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For a moment when I saw the name of the band, I thought it was a joke,  but that thought turned out to be that “チンチン(CHINCHIN)” is a band that started with the desire to share “HAPPINESS” with as many people as possible! After reading this interview, your perspective on this band will change!

Because this is the first appeariance of “チンチン(CHINCHIN)” in Vijuttoke, please introduce us “チンチン(CHINCHIN)”.

チンチン(CHINCHIN) is a VISUAL ROCK BAND based in Tokyo. Those who have come to our live shows to listen and watch us, as well as ourselves, are wondering “What kind of band will チンチン(CHINCHIN) develop into?” We’re in the process of figuring out what kind of band we are and want to be, so at this point we can’t say for sure what kind of band we’re going to be. The only thing we can say is that we’re moving forward without being bound by the words “way of life“, “the way people take for “granted” and “concepts“. Since we all live only once, ordinary happiness is the best, and there are different worlds. We look at a long-standing “normal” form from different perspectives and perform each live with the intention of transforming into something greater. We as a band are pushed forward every day by the people who love チンチン(CHINCHIN), knowing that there may be no tomorrow. So each of us has only one life, and let’s live it happily!

Please tell us more about your concept of “world happiness“, “anti-racism“, “our wish is that discrimination disappears from this world and everyone can live a happy life“.

There are so many unreasonable things in the world, such as people’s likes and dislikes, physiological differences, bullying, power harassment, etc. …. So why do people actually conflict with each other?
We are all born in the same era and we are all born on the same Mother Earth, so why do we suffer and grieve so much?
We’re sure that people who have bumped into each other will be able to empathize with each other in some way. 
I (ごきげん(Gokigen)) was bullied for years because my mother is from the Philippines. I was even bullied in front of my mother. It didn’t matter if my mother saw it and cried, the bullying didn’t stop at all.
At times like that, even though I was being bullied, “I was still smiling“. “I didn’t want to worry my mother“. Even to the people who bullied me I always said “You’re still my friend” but honestly it was really hard for me to keep smiling at them. 
It was hard, but what I realized there was that by smiling I was able to connect with my bully, I was able to laugh and get over it, even though it was really hard and painful I was able to really smile and get through it.”Mental illness is born from the mind“.  No matter how painful things may be, “smile and step over it“. That’s why we play various live shows as “CHINCHIN“, because we are a group of friends who can laugh with each other through music. We want to empathize with the audience and share “Happiness” with as many people as possible.

Actually, I want to ask various things about the band name, but I won’t go into that. Instead, please tell us more about your 1st digital single “カラクリ(KARAKURI)” which was released on various digital platforms. “KARAKURI” is a very interesting song that combines intensity with a catchy chorus! Please tell us more about it.

Thank you very much.
“KARAKURI” means “person”. The KARAKURI puppet is manipulated by human hands to do what they want, and the KARAKURI puppet is manipulated to do what they want, and years go by without any resistance.
The Karakuri lyrics say, “The chains are broken, the broken wings spread, the Karakuri cry out. Although they are finally free, the eyes of the world “stare at them with cold eyes”. Most people live similarly and in the same way as if they had been controlled by God since birth.
Meanwhile, if you dare to do something different from what people usually do, cold eyes will stare at you and the world, and your “freedom” will be taken away.
After the chorus it says “In a world of despair where I was trapped forever, I lost my wings and was saved by black tears. Here you are”.
Even if you gain “freedom”, the world will look at you coldly, and as soon as you decide that you don’t need freedom anymore (lose your wings), the eyes of the world will turn to seek coexistence (you will be saved).
But in reality we only have one life, there was a time when I wanted to live more freely, but my thoughts that I couldn’t accomplish everything I wanted overflowed with tears (“black” is not a clear color, but a stained color filled with various feelings), so  I (ごきげん(Gokigen)) wrote the lyrics in the sense of passing black tears filled with thoughts to the one who saved you. And in the next chorus, “The flowers of rebellion are in bloom, the earth-illuminating rains are pouring down on the withered brain”. You only live once and you can’t let it end like this.  
We started rebelling because we still want to be free, and because we want everyone in the world to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime life more. The lyrics of the song were written in the hope that rain would fall so that this thought would reach a wider audience!

 The title and lyrics of the song “兎(Usagi)” are interesting. Please also tell me about this song.

Thank you! !
The rabbit is based on a girl.
It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, but I think there are many women who feel deep inside that they would be lonely if the person they love didn’t pay attention to them.
But not only humans, all animals are the same.
Rabbits, in particular, are sensitive creatures that can get really lonely and die if they get too stressed.
So I don’t want you to be lonely, I want you to play with me, and when you come home, I want you to say “I’m home” and “look into each other’s eyes!”
I can’t talk to rabbits, but even if I can’t, just sharing the same space with them will make both humans and animals happy!
That’s why I (ごきげん(Gokigen)) wrote these lyrics!

What does the song “Debas” mean honestly? Please also tell me about this song.

“Depas”(Etizolam)” = “medicine”, but we want to convey to as many people as possible that “some people living in this day and age live in such pain that they want strong medicine to make them feel better”. We created an intense song called “Depas” because we want people to understand and sympathize with these people even a little!

On November 14th (Tuesday), the launch event “Declaration of War” was held at Ikebukuro EDGE.What was that day like?

It was an unforgettable day in our lives! The days leading up to this day were really tough and hard, but we felt that we were only able to face this day because of the support of those around us!

■ You were looking for EXTRAS for the new band photo. You uploaded a “Notice of Heartfelt Gratitude” on SNS, but did you gather without problems?

Yes! In the end everything went smoothly without any problems. Each of the EXTRAS has something called “life” and “time”, and this may be an irreplaceable part of each of you who were born in the same era, but in this part of your life, time… We are very honored to be able to leave a monument together!

■Was it difficult to shoot the new band photos?

We never once thought that taking our new band photo was “difficult”! Rather, we felt excited and before the shooting began, we asked our EXTRAS, “Do you feel nervous?”  However, everyone said in unison, “I’m looking forward to it!”  so we were able to have a great time shooting with everyone until the end!

■Now comes the last question. You mentioned that you are aiming for the world based in Tokyo, but how should you go about doing it around the world?

We don’t really think about it, but one thing we can say is that we want to make the world “HAPPY” by delivering our “music” and “thoughts” to as many people as possible!

Finally, please give a message to Vijuttoke readers.

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