日本のロックをこよなく愛する「龍」によりJROCK’N’ROLLまたはJRNRとしてJAPANESE ROCK’N’ROLLへの思いを世界に広げる為の活動をしてます。


JRNRはバンドインタビューまたは興味深いバンドのプロフィールを調べ、それらをプラットフォーム(reddit,Twitter, Facebook, discord, forums, etc)を通じ世界の人に発信してます。





JROCK’N’ROLL is created by Ryu a person who loves Japanese music and loves to spread out the love for Japanese music. The Genre doesn’t matter, from soft pop to loud metal music it’s all welcome.

JRNR loves to promote bands with an interview and or a band search profile or a normal band profile about any lovely band. Which will be shared on various (overseas) platforms (reddit, twitter, facebook, discord, forums etc).

If you want to have your band on this website please contact Ryu per email. (jrocknroll.staff@gmail.com)

Never give up your dreams!

To receive a “smile” is more worth than money.

Why did you start JROCK’N’ROLL?

I wish to let people smile. whenever it’s a fan or an artist. I want to make them smile. Also I wished to know more about bands I love and I love to discover new bands/artists. So why not sitting down and to give my best to make everyone smile?

When did you start JROCKNROLL

The official start is at the end of February 2020. However I always was kind of busy with band promotion. With vkgy I started to interview Visual Kei bands in January 2019 and soon after I also started to interview bands for JROCKNROLL!


Yes an online dictionary to find information about visual kei bands. non-vkei bands aren’t really welcome on that website, of course non-vkei band profiles do exist however it’s forbidden to create news articles to promote their newest works also interviews are mostly visual kei only… Sometimes you discover after interviewing a band that they don’t really wish to be called visual kei… For that reason also I started JROCK’N’ROLL to give a bit more free air.

Who are you favorite bands?

It’s hard to tell, currently I love to listen to VERTUEUX. Before I interviewed I didn’t know them, however I followed guitarist Hideki for a while via his facebook, he mainly is busy with his other own band and some other bands, so news flashes about VERTUEUX I didn’t really noticed. So I’m glad that he asked me to interview VERTUEUX. After giving them a good listen and searching more about them, I discovered that they are a wonderful band. You really should check them out too.

Other bands I love? Well please check the interviews and band search section! Also follow me on twitter to know more about my own taste.

Which band do you wish to see again?

There are a bunch and people know who I want to see, but I like to highlight  The トリコロール (The TRiCOLOUR). The vocalist was so nice to join JROCK’N’ROLL too with answering band search questions which turned into a nice cool band profile. They are a really cool band, so can’t wait to say hello again! And no they aren’t scary at all!

What’s a thing fans do often misunderstand?

That if you interview or promote bands that you are really close to them. Of course some of them are people you can go drink with but that doesn’t mean that they are (close) friends. So for that reason most people are just strangers for me too, even after interviewing them. Usually you only have contact with “staff member(s)”. And that’s fine to me!

Beside JROCK’N’ROLL you also design for bands right?

In the past I designed for a few bands yes. Lately I am only the maintainer of a few bandwebsites. Often I receive news a day in advance, but that’s not always the case. I mainly also update and maintain it on my own pace, real-time updates will be announced via the bands official twitters and blogs. So that’s also nice, since there is about 7-8 hours time differences and I just can go on vacation to Tokyo (smile).

Was corona positive for JROCK’N’ROLL?

Right now bands are getting more busy again, but when I just stated JROCKNROLL, venues had to close down, so band activity also went to zero for a short while, which gave bands more the time to answer interviews. Now bands can perform again, people started to work their daily jobs again so everyone is more busy now.
But Corona also made my boundaries stronger with some band people, which I’m thankful for!

An artist we shouldn’t forget?

There are a bunch, but I’m really glad to receive support from The Minks vocalist and drummer and also ARB KEITH. Thanks to them too JROCK’N’ROLL could make a smooth start. And so there are a bunch more, and those people know who they are! (^_^) I love you all!

Future views?

Hopefully I will grow bigger, I really wish keep on introducing great bands to the world via interviews and cool band profiles created with the band/artist together.

Last words

Music genre doesn’t matter and please never give up your dreams!
Thanks for your support!

And tattooed people in Japan aren’t scary, but gentle!! (^^)v

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