INTERVIEW – kanashivari

Vijuttoke 2023/08 カナシヴァリ(kanashivari) INTERVIEW

Translation: Team JROCKNROLL

An interview with the brand new band “kanashivari” has arrived! 
Their band concept is “Giving relief to those who have lost their dreams“!
The members of kanashivari, who themselves received many dreams from the visual kei scene, are now on the side of giving dreams to people!
If you long for us, you can no longer get lost
Their 1st single “YUME ANNAI -Jokyoku-“, which guides people who feel lost, has also been released in both physical and digital formats!

L→R Guitar.あーひ(a-hi) / Drums.Meyi / Vocal.ゆのん(yunon) / Bass.Tuzuri / Guitar.れいれい(reirei)

kanashivari debuted at the Ikebukuro Blackhole on the 16th of July. Since this is your first appearance on Vijuttoke, please introduce kanashivari.

yunon: Our band concept is “Giving relief to those who have lost their dreams“.
It seems to be easy to live, but actually “living” is difficult. Our modern society is not easy to live in, it’s a reality where many dreams are lost. 
Since I was a student, the Visual Kei scene has shown me many dreams. Music has always been there for me in good times and bad.
This time I want to be on the side of giving people dreams. That’s why I formed this band.
I really like a certain dreamland that is connected to dreams. (smile) So I wanted to create a dream world by expressing it through music and make people fall in love with the dream world, that’s Kanashivari.

Please introduce yourself

yunon: I am the vocalist and my name is Yunon. My role is to lead you into the world of dreams. I’m the one who sings our catchy songs with words of passion that touch everyone’s heart, captivating and binding the hearts that are on the verge of getting lost. The “YOU” that meets me can’t escape me anymore.

Tuzuri: I am the bassist and my name is Tuzuri.
This time I became the bassist for kanashivari. I met all the members of kanashivari before Corona and since then we’ve been in touch through SNS. Before we became kanashivari, we played together and everyone made me feel like I wanted to form a band with them. 
We are a band with a “worldview”, so I hope the audience can enjoy our live atmosphere without losing that “worldview”.

Meyi: I am the drummer and my name is Meyi.
We are all trying our best to heal the hearts of those who are tired of the real world through the world of kanashivari“.
Together with Yunon and Reirei I overcame many difficulties and we welcomed our new buddies Tuzuri and a-hi.
kanashivari will continue to move forward, so please continue to support us.

a-hi: I’m the “main” guitarist and my name is a-hi.
I’m the composer, but I also write lyrics.
Lately I’ve been studying fortune-telling as a hobby, so if you’re interested in your fortune, please DM me.

reirei: I am the “rhythm” guitarist and my name is Reirei.
I’ll will do my best,  ME RA MI[1]

[1] An attack spell.

Your debut live performance was on 16th July at Ikebukuro BlackHole.. How did you experience this first live performance?

yunon: The beginning of a dream“. It was our first step where everything started from there. It was a space where we and the venue were both super excited. I’m full of gratitude to Ikebukuro Blackhole, who planned our start and to all our senior bands who helped to warm up the venue. 
From now on, as a dream guide, I will continue to pursue my entertainment skills and worldview. . This first concert gave me those strong feelings full of spirit.

■  Your 1st single “YUME ANNAI -Jokyoku-” was released on the 7th of July. The single was released before your live debut. The title song “YUME ANNAI -Jokyoku-” is a mysterious (fairy tale) song interspersed with static and movement. Please explain this song to us.

yunon: This song is packed with the concept of kanashivari, which I explained at the beginning.
A girl” full of lethargy wonders what life is all about and what living is all about. She feels a totally loss“. As soon she fell asleep, she got lost in “Kanashivari” Where she met “The GOD” of the dream world.
The GOD escorts the girl with his magic to make her dreams and wishes come true, which she envisioned in the real world.
The girl thought “I wish this time would last forever”.
But time moves on, morning comes, and the spell is broken.
The GOD tells the girl at the end “If you are having a hard time, feel free to come back“.
Yes, the “kanashivari space” does exist in everyone’s mind. If you long for us, you can get lost and we will lead you to the world of kanashivari.

I also saw the MV video for “YUME ANNAI -Jokyoku-” . Could you explain the concept of this MV to us?

Yunon: We had a strong desire to convey our concept and worldview through this MV. So we reduced our “own” performance scenes as much as possible and spent most of our time on the drama scenes. 
We wrote the script for the drama scenes according to the lyrics. So it feels like content from a comic.
In the first part, I wanted to convey the gap between the real world and the glittering and beautiful dream world as realistically as possible. Like the girls’ room, the busy streets full of garbage, the digital surveillance. So a lot of information was shown. When the girl was dressed in loungewear and enchanted by GOD (Yunon) in her dream world, her hairstyle and outfit changed into a princess. Because that is how she wanted to be! 
In the second part, the girl is enjoying herself in the world of “kanashivari” and shows a completely different side to the one shown at the beginning of the song.  Yunon also continues to accompany the girl.
At the end of the song, the girl’s hair and clothes changed back to normal, and as the lyrics of the final chorus say, “The magic of dissolving, the time axis twists, returns and repeats. The mysterious space disappears”. The girl looks blank and confused, but in fact she is still dreaming at this point.
And in the very last scene, the girl wakes up in the real world, and when she gets up, she notices the rose that Yunon gave her in the dream world, which is on her bed. That tells her “It’s not just a dream, kanashivari really exists,” which is a very important clue.

The couple song “Shin Sekaisen Kakumei ” is completely different, it’s a song that explodes from the very beginning, please tell us more about this song.

a-hi: The lyrics of this song express the so-called four-dimensional world. It’s said that you can jump through time in your dreams. Yunon sang the world line transition of the parallel word, where the dimension ascends and descends, with a strong nuance similar to this. So please come and feel it. I wish I could immerse myself in such a world. 
In case you’re wondering, it’s my “laugh” you hear in the interlude, I really gave everything to give the best “laugh”.

JRNR note: a-hi composed and wrote the lyrics of this song.

You also shared the Furitsuke for “Shin Sekaisen Kakumei”. Who came up with this Furitsuke and do you really want the audience to do this Furitsuke in front of you, right?

yunon: Each of us shared our ideas and the final idea we showed on your Youtube. But we are actually thinking of improving it. I’m thinking of an easier to do Furitsuke that everyone can do and enjoy. Please look forward to it.

■ A number of live shows have been scheduled to take place at Ikebukuro BlackHole.  What kind of live shows do you have in mind for kanashivari?

yunon: Those who visit us can reveal their true selves. You can enjoy us wholeheartedly, without shame, and without worrying about the eyes around you. In order to make all our visitors feel comfortable, we will do our best to create a space where you can enjoy watching us to the fullest.
Of course, we will also continue to create songs that further emphasise the kanashivari worldview, so we really hope that you will be able to experience our worldview live as well!

Please tell us about the future of kanashivari, what are you aiming for?

yunon: It’s about winning all over Japan, no, it’s about winning all over the world with kanashivari. Once you touch the sound and our magic, you can’t live without kanashivari! We will continue to strive for this concept.