LIVE REPORT – Hana’s debut

TEXT: Ryu – English correction: Missa 

On May 8th, HANA’s solo debut live was held and streamed!

HANA is an idol, and she also belongs to the group Mi-ll. However, today she also made her own solo-debut! JROCK’N’ROLL will focus this live report on HANA, MIHO and KOSAME. All three idols are managed and promoted by Derek Vasconi.

The event starts with Mi-ll – a group of 3 cute girls named Miyuyun (blond hair) , HANA (long black hair) and Akina (bob haircut). All three performed live with their full cuteness and power, which the audience could feel deep in their hearts. Their dances were not perfect, but the imperfections turned it into a cute, heart-pounding performance.

Image source Mi-ll twitter.

Next up is solo idol MIHO: she performed strongly alone on the stage, singing her songs from the bottom of her heart – which conjured a cute, beautiful atmosphere. Even watching from behind your PC screen, her performance compels you to show her your cheering moves (while holding a glow stick in your hands, of course!) Her onstage outfit rocked, and was utterly captivating.


MIHO started with her song “Doubt,” a bright and colourful tune. She sang this song with all her might, while moving her body in sync with the song. Next up is “A Knife of Words,”  an upbeat pop-rock song that shoots straight to your heart.  MIHO sings this song very passionately, holding the attention of the captivated audience. Next up is “Good Day,” an upbeat pop-song. MIHO sings this song radiating cuteness, which is sure to make your heart beat faster and faster. However, for this song her outfit is too rock-y – you would expect a more “cute” looking outfit for this performance. Next up is MIHO’s new song “Matryoshka,” a rock-tinged pop song with a strong, interesting melody. MIHO’s voice is absolutely stunning while listening to it. Seeing her perform it, you wish you could stand in front of her, dancing and singing along. MIHO ends her show powerfully with this song! When this song is available to purchase, don’t hesitate to get it!  

SETLIST: Doubt, A Knife of Words, Good Day, New song: Matryoshka

Ameagari no Planet (雨上がりのプラネット) is an idol group of 4 girls:  Blue: Okayu – Red: Hina – Purple: Fumei and Yellow: Nana. These girls sing well together – their voices melt into one another quite smoothly. Their choreography fits each song, showcasing the beauty and cuteness of each girl very well. Dancing lightly, each girl sings their parts wonderfully.

Image source Ameagari no Planet Twitter.

KOSAME, a solo idol who rocks in a progressive metalcore style, wears a cute kind of outfit, juxtaposing her looks with her sound (specifically, she is wearing a cute/rocking school uniform.) Seeing her perform her songs with all she has, grunting it all out, makes you want to go wild and scream her songs with her.


KOSAME starts her setlist with a slow metal SE while she sits and lays on the ground before transitioning into her song “CORD.” Here, she goes completely crazy, moving around while grunting her lines. It’s amazing to see how much sound comes out of such a cute little girl. The song also has some bright, clean singing, which gives the song a nice contrast. The song ends with some crazy, yet touching, screaming. Next up is her song “Matte.” The song begins with a nice heavy dark metal sound and her screams, which gradually turns into a softer melody with clean singing. The rest of the song transitions back and forth before these dynamics, before ending softly. KOSAME performs this song very well, with her strong movements and – of course – she sings this song with all her passion, losing herself in the music. Next up is her song “Kayoku.” This song starts totally crazy and heavy, while the centre of the song is much more calm – while still being wild with some more heavy parts, which gives the song a nice contrasting feeling. A viewer commented “She dominates fully the stage” and yes, she did – the stage was all hers. During her last song “Dirty Womb,” her voice dominates everything. Her clean vocal parts, and even the more heavy sections, sound entirely elegant. Watching her perform this last song will inspire you to go wild with her.

SETLIST: (SE), CORD, Matte, Kayoku, Dirty Womb

Next up is POPPY, an idol duo. Both perform their songs with full heartedness. Unfortunately, the setlist they performed isn’t an easy setlist to enjoy while watching from a screen; if you’re there in-person, you would see and feel the atmosphere in the venue – especially when they were screaming “Aishiteru!

image source Poppy twitter video

Next up is APHRODITE, an idol group of 6 girls dressed up in gothic church clothes. Each member is dressed roughly the same – however, each girl has her own unique cuteness. Their songs are rock and metal-like, which makes you want to jump and clap your hands while watching them. Some of the songs are sung harmoniously, while some other songs sound a bit messy; however, that doesn’t tarnish the atmosphere. Later on, their power is merged together, and they’ve totally rocked it.


As the last act we see HANA’s, solo debut. She also performed as the first act in Mi-II. Her glitter outfit and dancing creates a magical, heart-pounding performance. She is absolutely beautiful. Her live starts with a SE to which she shows up onstage and starts to dance, before entering her first song “Owari no Hajimari.” Her dance moves in this song, as well as her outfit, makes it magical to watch. Vocal-wise, she uses a bright pop affectation that you could listen to for hours. Her next song is “Kamikaze,” which sounds similar to the previous song. Simply said, HANA looks cute and makes your heart beat faster while you watch her. For a solo debut, her performance was stunning! Hopefully we will see more magic from her in the near future.

The last song of the day was a cover of “DEAR J” by AKB48, the first part was sung by MIHO, HANA was dancing magically to the song, making the stage totally hers.

SETLIST: (SE), Owari no Hajimari, Kamikaze, DEAR J by AKB48 sung by Miho

This live event was amazing to watch and recommend to everyone who likes to watch idols at their beginning~early stage. 

Be sure to continue to check out HANA, MIHO and KOSAMA. All three girls will bring you a bright and happy future!

Please keep tuned to JRNR, we will interview HANA in the near future!

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