャットチェキセッションは海外ファンの顔を直接見て話が出来て楽しかったです!

ハンナ: 野外ライブがとても楽しかったです。


美保: 時間の使い方が難しいです。

ハンナ: 売れるにはダンスや歌のスキルはもちろん、運も必要なところです。


美保: 嬉しい事は一緒に喜んでくれるし、

ハンナ: 1の質問をすると10返ってくるくらい、みんな物知りでもっと喋りたいと思わせてくれます。


美保: 努力は報われない事があるけど自分自身でその努力を報わせる事は出来る。

ハンナ: SNSで弱音を吐いたりマイナスな発言をしないことです。


美保: 日本を愛してくれて、アイドルを愛してくれて、私を愛してくれていつもありがとうございます。

ハンナ: 自分のダンスや振付けをもっともっと広げていきたいです。


美保: 自分らしく思う存分楽しむ事がポイントです!

ハンナ: ライブハウスは、チケット代とは別にドリンク代(だいたい¥600)がかかります!


美保: 軟水の水、フルーツ、ウルトラのプロテイン(笑)

ハンナ: チェキフィルムだと嬉しいし助かりますしセンスを感じます。


美保: 国境を越えて私のファン同士が仲良くなって欲しい!

ハンナ: カリスマ振付師になりたいです。


美保: いつも、大きなサポートをしてくださり心から感謝をしています。

ハンナ: 2023年はライブハウスだけではなく、ショッピングモールや地域のイベント等多くの方に見ていただけるようなイベントに出たいと思っています。

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