CD Review – KOSAME 1st EP “”The 8th Farewell


Rating: ★★★☆☆ (80%)

KOSAME releases her first EP “The 8th Farewell”.

KOSAME is a solo idol whose music is a mixture of black metal, death metal and beatdown hardcore and also Converge style riffs. Her singing changes from grunting to clean singing in a very emotional overwhelming style. Also other genres sneak into her music such as emo and rap, well everything you can think off it’s mixed into an amazing “Metal” style vibe, which if you love black/death metal surly will love.
It’s not a EP you listen to on a day you’re in the mood of calmly sounds.

With this EP you will dive into KOSAME’s world of angriness and sadness…

Track explanations:
⇨Tells you a story about a girl who was abused mentally and physically by her parents because her parents put education on the first priority of life.
Inside this song, it are all KOSAME’s own feelings which you totally can feel when you listen to this song, her angriness and sadness flows out the song straight into your mind.

待って (Wait for me)
⇨ Tells you about any Mental Conflicts that happens to your feelings on inevitable moments of farewells.

寡欲グランマの憤怒 (The anger of grandmother who doesn’t expect much)
⇨Tells you a story about the anger of a GRANDMOTHER who survived the war and lost all her friends because of the falling bombs. Because of her awful and hard past, she feels that nowadays young people are too fragile and too sensitive to stress and any other small not fun happenings. She feels mad and frustrated that young people complain and see big problems in any small things.

ダーティ•ウーム(DIRTY WOMB)
⇨ Tells a story about a wife who is married for 10 years and asked the “Revenge Committee” to give her husband a painful sanction, because of his affair.

After listing to all songs, you surely are overwhelmed with various feelings. Might you feel angriness, might you feel sadness, might it even lighten up your heart.
Every song is nicely mixed so that any melody flows into each other without giving you a weird feeling of “something isn’t right“, whenever you flow into a heavy or soft melody part.
The EP also gives you a different vibe way to listen to KOSAMA’s music. What I do miss on stage is a backing band to feel KOSAME’s live power to the fullest, while if I listen it as audio I’m finally able to feel all power she has put into each song to the fullest, which is a big plus for me!

Be sure to add this EP to your Japanese music collection! You won’t regret it!

The 8th Farewell” will be released on July 17th 2022 via IDOL UNDERWORLD.
Pre-orders for the album are available via the webshop of IDOL UNDERWORLD.

You can follow Kosame on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are wondering how KOSAME sounds and feels live, here are great live atmosphere example!

Music video