Interview with PURUPURU

A while ago I met PURUPURU in Japan through her friend Miyu who is Japanese gravure model. l had a chance to have contact with her again the other day, when she posted  her work with Miyu. Now, she works not just as a model and cosplayer but she is also a designer of kinky accessories and a photographer. She is a very talented Japanese new wave artist!!  Her themes are very interesting and might be “kinky” for “normal” people. But we really wish to break taboos and shame. So please read on before having your “final judgement ready”. I’m really happy to be able to talk with you again. 

→ First please tell us how you started your career, how did you enroll in modeling and photography? 

PURUPURU: Originally, I have cosplayed several anime’s, comics, games and other genres. Then I challenged to cosplay as my own original view of the world

→ Please tell me about your cosplay activity. 

PURUPURU: My first cosplay was Sakura(NARUTO) when I was in junior high school. Later I cosplayed characters/people from “pop’n music”, “Sengoku-musou”, Lovelive!, and more!

→ You have told me that you design fetish accessories like garter belts, chokers etc. And you showed me a very cute “garter belt” which I don’t really see as “fetish” at all, because it has a cute feeling. So why did you decide to design something “cute” over something “sexy” only because nobody does create this or are there also other reasons?

PURUPURU: Whenever I make some accessories I just want to add some sexy spice,  I make them the way I want to wear them myself too rather than just “Kawaii”.That’s why I create these!

→ Would you even consider to also design cute accessories for men, or maybe even genderless? 

PURUPURU: Yes! Now I am trying to make cute underwear for men. These accessories that I made is almost for genderless. They are made of flexible fabric and are able to stretch. Some mens who like wearing women’s clothes choose my accessories.

→ You told me that “nyotaimori” is a famous Japanese Fetish. When you google the term in romaji they say it’s eating sushi from the female body. While when I search it in Japanese 女体盛り you notice that the term isn’t only used for eating sushi of the body but that it can be any food, right?. (the male variant is called danshimori or nantaimori and is less popular).  You released two series with danshimori. The theme of the first series is with crepes and the second series is with various dishes. Besides that danshimori isn’t a popular theme, is there another reason why you decided to use a male model for this fetish? 

PURUPURU: Popular Nyotaimori uses Sushi. But it’s normal and if I put Sushi on male body, the spectators will be bored. So I wanted to do something different and unique.

→ Why is Kusakabe Rihito (草壁利人)  your model for this series? What’s the reason why you asked him for this shoot? Does he have something special which can be done only together with him?

PURUPURU: He is my old friend. He knows my work so he is easy to ask to join my work. Also a male skin is usually hard and hairy. But he has very smooth skin, no hair and a white skin like a crape skin.

→ Another interesting theme you made is a series of “female feeders”. Which shows that also a woman can be dominant in this theme. Also the way PURUPURU shoot this set of photos gave a light erotic but still some interesting atmosphere that is not a 18+ rated series. It also gives a feeling of “Japanese traditional styles” which is interesting to see for foreigners, are you aware of this? 

PURUPURU: I am not aware of those things! It just feels interesting to me so I made it.

→ What made you decide to create this theme with a male model?

PURUPURU: The first reason, Generally women don’t eat so much and men eat a lot. But I eat a lot and he can’t eat much. It is different from general. If I was fed by him, they would think “Purupuru loves eating. She looks happy.” It’s not fetish.
And the second reason, I wanted to try to make a female to dominate men.

→ Why do you think that even TV shows decided to talk about this series?

PURUPURU: Probably no one has ever had the idea to make it before!

→ You also sell a photobook “Octophila” at your webshop. “nude” photography together with an octopus. It’s a popular Japanese adult theme of Katsushika Hokusai‘s “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife“. So this shoot was done in Ireland?

PURUPURU: Yes, I have shot in Ireland with Irish photographer. He was impressed by Hokusai, so we created it

→ What fascinated you about this theme? 

PURUPURU: The photographer offered me this theme, then I felt interested to shoot as “A japanese girl who has very long black hair together with an Octopus in Europe…
Back then I had very long hair, and I wanted to cut my hair as soon as I returned to Japan, so I wished to do this shoot before.

→ I also noticed the book with a photo series about a junior office worker, which feels very interesting! The model 高原幸平(Takahara Kohei) really turned into a handsome guy. How did you get inspiration to make this series? Why did you choose 高原幸平(Takahara Kohei)  as your model? 

PURUPURU: He was a younger office worker at the office I worked at. His desk was next to me. I have never seen such a handsome guy and he wears his suits very stylish everyday, so I ask him to be a model!

→ One of your favorite bands seems to be SMACK AND PUNCH. You seem to be their photographer, how did you become their photographer?

PURUPURU: I am a friend of “MASAMUNE41” . He is the vocalist of SMACK AND PUNCH. One day, he asked me to shoot live photos. After that, I got offers from other bands too.

Do you also decide themes together with photographers? Aka, hiring a photographer to get the photo images how you want them yourself? 

PURUPURU: Yes, I hired a photographer to shoot me. First I decide the theme and place, then I hire a photographer to suit these themes.

→ What kind of shoots are your own favorites?

PURUPURU: I prefer to shoot themes with an atmosphere. I’m not good at modeling like a “girlfriend”.

→ Let’s talk a little bit more about your own photography. What kind of camera(s) do you use to shoot most of your photos?

PURUPURU: I usually use FUJIFILM X-T20. It’s a mirrorless camera. And use an old film lens.

→ How do you usually decide the theme you wanna shoot? 

PURUPURU: Just a flash though in my mind, or when I see or experience something I flash through.

→ Did you also do photoshoots without thinking of a theme beforehand? If so, which shoots?

PURUPURU: Yes, I do sometimes. When just going shopping or doing other things.

→ What kind of themes do you wish to shoot in the future? 

PURUPURU: I prefer shooting men. And maybe I want to try to shoot together with men too. 

→ Your art style is special. (for example; boys are often your models.) What do you think is the difference between girl models and boy models?

PURUPURU: Thanks! Boy models are a little bit difficult to ask for poses. Because there is a difference between girls and boys, what good poses are and have different styles.

→ For the future, how do you hope that people look at your works?

PURUPURU: I hope people who look at my works ask me for some special collaboration.

→ Is there anything you really would wish to try in the near future?

PURUPURU: I’m very interested in editing videos. So I would like to try! And film cameras that I just have started. I would like to make new photo-books!

→ Looking forward to seeing them! Could you reveal a theme already? 

PURUPURU:I have few themes already!!But now this is a secret!! You have to be looking forward to the announcement!

→ Thanks for chatting with me!  Please give your final comment to your fans and readers. 

PURUPURU: Thank you for your support! I will make more interesting photos and accessories and more! I’ll ask for your continued support too!


浮世みゆ A video created together with PURUPURU