Interview with DOGMAS

DOGMAS, Thank you very much for this interview!

How would you describe DOGMAS with a single kanji? And why did you choose this kanji?

夢 (yume) Dream. Because the concept of our single is “Dream” 

What’s your favorite Kanji? And why do you like this kanji?

SiON: 二(ni) two.
Because people have two sides.
Good and evel. 

Rino: 青(ao) blue
I like the color blue.

Yuura: 羅 (ra) 
Aim for Godzilla.

(ra) is the first Kanji to write Los Angeles.
And Godzilla is also popular in Los Angeles. 

Why did you want to become a bandman? What triggered you?

SiON: Because I wanted to be in a band.

Reno: I was shocked about the sound of the guitar when I heard it for the first time.

Yuura: Someday after I met ROCK.

Please tell us briefly about the musical background of each member.

SiON: I’ve been a visual kei bandman for more than 5 years.

Rino: I’ve been a visual kei bandman for a long time already.

Yuura: I guess it was last year that I started to play in a visual kei band, until then I used to play in non-vkei hard rock and metal bands.

How has your previous experience in bands affected you?

SiON: Because I have some experiences so far, I guess I can plan stuff smoothly for the band.

Rino: Being levelled up in various aspects.

Yuura: Even if you stumble or get tired, it’s an experience, I’m always giving my full best, and that keeps me to stand strong. 

How did you become interested in the visual kei?

SiON:  Influence of my friends. 

Rino: 90’s music

Yuura: I guess because of X because they are the best.

How would you explain the music genre of DOGMAS?
What style of music do you play? 

SiON: METAL CORE with the taste of visual kei.

Rino: DOGAMS is DOGMAS. nothing changed. 

Yuura: Japanese heavy rock

Do you have a theme for your DOGMAS costumes?

Gothic inside a dream.

Can you tell us more about the world of DOGMAS? 

DOGMA means doctrine, it’s a word used in religion and philosophy to describe a doctrine, a creed, a belief, but if you’re looking for an answer to a human emotion or action, there’s no clear-cut answer. After all people have their own doctrines, dogma, creed and beliefs.

The theme of the lyrics is…
One song is about “love. 
One song, “Desire,” “Loneliness,” etc.
Even if you think about all those themes, there is never a clear answer, in the end, you have to live with your own unique doctrine, doctrine, beliefs, and convictions. 

If I had to sum up the message of the lyrics in one word, it would be “DOGMA”, so I came up with the band name DOGMAS. 

How were the costumes and artwork for “Succubus” created?  

The theme was “Gothic inside a dream,” and each of us brought in our own ideas to put them together. 

You’ve released “Succubus”, is there any dream you’ve had that has left an impression on you? 

SiON: A dream of being killed 

What inspired you to make this single? 

We had several candidates for songs in the demo stage. 
We wanted that our first single would match to the atmosphere of DOGMAS

Succubus, can you tell us how you composed the song? 

We composed the song with the character “Succubus” in our mind,  we composed the song with emphasis on the liveliness and the sound of the band.

The first DOGMAS live is a one-man. Why did you decide to hold a one-man? And how are you preparing for this one-man? 

One-man is greater because you can enjoy the live show for a longer time with your fans. 

How does it feel to have your foreign fans discovered DOGMAS? 

We are really happy about it. We’re sure that there are a lot of people in other countries who are paying attention to the V-kei scene, so we’d like to be a part of it.

What does “visual-kei” mean to you? What is the connection between music and visuals? And what does “visual arts” mean to you? 

SiON: Visual Kei is an art form.

Rino: As the name suggests, it’s a look. It’s now maybe not the only thing that matters but by standing out, many people get to know you. 

Yuura: It’s quite natural for glam rockers, but to wear make-up on stage, behaviour, and ROCK’N’ROLL, that’s the cool thing about it and that’s what we should embody. 

How do you think the current visual scene is different from other eras? 

SiON: The makeup has gotten prettier. 

Rino: It’s basically the same, but the trends and contents are different depending on the era. 

Yuura: Not only the visual kei, but the way music is sold and bought is changing, so I wonder if that has the effect. However, because it’s rock, I want to make music that doesn’t get caught up in there.

Why do you think we should listen to “DOGMAS”? What do you think is unique about your music that other artists don’t have? 

Because DOGMAS has an unique charm we want you to feel it at our live shows.

What’s your ultimate goal for the future?

To play at a big live venue.

Please give your message to your fans and readers.

Please pick up DOGMAS first single “Succubus”!

On stage we are going to give the best live songs! 

DOGMAS Thank you very for this interview much!

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