Since the band’s formation, the band has played plenty of live performances, also EASTBAY does not only support artists in Japan but also foreign artists who come to Japan for a tour.  In 2019 EASTBAY went to the USA for a tour.

In all those years of activity in Japan and abroad, EASTBAY has released 1 full album and 1 E.P, and also a charity release, also the band is actively involved in various music productions.


EASTBAY was formed in Tokyo in 2018.

It all started on an event which KEiTARO actually would perform as a solo act, however things started to heat up and we decided to form EASTBAY instead to be support for KEiTARO. 

When the band was formed, each of us also played in other bands. At that time TAKA was already in a band called “MUSTANG” in which he is still active. MITSU heard that TAKA and KEiTARO planned to start a new band, he thought it sounded interesting, and decided to join, and so “EASTBAY” was born.

During the activity a member left the band and a support member CHARLIE joined EASTBAY. CHARLIE is also the guitarist of the band “STUD”, which we have a long friendship with, CHARLIE decided to join as an official member in February 2020.

Also all members are all close friends and we know each other for years and everyone is a compassionate member.   

The band doesn’t’ exist that long yet, however there are already too many highlights,

Although each of us had our own band experience, we feel that our biggest highlights are, our first meeting as EASTBAY, our first rehearsal, our first song writing, our first recording, our first national tour, our first overseas tour, our first independent project, etc,… and we continue to develop EASTBAY.

Although the tour has been postponed due covid-19, Billy Joe ARmstrong of GREEN DAY discovered us the unknown EASTBAY and asked us to be the opening act for all the shows on GREEN DAY’s JAPAN TOUR, that was an overwhelming happy shock for us as EASTBAY. 

Gt.Vo SHUN who was a member since the formation left us a while ago, after he left us TAKA’s junior Noburu participated as support Gt until CHARLIE joined us. 


To summarize it; KEiTARO’s hometown is Kurume which is located in Fukuoka, over there there is a rehearsal named “WEST POINT”, over there many bands came over for band rehearsal and that place became for KEiTARO the place to hang out with others. 

Later on, KEiTARO moved from the west of Japan to the east of Tokyo, where he has been working with various bands.

The name EASTBAY was chosen to reflect the fact that EASTBAY’s style of music is a combination of EAST BAY PUNK bands; RANCID, GREEN DAY and CRIMPSHIRE, those bands are all integral to the current music of EASTBAY, as well as the fact that those bands are all from Berkely (east of the San Francisco Bay Area)

We haven’t really thought about a deep meaning, but if we dare to say “from the Far East to across the ocean”.


Like the shoes of Dr.Martens, those shoe’s colors are in two-tones.

The band fuses sky/punk/reggae and rock’n’roll together, beside that the melodie style of the music is straightforward and catchy and all members sing along with the song lead vocalist also all songs are melodic and energetic.  

All members write songs and sing the songs also themselves as the lead vocalist which turns songs into a member’s own style.


Gt.vo : KEiTARO
Ba.vo : MITSU

A word to describe yourself.

Gt.vo : KEiTARO / Bad guy
Ba.vo : MITSU / Bad guy
Dr.vo : TAKA / Good guy
Gt.vo : CHARLIE / Bad guy



Let’s live the best life together *<]]:)

1st Album【Ronove’s Drop】
定価 : 2,000円(税込)

01. Get with the time
02. Idiot World
03. TsukiNoUraMade
04. Just Do It
05. Don’t let me down
06. ByeByeGirl
07. Let it rude
08. Don’t try too hard
09. Baby! It’s alright!
10. El Dorado
11. Tiny Shine
12. My Way
13. From now

Ronove’s Drop.

Renove also known as Marquis or Count is the 27th Demon of The Seventy-Two Demons of The Lesser Key of Solomon.

He is a Marquis and a great Earl who leads 19 armies of the demons from hell. He bestows upon his summoner a knowledge of the languages and rhetoric of various nations also he bestows friendship from superior messengers and allies. However, it is said that Renove is a cunning demon who will “steal your soul in exchange for the fulfillment of your wishes”.

Ronove’s Drop is the album that Ronove wants to slobber over.

The cover artwork was created by KING RAT of KING RAT TATTOO, a TATTOO ARTIST based in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, who is also KEiTARO’s TATTOO artist, etc. The artwork was created just for this album and it’s a watercolor painting.

1st E.P.【Purson’s Stomp】
定価 : 1,000円(税込)

01. Set me free
02. Otherside
03. Fish man
04. Familia
05. The mani in black
06. Keep on rolling

Purson’s Stomp

Purson, also known as Pursan or Curzon, he is the 20th Demon of The Seventy-Two Demons of The Lesser Key of Solomon.

He is a great king with 22nd legions of demons, once in heaven, he was in the position of a sacred angel or a power angel. He has the power to know the location of hidden things and to discover treasures. He speaks about the past, present and future, and answers questions about the hidden things of the earth, theology and creation with sincerity. He also gives us good messages.

Such is Purson’s Stomp, an album that makes Purson want to stomp and dance.

Just like the artwork for Renove’s Drop, the cover artwork was created by KING RAT of KING RAT TATTOO, the artwork was created just for this album and it’s a watercolor painting.

EASTBAY Charity Project
【ROCK AID -Rock Saves Rock-】

02. Don’t pass me by

ROCK AID -Rock Saves Rock

ROCK AID contains two songs which reminds you of the struggle which the music industry has due covid-19.

It’s EASTBAY’s shout “ROCK TO SAVE ROCK!”, We will return these 2 songs to those who support us via a donation as a return gift.

For more information on how to donate please check ( Your donation will be used to support where donation money is needed at the time.

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