Interview with MMS R&R ENGINEERING

MMS plays Simple and speedy ROCK’N’ROLL! They are a minimal unit who are sticking to the style of a three-piece, rockabilly, R&B, R&R, and PUNK together with their own sense of originality. MMS are offering amazing live performances. Also all members can use their voice as an instrument. All members are showing their skills inContinue reading “Interview with MMS R&R ENGINEERING”

Interview with THE MINKS Vo. Okada Yoshiaki

THE MINKS(ザ・ミンクス), born in Hokkaido,  a rock band we shouldn’t forget, a rock band who didn’t give up their dream, a rock band to inspire people, a rock band with a nice story. Rock from the bottom of the heart. Never too old for ROCK’N’R’ROLL!!  If you are young, please listen to their wisdom. IfContinue reading “Interview with THE MINKS Vo. Okada Yoshiaki”

Interview with THE VACK’S

THE VACK’S has been active for 10 years. They have released 3 CDs and performed a lot of lives. Slowly they are getting more and more popular, and stand aside of a few famous “rockers.” If you think of recent ojisan Japanese rock music, you can’t miss THE VACK’S! 

“Never give up! You still can do it!”