Interview with LiQuid ButterFly

Before you start reading this interview, I want you to tell you  that I felt sometimes too young to understand their talk about some western artists/movies. If anyone knows more about those arstis/movies, be free to send me corrections!

Also big thanks to 剣心 who has helped me in various ways!

LiQuid ButterFly was formed by Jet Pepper Tower Martin and Yamada in 2014.  They are a glitter orchestra that transcends the brain drive era of the end of the century world view created by the 20th Century Boy. 

The band was so nice to answer this wonderful interview in an interesting and fun way. Enjoy reading it and try not to laugh. (laugh)

Vo: Martin Suicide   → M
Gt: Yamada Rinne → R
Dr: Quromi 963 → 9
Ba: Chuwa → C
Gt: Zin → Z

Can you tell us how you formed, please tell us how you all met.

M: RINNE and I have worked together since we started Jet Pepper Tower

R: We have known each other for about 30 years now?

M: We started this band because we were invited to an event while the JPT activity was inactive.

R: Well firstly, I often went to drink at Martin’s LIVE&Salon Yaso” place, and so we started to play sessions together with 963.

M: That’s right, I also played bass guitar. 

R: Then Chuwa came to drink over too and so we decided to play with the 4 of us.

M: It started to become interesting when Zin who was swallowing with me also became a member.

R: It’s a call from the sake god, right?

Z: Hey! (laugh)

Please introduce yourselves. What’s one word you would use to describe yourselves?

M: This is Martin, the Vocalist, I like alcohol and cute stuff! 

R: I’m guitarist Rinne, I don’t really understand myself.

9: Quromi 963: This is 963 the drummer, I’m a beer lover and a dog lover.

C: Chuwa: I am Bass Chuwa, I like strange things, for me music is a strange thing too.

Z: I am guitarist Zin, I am a Rationalist.

What does the name of each member mean? Why did you choose the name as your artist name?

M: Martin has been my nickname from childhood.

9: I‘m also a member of a different band called Les animaux, and since that day I’ve named myself 963(Kuromi). So I’ve chosen 963 also for LiQuid ButterFly. 

R: 鈴音(Rinne) has no meaning, but it sounds really nice.

Z: Zin is my real name. The Z notation is the same as “BEATS to BEATZ and Heads to HEADZ.

C. Chuwa is my real name.

Could you tell the reason why you wanted to become a band man?

M: When I was a junior High School student I listened to an album from Auto-mod which was called “時の葬列“, back then I was especially influenced by Auto-Mod and Madame Edwarda.

Z: When I was a teenager, I was shocked by punk, and I still want to be shocked by music, also I want to make such kind of music myself.

R: I never wanted to be a bandman. I just wanted to be a guitarist…

C: If you would ask me if I would wish to become one, I might not have wished to be one, however I’m glad that I became one.

9: I didn’t want to become a bandman. I just want to drink my beer. 

ALL: laugh

Why is the band named “LiQuid ButterFly”? Any reason why you named the band like that?

M: LiQuid ButterFly has no meaning. If something doesn’t have a meaning there isn’t a meaning.

9: Before the name was “Nocturnal Creatures” which got changed in the current name. 

M: After I saw the movie LiQuid Sky, the movie had an influence on the name. 

What is the concept of LiQuid ButterFly and how would you describe LiQuid ButterFly in just a short sentence? 

M: “An image of the 80’s word view” That was the image which triggered us, but currently we don’t have any. Just enjoy stuff without overthinking.If you want to see the darkness, you don’t need the light! We hope you enjoy your imagination based on what you see and hear!

The band has a Gothic psychedelic image, but what kind of music did influence you? Also how do you describe your music style? 

Z: It’s not Goth, it’s just dance music. Music to be danced on.

M: To me Gothic and psychedelic feels similar.

R: I’m a blues player. The blues of Captain Beefheart and The Birthday Party, that kind of style we play together as LiQuid ButterFly. Blues never sound the same, it depends on who you play along with. 

M: It’s not Gothic, we just express what we have cultivated so far.

Z: I’m just doing the stuff I think it’s interesting and that’s what I’m doing.

C: LiQuid ButterFly is very oil painting-like

Your Mini album 「WHO KILLED THE VAMPIRE?」 was released on 2018/12/08

Were there any parts of this release which were difficult to write, or did they come naturally?

M: There were no difficult points, recording went smoothly. Well thinking of it, wasn’t Rinne’s mixing and mastering done by obsession? 

Z: laugh

Why did you call the album )「WHO KILLED THE VAMPIRE?」?

M: It’s a homage to Bauhaus song “Who Killed Mr.Moonlight” 

C: Just as LiQuid Butterfly, isn’t?

Please give an comment to each track of  「WHO KILLED THE VAMPIRE?」

1. 吸血鬼の恋人 (Kyuuketsuki no koibito (Vampire Lover))

C: Lost twilight…It’s a beautiful refrain which I always sing along to throughout the show. It’s a very dramatic song. It’s like a living painting. 

R: This song has an MV supervised by Kagami,  he is a Japanese filmmaker, so I hope you’ll watch it. The image of the clock you see ticking in the video gives you the feeling to be dragged into a new world.

2. Dead Flowers

9: This song has a structure which I personally like a lot. 
“Promised Land” was also such a song.
I guess this song would be a good song to use as an anime theme song. No doubts! 

3. Monster In The Black Hell (Jump!)

C: Jump off the countless suspense that flashes like a strobe! Such kind of image.
Once it was done, we broke it down and made it into what it is now.
LiQuid ButterFly has many such kinds of songs.

4. Who Killed The Vampire?

R: Improvised with a beat that Zin made on his iMac.
The song was created in just an instant.
The song also leads you to the strange world of Tom Waits.
“Freaks who are crossing are carrying Vampire killer kits?”

Note: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

5. Wan Chai

M: Wanchai is the name of a place in Hong Kong, but I wrote the lyrics as a respectful tribute to my beloved Hong Kong!

6. Scatter Blues

M: Basically I don’t intend to sing a song with a political message, but while writing this lyric it naturally turned into this level of music. Since a loser’s daily life cannot be adjusted to society. 

C: I don’t think there are many bands who give you this kind of vibe! It’s a song you should definity feel live! Personally this song reminds me of the first time I saw JET PEPPER TOWER. Such amazingness! (laugh) It totally shocked me. 

7. Underground

R: This is my favorite song on the album. Influences of David Bowie, Neil Young and The Damned are all of the scene. Existence affirmation and sunray. Where did they end up in the last scene? I want to see the same scenery.

Who was the main creator of this mini album and music production? 

M: We all together. 

Could you tell us how each song was born and how it was finished?

M: When all members can respond to the guitar-riff a song will turn into a song.

What’s your favorite song of the mini-album?

M: All songs are my favorites 

R: A cover song of “The Cure” is also included as a secret track.

M: We have covered my favorite song “THE WALK“, which is also a homage towards “The Stooges”.

What are some of the points from the songs you’d like people to pay attention to?

R:  As a guitarist, I wish you enjoy the guitar play as two different types since Zin=left and Rinne=Right. Also this time most of the songs on this 2nd album were made with twin guitars from the start, so I think it’s more interesting.

What makes you proud of this album?

R: That I was able to create together with the members I respect, without compromising.

What do you hope the listener feels while listening to 「WHO KILLED THE VAMPIRE?」?


ALL: …. 

What is your inspiration for writing lyrics for this album?

M: The sounds and words which are poured out the guitar evolved out the image of the sound. 

R: Isn’t it like translating sounds?

Z: Isn’t this about the first “tune” which is brought into life?

What is your favorite LiQuid ButterFly song?

C: Planet Boy 1984! while creating this song I felt very excited!

R: Lizart. since this song let you fly.

Z: Songs which I haven’t played recently. It feels good to play songs after a while again!

R: Let’s play those songs next time we are on stage again!

M: Planet Boy 1984! Because this song does not have a meaning, message or anything favorite inside. It’s a nonsens song. 

※963 Went drinking with a different friend at another table.

Any plans for new releases?

M: The amound of songs is increasing, so I wish to release something new soon.

In all those music years, what’s the most valuable memorable memory?

Z: When I was in high school, I was in a punk band and I broke the neck of my guitar in a rage. (laugh)
It’s a joke which is valuable to tell when I try to know people in the scene who I don’t know at all.  

M: Yes that’s a good opener! Well after I am able to be in a band together and to shaer the stage with the people I admire.  

C: Even though I am from a younger generation, I was allowed to meet these people and even to play with them along. 

What does “rock” mean to you?

M: It’s music which lets you stand strong!

R: To me it’s just a hobby.

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band?

M: To never get tired over it.

Z: Oh, bands will get bored after a while isn’t. 

M: As long as the show is going good it’s fine. If a band doesn’t last, then it’s the band’s fate. 

As an artist, if there was one thing you want fans to remember (some words of wisdom), what would it be?

M: Let it be!

Why does someone need to check out your music? What makes you more special than any other band?? 

M: By all means come to see it then you feel it! That’s it! 

And as very last, your message to your fans!

9: Everyone, let’s meet at the venue!

Z: I will entertain you!

R: I love you all!

C: Thank you for your support! We want to be that kind of band that always makes your heart beat! 

M: It’s a tough time for us all, yet let’s do lots of band things! Well see you in the near future!

Thank you very much for this interview! 

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