Interview with Sunemegamafy

Please introduce each member.
** Vocal: Tomo

Toru’s comment: A living stoic guy.
Kyoushi’comment: A smart vocalist.

** Guitar: Toru

Tomo’s comment: A man who can say clearly the things he dislikes and hate. Great producer of the band
Toru’s comment: Troublesome guy
Kyoushi’s comment: A solid guitarist.

** Bassist: Ken

Tomo’s comment: A sensitive man with sympathetic honor. The mood-maker of the band.
Toru’s comment: Love’s baseball, elegant guy
Kyoushi’s comment: A fired up bassist.

** Drums: Kyoushi

Tomo’s comment: A calm man with a mild personality. Hidden boss character of the band
Toru’s comment: A guy who doesn’t panic or making any fuzz noise

How did the band form? How did each member join?

Tomo: From the bottom of my heart I talked firstly to Ken.
I remember saying to him; “Why won’t you play your final band of your life together with me?”
I begged Toru for about six months to make him join.
I forcibly asked Kyoushi to play the drums because a LIVE already has been decided.
Except for me everybody met for the first time. Even if I say so myself, amazing members gathered together, may I thank myself for it?

Toru: Maybe we are just supposed to be together someday?
From the start, I wanted to feel closer to Tomo’s songs.
But now, if one member is missing, our music won’t be born.

 After about an half year drinking and talking about forming a new band with Tomo, he suddenly said “I found the best members!”, and so the best members gathered together. ( ・∇・)

 I happened to meet Tomo, and then it just happened.

What does the band’s name 「SUNEMEGAMAFY」 mean?

Tomo: Before we started as a band, I woke up in the middle of the night and the name ” SUNEMEGAMAFY ” just flew through my mind. Later on it became the band name. So the name actually doesn’t make any sense. But I guess we picked the name because somehow the name fits us well.

Toru: I don’t know what the name means, but I image somehow the image of a big eyed fish.

Ken: Tomo said that he heard it in his dreams ( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: I guess it doesn’t mean anything.

Why did you choose this style of music?

Tomo: Our genre is not conscious from the beginning on, it variaties.
Since our music is made by us 4, it’s our own unique sound of “SUNEMEGAMAFY”.

 I would lie if I would say that I didn’t want to do it. I feel the chemistry between four members.

 I wasn’t aware of creating a genre from the beginning, creating music together turned into this style naturally. ( ・∇・)

 It only can be played this way isn’t it?

How does this band compare to the “members previous” bands? Any similarities?

Tomo: I think the difference in interest between members is close.

Toru: I wasn’t a skillful band so it’s not similar. However I think that there is a similarity because I can only play the guitar.

Ken: I don’t think you can’t compare people. But maybe it’s similar because “everybody likes to play in a band” ( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: I can’t compare, yet I think members that have a good chemical reaction with each other.

What are SUNEMEGAMAFY biggest musical inspirations?

Tomo: The kindness of the members.

Toru: The solid past musicality career of TOMO, KEN and KYOSHI. Also the love we have for creating music.

Ken: The humanity of the members.( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: Just the 4 of us. We inspire each other.

What inspires your lyrics?

Tomo: I’m writing anything about birth to death, so even if some lyrics are negative, they aren’t meant to be negative.

 I would like to write lyrics in the future, and I would try my best to not write like an elementary school kid.

Ken: Just keeping on thinking.( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: I don’t write lyrics, however I write the melodies.

What’s your process for making new songs?

Tomo: I want to create various types of songs.
Many songs are created by us together by tossing songs over to each other.

 Imagining an image like a video to the song TOMO wrote.

 Just keeping on thinking.( ・∇・)

 After Tomo wrote something we continue the story to give it a face.

How do you prepare before LIVE’s?

Tomo: After the LIVE rehearsal, I go to the gym and warm up.

 Doing some flexible gymnastics and preparing feelings.

 Drinking and having good fun feelings ( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: Eating banana…

What’s your favorite SUNEMEGAMAFY song? And why is that so?

Tomo: The first time we played it together at the studio, the song matched us with the first take.
Kyoushi’s drum sounded “huge(amazing)”.
Toru played the guitar after a long time again, and said that his fingers did hurt (laugh)
Ken was getting drunk and having fun!
Just like the initial impulse of that time, it’s a song which is still going on.

 ソノ先ノムコウヘ (Sono Saki Nomukou e)
It’s a song which doesn’t really fit in the ROCK gerne, because the emotions of the song are packed.

 『陽のあたる場所』(Hi no ataru basho)
The song which we made the first PV of. I really like the song.( ・∇・)

 A song which is not recorded yet “無常の風” (Mujou no Kaze). It’s an easy song to get into.

What was your biggest challenge?

Tomo: The challenger is to also continue today.

Toru: After the previous band disbanded, I didn’t do anything for 3 years, then I joined SUNEMEGAMAFI, just as the other members I joined on my own.

Ken: Every day is a challenge. ( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: To play a LIVE without eating anything.

What’s your most memorable LIVE?

Tomo: 2014/06/28 Koenji CLUB LINER
Our first LIVE wasn’t? The performance was disorganized, Our costumes were scattered, the songs were ragged. But it was the beginning of SUNEMEGAMAFY.

Toru: 2018/07/14 Asakusa GOLD SOUND
My personal eternal goal was to play on the same LIVE event with Hide (from SOUL-D!). On this day my wish came true and it was the best live with grateful feelings!!

Ken: I would say our first LIVE! ( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: To have played a LIVE without eating anything… it was tattered…

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band? How would you describe your experience so far?

Tomo: I guess it’s having the same interest, I think a band can’t continue if there is too much difference in the same interest.

Toru: Putting the correct feelings inside music. The noise changes from the moment when you relax.

Ken: Being in a band can be really difficult, but if everything goes smoothly I’m just happy and glad!( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: To not give up, to continue.

Any plans for a new releases?

Tomo: I want to record some songs, make MVs, I want to be greedy this year.

 I want to release a CD, however I am not good at recording…

 If possible, I want to release something new!( ・∇・)

 It would be nice if something could be released again this year.

Please give a last message to the readers.

Tomo: First of all, I want you to come to our LIVE and experience SUNEMEGAMAFY.

Toru: It has been 30 years since I met ROCK, but it’s impossible to forget the first impulse.
I want to meet various people through SUNEMEGAMAFY. Please give me something that triggers me. Let’s play together at the venue!

Ken: I will continue to have fun, so let’s have fun together!( ・∇・)

Kyoushi: See you at our LIVE!

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