el:cid, the band which suddenly disbanded without warning is revived in Reiwa. In their early days it has been said hat there is “no doubt” that they would be the “next big artist”, because their music were their time ahead. However sadly they disbanded, before they could make their “real” debut.

Yet in all their years of activity they performed songs that transcend the boundaries of visual kei, their music included elements of shoegazer, ambient, rock and industrial. Years after their disbandment people reacted very positive about el:cid / shigeta’s comeback. Every time shigeta shares a new song to youtube, people share wonderful positive comments.

Beside shigeta all members are retired, yet please keep an eye on shigeta, because he shares lot’s of fun old stories and time to time unreleased el:cid tracks.

Youtube: elcidofficial

Interview: 2020/05/20 vkgy
Interview: 2020/09/01 JROCK’N’ROLL x VKGY
Article: 2020/11/12 Merorian Toppage

Do you remember when el:cid formed and disbanded?

el:cid was formed when I was a student. This was around 1990. We disbanded around September 1996.

How did you meet all the members?

Guitarist Kairi and drummer Michitaka were friends from elementary school and I’ve known bassist Kenji since high school. We have been friends since our school days.

What is the origin and meaning of the band’s name?

We wanted a name which started with an “E” sound. It had nothing to do with the meaning of the phrase. (laugh)

The name of the band was chosen by sound, and then the letters el:cid were added later in order to use the alphabet.

El Cid was a Castilian knight and warlord in medieval Spain and was the model for a 1961 movie, but that has nothing to do with the origin of the band’s name.


pr: Akiwo (アキヲ) (support)
Staff: obi

Which kanji would you choose to describe yourself, and why?

誠 (makoto) {truth, reality, sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity}
It means to live honestly, without lies or deceit in your heart.

Please give a message to your fans and readers.

I think that music has the power to transcend time and space. I also believe that music has the power to heal wounds of the soul. I know it’s not easy for everyone because of the impact of COVID-19, but I encourage you to listen to your favorite music and to fly to a place and time of your choice. If you can add el:cid ‘s music to your list, we would be very happy about it.


DT. [1992] くもり硝子の街並み
1. くもり硝子の街並み
2. cutting the line

DT. [1994] Crying limit
1. Crying limit
2. Cry for the moonlight

Cry for the Moonlight [DIGITAL SINGLE 2020/08/07]
1.Cry for the Moonlight
2. Crying Limit
3. 2020 (Noise Guitar O.4.D)

In the Shade [2021/08/18]
04.I’ll be there
06.the world where the stars fall
【bonus tracks】
11.Never free
14.Crying Limit
15.Cry for the Moonlight

Please give us a comment to each song of Cry for the Moonlight.

01. Cry for the Moonlight
It’s a song about a person with a traumatic background, who is suffering because he is unable to take his own life.

02. Crying limit
It’s not just about loss in love, but it also expresses the sense of loss of people.

03. 2020
The original title was actually winter, but prior to that it was temporarily titled 2020. Since we released it in summer, I’ve adopted the temporary title.
The lyrics are about losing your way in a reflective, silvery world.

Basically all the lyrics are so inescapable, just like after you get knocked down by something harsh. In human life there are many such kinds of encounters, which leads to needing time to find yourself and start walking happily again.

OMNIBUS [1993]
Rock天国 Jack In the Music Box
6.Shayou (斜陽)

OMNIBUS [2020/11/16]
6.gain (2020 REMIX) = SpecialThanks.O.4.D

2020/11/01 ペジュマール
2020/10/06 Never Free
2020/09/21 くもり硝子の街並み
2021/02/05 cutting the line

YouTube upload list

2013/06/15 good bye jupiter
2014/01/14 winter song (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2016/09/24 季節の終わり
2017/02/22 love sunshine
2017/02/27 Cry for the moonlight = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2017/03/09 dragonfly = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2017/04/01 ワルツのようなもの(1991)
2017/06/01 cutting the line
2017/09/17 hameln
2018/04/09 Crying limit
2019/01/14 真昼の鼓動 respect BEAST = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2019/11/22 winter song = SpecialThanks.O.4.D
2020/01/14 I’ll be there (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/03/14 くもり硝子の街並み (デモテープ) = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/03/20 鉄錆廃園 = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/03/23 窓辺に咲く花 = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/04/01 芸術の都 = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/04/07 Never free = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/04/15 Cyber Doll (デモテープ)
2020/04/30 Calling = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/05/17 warped mind = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/06/08 the world where the stars fall = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/07/02 Magdala (2020 NEW SONG)
2020/08/01 惑星 (Planet) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2020/08/06 shell = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/09/06 未発表DEMO この声よ届け
2020/09/24 no longer human = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/10/13 ペジュマール
2020/10/16 murder game = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2020/10/25 Xanadu
2020/11/23 Take my way
2020/12/12 螺旋
2021/XX/XX gain(2020 remix) (PRIVATE VIDEO)
2021/04/17 sound of my mind
2021/04/22 Someone who knows the blue sky
2021/04/24 blue sky blue = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2021/05/27 パイルドライバー = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2021/05/28 NEW AGE = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)
2021/05/31 I’m looking = Pr.アキヲ(ex.redearth)

YouTube LIVE videos

2013/06/23 斜陽 (live)
2016/09/18 As time goes by(YANTA鹿鳴館 Live)
2016/09/19 SE「Cantara(Dead Can Dance)」
2016/12/22 D.D.A.D(Yanta鹿鳴館live)
2017/02/16 Cry for the moonlight (Yanta鹿鳴館 LIVE)
2017/02/17 Crying limit(Yanta鹿鳴館live)
2018/04/03 FORYOU (YANTA鹿鳴館Live)
2019/06/18 Planet(YANTA鹿鳴館Live)
2020/01/21 シルエット(京都ミューズ live)
2020/01/22 ミレニアム(live) = LYRIC
2020/07/19 cutting the line (live)
2020/07/22 D.D.A.D (live)


0000-09-13 尼崎 LIVE SQUARE VIVRE
0000-09-30 大阪 ヤンタ鹿鳴館
0000-10-05 京都 MUSE HALL
0000-12-19 京都 ARC DEUX
0000-12-22 京都 ロック天国
1994-05-19 京都 MUSE HALL
1994-06-09 尼崎 LIVE SQUARE VIVRE
1994-06-30 大阪 ヤンタ鹿鳴館
1994-07-11 京都 MUSE HALL
1995-05-24 京都 MUSE HALL
1995-06-21 京都MUSE HALL
1995-06-26 心斎橋 MUSE HALL
1995-12-16 大阪 ヤンタ鹿鳴館
1995-12-28 京都 MUSE HALL
1996-09-15 心斎橋 MUSE HALL

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