Interview with Cookai

For those who don’t know you yet, please tell them why they need to check your music out.

Cathy:  Our songs and lyrics are written by Uraki and we also play a lot of live gigs.  There are many people who say that we are a live band and I also  share that meaning that COOKAI is a live band. If someone does see us for the first time or after a while again, they say that we are a cool band, and that the three of us give off a good vibe together and that the sound we pour out is amazing though there are only three of us.

What inspired you all to start making music? Why did you want to become a bandman?

Cathy:  I started to play bass when I was about 15 years old. When I was still in high school, there was a music contest and as a guest a major band also played at the event. I felt so excited about it that I couldn’t just sit and watch. That music can give this kind of exciting feeling to people, is my driving spirit to keep going to make music.

Rachel: My mother gave me the chance to think of music at first. She was teaching the piano in my house and I’d heard awful, sometimes beautiful music all the time since I was a baby. I started to play the violin when I was seven, but When I became thirteen or fourteen, I just knew I’ll be playing the drums in the band. I still don’t know why the drums. I say… an instinct, maybe.

What music is COOKAI most influenced by? 


Rachel: Everything I’ve listened to in my life. 

What does Rock music mean to you?

Cathy:  Impulse, driving force

Rachel: To me,  it’s just a type of music,  and I cannot live without it.

What’s your favorite COOKAI release?

Cathy: Hey You Blues

Rachel: Always  the newest one.

Which song is your favorite to perform, and why?

Cathy:  METAL BIRD:Because I’m doing something that other bassists don’t do.

Rachel:  Playing the drums is the best moment of my life.  How can I choose one?

What’s the biggest challenge while recording a CD?

Cathy:  Playing a song alright in just a few takes also you need to decide if a song is good enough in only a short time. 

Rachel: Shouldn’t make any noise but the drums.

What’s the most fun thing about touring around Japan?

Cathy: Seeing the surroundings and eating local food.

Rachel: Long drive,  and those rest areas and beautiful restrooms on highways.

Any plans for new releases?

Cathy: We hope to be able to release something together with our ONEMAN LIVE this september.

Why did you decide to sell/stream your music digitally? Do you feel that selling/streaming music is getting more popular in Japan?

Cathy: It is just getting more popular isn’t? or is it already popular? I guess some music fans don’t want to buy physical CD’s anymore. However we want to keep releasing music on a CD.

What’s the future goal for COOKAI? Any big plans?

Cathy: To release our music overseas, to play abroad

What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced as a musician in your life?

Cathy: Don’t hesitate to take on something  cool and interesting.

Rachel: Music itself is the greatest challenge. 

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band?

Cathy: The relationship between each other should be good. That’s more important than if you have the same music taste. 

Rachel: Keep each private life in the band as little as possible.

Until now what are some highlights from all the time? Also in all those music years, what’s the most valuable memorable memory?

Cathy: It happened before I started to support COOKAI, I went to the studio rehearsal just to check them out, but I was suddenly asked to play a little bit too (with someone else’s bass). Rachel was surprised by the sound. So somehow I thought I played okay (smile)

Another valuable event was the second screening of a band contest when I was a high school student, I performed at Galaxy Studio (the studio that used to broadcast famous programs) on Nippon Broadcasting System (AM radio station).

Rachel:  I haven’t experienced it yet.  The most valuable memory is the very first band I had in high school. 

What are your hobbies besides music? And why do you like this hobby so much?

Cathy: None, but I love to drink.

Rachel: Everything  “besides music”。Music is not a hobby,  anyway.

What makes you smile?

Cathy:  The smile of everyone.

Rachel: Sugar!! Sweets have never, ever betrayed me.

Do you have a dear object(item) you always carry with you? If so, why?

Cathy: Nothing in particular.

Rachel: Medicine for motion sickness.

Do you think it’s important to talk and drink together with your fans after a LIVE? if it’s possible?

Cathy: I think it’s important because we’re not a super-major band.

Rachel: It depends.  Basically,  I don’t think so.

How did you come in contact with MIKE ROGERS? Since he plays your songs on his online radio channel.

Cathy:  He was at a live show in Shibuya in September 2019. He was there because a band from New York, which also appears in his shows, came to Japan to play. So on that day he saw also our live and he liked it.

You have been played at several events together with THE HIGH GRIP. I’ve noticed while listening to COOKAI that the song [DRESS] Is very similar to THG [真夜中のスニーカー] Is the song inspired by the THG song, or is it simply a coincidence? (smile)

Cathy: We are friends with them but it’s just a coincidence. I don’t know that song (laughs)

If possible, I hope that you will record a split single or split song together with THE HIGH GRIP in the near future!  For sure a good match!

Cathy: We will consider it!

As an artist, if there was one thing you want fans to remember (some words of wisdom), what would it be?

Cathy: Just try new things without judging beforehand. 

Rachel: Look people around you,  consider who they are, respect what they do, and try to make them smile.

And as last, your message to your fans!

Cathy: COOKAI is still moving forward!

Rachel: Thank you for being with us.  We love you all!!

Cookai, thank you very much for this interview

Translation credits:
Translation questions: Ryu, RIORIO & bkgy
Translation Cathy: Ryu
Translation Rachel: Rachel herself.  

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