BAND SEARCH – 大人のSilver-Rose by vo. YOWMAY

Silver-Rose isn’t an unknown name, the band was active in the 90ties. Vocalist YOWMAY has restarted Silver-Rose with four new members under the name 大人のSilver-Rose (Otona no Silver-Rose). YOWMAY was so gentle to answer a few basic questions for this band search! And before I forget to mention it, the band also has answered a full interview which will be published on July 16th!!


  • 2019-05 YOWMAY welcomes new members to reunite “Odona no Silver-Rose” 
  • 2019-12 Pre-debut LIVE in Osaka
  • 2020-08 Planned to play one-man live in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, however due COVID-19 it’s just an illusion. 
  • 2020-0X Autumn, recording will start.
  • 2021-03 A new song will be announced as a new single.
  • 2021-04 A brand new full album will be scheduled to be released.
  • 2021-05 From May on the planned one-man lives will be held.


As the newSilver-Rose” playing Silver-Rose songs from the 90’s in a modern way and arranged in an Adultique way.


Silver Rose is made out of five members. However it’s not the same “Silver-Rose” because everyone is new except me. And since we are all old men, I decided to add “Adult” to it. (laugh)


YOWMAY: That’s me. (laugh)

Zoo: drunkard. (laugh)

YOU-K: An old man in his 50s wearing a YOU-K costume. (laugh)

KAPPY: Erotic guy. (laugh)

Shula: Riding on a car that becomes a robot. (laugh)


大人のSilver Rose [20191208 LIVE DIGEST]

  • 1st track: Short version of Lonely Dancer.
    Usually we play FGTH’s – To Tribes as our SE, However we thought that the audience would like to listen to as much as possible songs. So we decided to play a short version of Lonely Dancer.
  • 2nd track: Real of Love?
  • 3rd track: Led Freedom
    This flow was conscious of the album labyrinth.
  • 4th track: Light & Shadow
    A song which everyone loves to hear live.
  • 5th track: Grassic Nonfiction
    A duet with my brother’s ex-Zodiac, Die. We were supposed to sing two songs together, but due to Die’s selfishness, we sang three songs together. (laugh)
  • 6th track: Secret
  • 7th track (last song): Cry Heart


The difference between “Silver-Rose” and “Otona no Silver-Rose” isn’t only the line-up but it is also different musicality and also the visuals are different. (laugh)

It’s alright if not everybody will like this new line-up. 

We are “Otona no Silver-Rose” and we will go our own way, we will work hard to meet our Argent’s desires that look forward to us. 

Thank you for following us with your warm eyes. (laugh)

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