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Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S – L: Masaki – M: Makoto – R: Hideki
“Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S” started by Makoto Takahashi (ex.BOØWY), Masaki Hayashida (ex.ODD-BOWZ), Hideki Sakakibara (ex.De-LAX)! The trio decided to work hard together for one year, to support the survival of venues nationwide, including the LOFT venues!

On January 23rd(SAT), the trio held a press conference, to share the formation information about their new band at LOFT PLUS ONE in Shinjuku, Kabukicho.

In August last year the trio formed a temporary band together for the Streaming broadcast “KEEP the LOFT vol.2. Various bandmen who grew up in the LOFT venue, supported LOFT that way. As we know venues including LOFT got into trouble due COVID-19.

Hideki felt that it would be regrettable to end it with just a one-time band, so he asked Makoto and Masaki again if they would like to form a band together, and the two agreed! The trio decided to give their very best and that they will do all they can for just one year!

Hideki and Makoto were both members of De-LAX, and Masaki was a member of ODD-BOWZ, the trio have always been on good terms with each other for over 30 years! It was Hideki’s long term dream to form a band with Masaki someday.

In addition, When De-LAX was on a break Masaki saw GEENA and was amazed by them, so when he got invited to join Let’s Go MAKOTOO’s he was thinking “I don’t have a choice! I gotta join!” . Masaki also said with a happy smile; “When I still was living in Kyushu, I saw BOØWY on a outdoor stage (event; 『BEAT CHILD』), that day it was raining heavily and about 80,000 people were watching them. It’s an honor to be allowed to be in a band with such a famous person, I’m really happy!!

Makoto and Masaki also performed at “KEEP the LOFT De de de dete kette yo“, which was held at Hibiya Open Air Music Hall in July 1994 (“Loft Survival Event” (an event held while the eviction trial of the former Shinjuku Loft was in progress)) Makoto said, “Just like with Hibiya, Now is the time for us to give back to the LOFT that has taken care of us so much since my BOØWY days. I don’t know if our efforts alone will be enough, but I think that if we can build up this kind of movement, it will become a great power. I hope that other musicians who are closely related to the LOFT will also join us in this circle.

The first activity of “Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S” will be to hold live shows or talk shows at all the LOFT venues nationwide, and to donate all the received money to LOFT. Also they happily accept as many live event requests to tour around Japan as possible.

Hideki said: “I’d like to do cover songs of “The Beatles”, because I want to play something which is easy to understand and that everyone can enjoy and dance to. I also want to cover famous songs which were born in the LOFT venues“.  

Masaki will be the main vocalist, however Hideki and Makoto will also sing, also they would like to invite guest vocalists for each play live. A bunch of cool vocalists with a close relationship with LOFT are already invited.

Also “Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S” will open a YouTube channel in the near future to release not only live shows, but also releasing unique videos with COVID-19 as a topic.

And for the long-awaited live, the trio said that they are enthusiastically planning a streaming live at Shinjuku LOFT for the end of February.

After about 40 Minutes spent talking, the trio announced their band name  “Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S” (aka: MAKOTOØ’S)  by showing their logo.

Makoto said: “Even if Hideki says that the name doesn’t have a deep meaning, I’m still glad that the band name is my name. Also I added one more 「O」 and gave the 「O」 a slash 「Ø」.

Hideki laughed: “It’s human psychology that makes me want to do something when there are three 「O’s」.”  Hideki also wished to keep the theme of supporting the survival of venues lightly by choosing a humorous name for the band.

The artist photos were also shown. To the monochrome photo, Hideki said: “It looks like an advertisement for men’s cosmetics.“.  The photos were taken at the LINDA GARAGE BAR near the Nishi-ogikubo’s north exit, which is owned by Masaki. Also at the BAR Hideki asked Masaki to form a band together, and it seemed to be also the perfect place to shoot the official photos, also it could be said that the bar is the band’s starting point.

Finally the trio said these words;  Hideki:We want to keep the LOFT alive, so please support us.Makoto: We can only contribute to society through music, so we’ll devote ourselves to music and give our very best!.”  Masaki: Hideki and I will make sure that Makoto-san’s backup is perfect, so please support us!” and the one-hour-press conference was finished.

They have been in famous bands and we are looking forward to following their future road, also how they are going to face Covid-19. The press conference video can still be watched on LOFT’s youtube channel.

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