Interview with THE HIGH GRIP

Those who didn’t hear of THE HIGH GRIP yet, could you please introduce yourselves! Also, how do you know each other? Why did you decide to play together in a band?

The appeal of THE HIGH GRIP is;
We can attract you with our songs which have resources from many kinds of ordinary music. Our music is not a stereotype just like the “ordinary love and peace message”. However our music contains daily life inside our song lyrics, which made us unique. So we wish those who are struggling with something in their life will listen to our songs.

The members are friends of ex-member, so we could start up right away.

Why is the band named “THE HIGH GRIP”? Any reason why you named the band like that?

As we discussed ideas, one day a friend came with  [What about High Grip?] which sounded good, so we said [YES!]. And the band name was decided that way.

THG is 12 years old. How would you describe your experience so far? What was your biggest challenge in those years?

The biggest challenge? That should be to keep continue the band (laugh)
No matter what, you keep doing your favorite thing  as long as you can!
Because when it’s over it’s really over!

What inspires you while writing lyrics?

My rebellious spirit can take me back to my boyhood to the pure heart which leads me to write down the lyrics.

Which song is your favorite to perform, and why?

I don’t have a favorite song, I like them all, all songs are my favorite, none of them is more special. Still, I like to perform the songs which are the favorites of my fans.

Why do you like this kind of rock so much?

Because it is the genre that it’s most easy to show my true feelings to people.

What’s the biggest difference between a visual kei band and a non-visual band?

Visual Kei is hiding yourself, performing a fantasy.
The non-visual system is more to show real life more emotionally and energetically.

What music is THG most influenced by?

We obviously don’t have any particular music which influences the band. Let’s say that punk, garage rock and mixture can be music resources to create our music. All music and rock bands fascinating us would be energy for our music.

Is there any active non-vk rock artist you would like to hold a 3MAN with?

I haven’t thought about it so far, so I wonder if we can do it?

Your first album “going my way” was released in 2019. Were there any new challenges or achievements? Please tell those who don’t know THG a bit more about this album.

We were passionate to compose the album which can give you the feeling like you being at a live show, because we don’t want you to get tired of it while listening to it. We recommend those who don’t know us to listen to our first releases too. People who like punk or garage rock might catch songs which grab them depending on what they like. There’re intense songs in the albums but they are lovely ones, which would take you back to your younger days.

Do you like to record your songs at the studio for a release? Is recording fun with the impression that you often re-record the same phrase over and over?

Enjoying working on a recording at a studio, it’s somehow cute(laugh), because it’s just like seeing the growing process of a child.

Also music creation is the passion of musicians, it is tough work but that excites us pretty much to reach the goal of completement. I try various ideas out in a creation process such as each different phrase in each musical instrument, it’s so hard to decide but it’s fun.

Why did you decide to record an MV to the song (下水のカーニバル)? It gives a nice atmosphere that a part also has been recorded on the streets! Anyway could you tell us a little bit more about this MV too?

The song feels like town Ikebukuro, and that is perfect to make the music video, the location is also convenient for me because it’s my neighborhood (laugh)

How do you choose the songs to play live? How do you decide the setlist?

The set-list shouldn’t be the same as the previous live show as much as we can, depending on where we perform, especially if we play in the countryside.

What’s the most difficult part of being in a band?

Balancing work and life.

You introduced me to THE MINKS, TH eROCKERS and ARB. Did those bands also inspire your music?

I don’t think that the music(melody wise) of those bands have affected much, but the lyrics are quite influential and motivates me a lot. Especially the ARB lyrics are life-size and insanely dramatic! Their lyrics are like a novel or a movie!

Streaming services have become more popular lately. Have you considered using these?

I believe the streaming services are a more convenient way to introduce our music to more people. But currently I’m not thinking of it.

What’s the biggest difference between older and younger bands?

It depends on how a band is loyal to it. A band which is older could be more passionate and trust to be successful with music.

What’s the future goal for THG any big plans?

Holding a rock party on my 69th birthday (laughs)

What advice can you give to the musicians, who starts to play now?

Be close to yourself and keep creating your own music.

Last question, why does everyone need to check out THG? What makes THG unique? What are the band’s strong points?

Well I think each member of the band has a wonderful different ability.
We are a live band who is fun to watch and would definitely entertain you!
I would especially love it if teenagers would listen to our music!
If anything bothers you in your life, just listen to THE HIGH GRIP!!!
That’s who we are THE HIGH GRIP!!.

Your message to your fans!

Please live a happy and longer life than me!!

Thank you for this interview!


Thank’s to Yasu for translating the questions to Japanese and helping with translating! Thanks to vkgy for helping out too.
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