Lyrics: HERE


2023-12-02 New Music video 『告吐(kokuhaku)』was released.


Zetsumei shared their new visual and Support drummer Muu joined and renamed himself into Shikina (色梛)


Zetsumei openend a special TikTok account to share their paranoid love as videos to you! Be sure to check it out!


Zetsumei openend a special twitter account to share their paranoid love daily to you!


Zetsumei released their first digital Mini-Album Bokutachi no Keikaku

僕達の計画 (Bokutachi no Keikaku)
Release date: 2023-09-19
Medium: DIGITAL | Format: digital single
1.誘拐 (Yuukai)
2.綴 (Tsuzuri)
3.翅 (Hane)
4.憎雨 (Zouu)
5.徒花 (Adabana)
6.遂行 (Suikou)


Do: Today will be my last time supporting ZETSUMEI
Thank you very much for your support for todays ZETSUMEI live.

Zetsumei: Do has supported us for while, however September 13th was his last day as support. Everyone thank you very much for your continued support for Zetsumei and Do.


2023-07-21 NEW song preview video 『綴』『翅』

Furitsu: Torn Notebook, worthless trash.

Zetsumei:『綴』Tsudzuri &『翅』(Hana)
Music preview has been released.
Mix & Mastering by 澪(Mio) from NAZARA

Furitsu: Please listen to it a lot and spread it around!

Tsukishiro: Be sure to listen to it!


Drummer Mona has left the band

Thank you for your continued support of Zetsumei.

We have an announcement regarding drummer Mona.

He has been absent from the band since May 2023.
It became difficult for me to continue as Zetsumei due to my physical condition and unstable mind“.
We have had various discussions together and we would like to announce that Mona will be leaving the band today.

We apologize for the concern we have caused to our fans who have always supported us and to everyone involved.

We deeply apologize for this sudden news.

Zetsumei will continue to be active with the support of a backup drummer.
Thank you for your continued support in the future.

Message from Furitsu

I’m sorry for the sudden announcement.

Mona has been playing drums since the beginning of “Bokutachi no Keikaku” and we really thought that we would be able to continue the band together in the future.

I can’t help feeling bad that I couldn’t do anything for Mona while he wasn’t feeling well at all.

I had a lot of conversations with him, and he was also a very trustworthy friend of mine.

Mona was also very enthusiastic about composing songs. He was always a very important person to me because he always taught me in a positive way how to make music.

Our song 「人肌病」 is a creation made together with Mona, who created the basis for the song, and me, who arranged the music. I remember how moved I felt when I saw Mona’s happiness at the moment of completion.

To be honest, I was confused when I received Mona’s request to withdraw. Of course I accepted it, but I also wondered if we could work together again when he got better. So I was very worried about what to do for him, of course I did my best to work with him again. But in the end, I respect Mona’s own intentions, and that is how it ended.

I really hope that things will be better for him and us now.

Of course, I was really worried about what to do now, and I was thinking about worst-case scenarios, like whether we should take a break from the activity.

After all, I have a huge responsibility to the members and fans who are still with us.
You all have been following me and us for a long time and I haven’t been able to return any good favor yet.

I can no longer make anyone sad.

We will continue to protect everyone’s whereabouts.

We will continue with Zetsumei from now on despite this kind of announcement.

Thank you for continuing to support us.

Zetsumei Furitsu.

Message from Kanaha

To all our fans who always support Zetsumei, I’m truly sorry for this kind of announcement.

Mona invited me to play as a support bassist for them since his birthday event. It’s a pity that the four of us couldn’t perform together after I joined the band as a member.

I would appreciate it if you would keep Mona’s recovery and Zetsumei’s future activities in your hearts.

Zetsumei Kanaha.


NEW lyric video 『接続肢』(Setsuzoku-shi)

Zetsumei:If our fate is to be together, let’s connect.

Furitsu: It was fate.

Tsukishiro: That’s right, this is why I want you to love me the most. It doesn’t matter how many people will love you, I’ll will connect to you. (squeakingsqueakingsqueakingsqueaking)


Zetsumei shared their brand new appearance!
Also Bass (Yura) now Kanaha (奏玻) has joined the band as an official member since May 24th!

Let’s look forward which kind of crazy love they will give us next!


Dr.Mona is currently taking an band activity break due his adjustment disorder.
We wish him good happy recovery from it.

Drummer Do will support Zetsumei’s this months lives.


Zetsumei first “Boku no Ai” is now available via various digital platforms! Be sure to check it out!


2023-02-06 Bassist YURA (ユラ) begins acting as support


Ba. Yodome has been fired of the band.
Zetsumei will continue without him and will continue to perform all their planned lives.

2023-04-01 zetsumei_info
Important announcement

2023/1/4 19:00
Bass Yodome is fired.

Everyone thank you very much for your continued support of Zetsumei.
As the title says, on Wednesday January 4th 2023. Bass Yodome was fired.

The reason why he is fired is as followed:
・ Restoration of trust is impossible.
・ Significant loss of motivation
・ technical performance technique

We are sorry it has come to this just as we are getting started.
We will continue to be active, so we’re going to our very best to keep it up.
Until so far, thank you very much for your support.

Everyone of Zetsumei

2023-04-01 Yodome

To everyone who cheered and supported us.

As announced by the official account.
I Yodome has decided to leave Zetsumei as of today, because of a personal matter.

There are many reasons, but one of them is that I have a clear idea of what I want to do in the future.
This has led to a loss of motivation to continue band activities and so also distrust towards the band members.
Various of things caused this decision.

To everyone who supported us, I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this all caused.
Zetsumei will continue its activity in the future, so I would appreciate if you continue your support.

Maybe you will see me involved in music someday again, or maybe not. But I hope I will be able to meet everyone someday somewhere again.

Zetsumei, Yodome.

Ba.淀目 解雇






2023-04-01 Yodome



理由は多々ありますが自分のやりたい事が 明確に見つかったというのもあり 。
それに伴いバンドへのモチベーションの低下 そしてメンバーへの不信感を煽ってしまった事 。
色々な事が重なりこのような結果になってしまいました 。

急な発表も重なり応援してくださった皆さまへ 。
多大なるご迷惑をおかけした事 誠にお詫び申し上げます。

今後もゼツメイは続いていきますので 引き続き応援して頂ければ幸いです。

今後どこかで私が音楽に関わるかもしれないですしもう関わらないかもしれませんが またどこかで皆様とお会いできる事を 心より願っております。



Today, 僕達の計画(Bokutachi no Keikaku) evolved into ゼツメイ(ZETSUMEI)!
They finally fulfilled their plan. They finally kidnapped you.

Please enjoy their newest photos and music video!
I hope you will keep an eye on JROCK’N’ROLL, because will continue to follow their “plan”.
Because their disgusting love will never end for you until your last breath.

Their lyrics will be translated on a later date, please wait for it!

And Dr. Nakimushi(泣虫) changed his name into Mona(喪那).

Btw, the meaning of ZETSUMEI is: end of life; death; breathing one’s last







The start of Zetsumei
Our plan(bokutachi no keikaku) was carried out.
All the stories so far are connected to this point.

The smiling faces and any faces you all gave us, they are all dear to us.
It’s up to you if you find our love disgusting.
Anyway, we’ll keep telling you about our disgusting love for you.

From this day forward, we remain with you until the end of our lives.

僕達の計画 (Bokutachi no Keikaku)
(Check back how they evolved into ZETSUMEI)


VOCALS: Tsukishiro (月白)
GUITAR: Furitsu (不律)
BASS: Kanaha (奏玻) (since 2023-02-06)
Drums: Shikina (色梛) (Since 2023-09-27)


BASS: Yodome (淀目) (left on January 4th 2023) | TwitterInstagram
DRUMS: Mona (喪那) (Left on June 24th 2023)
Sp.Drums: Do (ド)  | TwitterInstagram (From 2023-05-07 until 2023-09-13 )


BAND: Twitter – Website – Youtube
DAILY: TwitterInstagram
Tsukishiro (月白) | Twitter – InstagramThreads
Furitsu (不律) | Twitter – InstagramThreads
Kanaha (奏玻) | TwitterInstagramThreads
Shikina (色梛) | TwitterInstagramThreads


2022-12-25「hévn Vol.014 第108号」 [SMALL FEATURE]


Release date: 2022-12-26
Price: FREE | Medium: CD-R | Format: demo
Tracklist: 01 誘拐 (Yuukai) 02 憎雨 (Zouu) 03 遂行 (Suikou)

ゼツメイ1st single「僕の愛」(Boku no Ai)
Release date: 2023-03-11
Price: tba | Medium: DIGITAL | Format: digital single
Tracklist: 01 絶やさぬ命 (Tayasanu Inochi) 02 憎雨 (Zouu) 03 誘拐 (Yuukai)
Download/stream: TuneCore

残叫 (Zankyou)
Limited release date: 2023-09-01
Price: FREE | Medium: CD-R | Format: demo
Tracklist: 01 残叫 (Zankyou)

僕達の計画 (Bokutachi no Keikaku)
Release date: 2023-09-19
Medium: DIGITAL | Format: digital single
Tracklist: 01.誘拐 (Yuukai) 02.綴 (Tsuzuri) 03.翅 (Hane) 04.憎雨 (Zouu) 05.徒花 (Adabana) 06.遂行 (Suikou)
Download/stream: TuneCore


2022年12月06日 001
2023年05月24日 002
2023年12月03日 003


Bokutachi no Keikaku (僕達の計画) changes its name to ZETSUMEI (ゼツメイ).
Dr.Nakimushi (泣虫) changes his name to Mona (喪那).

From this day on a free CD with 3 songs is freely distributed (while supplies last) to pick up at their booth .

Ba.Yodome (淀目) is fired.

2023-01-04 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Dr. Mona (喪那)

Mona birthday event 『Kowareta Nakimushi (壊れた泣虫)。』 is held

Bassist YURA (ユラ) begins acting as support

2023-02-06 LINE-UP
V. Tsukishiro (月白)
G. Furitsu (不律)
SuBa. YURA (ユラ)
Sp.Dr. Do (ド) / Dr. Mona (喪那)

Tsukishiro free birthday oneman 『Tsuki ga Kirei desune (月が綺麗ですね。)』 is held

Digital single Boku no Ai has been released.

Dr.Mona (喪那) is unable to perform due to his diagnosis of adjustment disorder.

Drummer Do (ド) begins acting as support.

2023-05-07 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Sp.Ba. YURA (ユラ)
Sp.Dr. Do (ド) / Dr. Mona (喪那)

Zetsumei revealed their new look.

Bassist YURA (ユラ) joins under his new name Kanaha (奏玻).

2023-05-24 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Ba. Kanaha (奏玻)
Sp.Dr. Do (ド) / Dr. Mona (喪那)

Drummer Mona (喪那) has seceded.

2023-06-24 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Ba. Kanaha (奏玻)
Sp.Dr. Do (ド)

The recording preview for 「綴」(Tsudzu) 「翅」(Hane) are uploaded to youtube! Both songs are mixed and mastered by 澪(Mio) from NAZARE.

Guitarist Furitsu (不律) “Zetsumei Furitsu Seitan Shusai 「Fudou no Senritsu.”」 (ゼツメイ不律生誕主催「不動の旋律。」) event is held
For everyone who went to the birthday event a free CD is distributed

ZETSUMEI 2nd ONEMAN 「Hokorimamire no Shuukai」(埃塗れの集会) is held

Do: Today will be my last time supporting ZETSUMEI
Thank you very much for your support for todays ZETSUMEI live.

Zetsumei: Do has supported us for while, however September 13th was his last day as support. Everyone thank you very much for your continued support for Zetsumei and Do.

2023-09-14 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Ba. Kanaha (奏玻)

2023-09-19 Digital mini album 僕達の計画(Bokutachi no Keikaku) has been released.

2023-09-27 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Ba. Kanaha (奏玻)
Sp.Dr. Muu (ムウ)

2023-10-08 A special X(Twitter) account and Instagram account opens to share their paranoid love daily to you!

On December 8th, Zetsumei 1st anniversary oneman live “絶命日(Zetsumei Nichi)” is held.
ゼツメイ 月白 @ztmi_tsukishiro [Zetsumei Tsukishiro]
ぜつめいび じゃななくて [It’s not Zetsumei-Bi]
ぜつめいにち [Zetsumei-Nichi]
だから 間違えないように [So please don’t read it wrong]

2023-10-30 Zetsumei openend their official TikTok account.

2023-11-24 NEW VISUAL
2023-11-24 Support Drummer Muu changes his name into Shikina (色梛) and joins officially

2023-11-24 LINE-UP
Vo. Tsukishiro (月白)
Gt. Furitsu (不律)
Ba. Kanaha (奏玻)
Dr. Shikina (色梛)

2023-12-02 New Music video 『告吐(kokuhaku)』was released.

2024-03-31 4th oneman ゼツメイ月白生誕無料単独公演「月が綺麗ですね」二〇二四 is held

2022-12-14 渋谷REX 『Ms.EVA 紗七、I.O.合同バースデー主催【兄弟の盃】』
2022-12-26 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『cubrick presents二転三転vol.36』
2023-01-06 池袋EDGE 『EDGE New Year fes’23 DAY.2』
2023-01-16 池袋EDGE 『cubrick presents二転三転vol.38』
2023-01-30 高田馬場CLUB PHASE 『ライカザライブ-Advance-vol.13』
2023-02-06 渋谷Star lounge 『喪那生誕主催『壊れた泣虫。』』
2023-02-17 東高円寺二万電圧 『東高円寺二万電圧presents “激突” 鐘ト銃声 VS ゼツメイ』
2023-03-06 渋谷Star lounge 『月白生誕【無料】単独公演『月が綺麗ですね。』』
2023-03-16 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU『cubrick presents二転三転vol.42』
2023-03-22 新宿clubSCIENCE 『くるる本格始動&解散主催『くるる伝説』』
2023-03-31 新宿club SCIENCE『DAMNED主催3MAN LIVE『暴力#2』』
2023-04-07 池袋BlackHole 『リジェーヌ主催公演「twilight cross」』
2023-04-28 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『Marvelous Cruelty主催「混ザリ合ウ黒ノ旋律 -第八夜-」』
2023-05-18 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『cubrick presents「二転三転」vol.47』
2023-06-15 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『鈴木悠太生誕祭 「40歳になりました。1日目」』
2023-06-19 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU『行方不明主催 「遺体で発見されました。」』
2023-07-06 池袋EDGE 『rivabook presents 「七夕賞 」』
2023-07-19 渋谷REX 『cubrick presents「二転三転」vol.51』
2023-07-28 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents “激突” 仮病 VS ゼツメイ』
2023-08-02 池袋Black Hole『我楽多 りく生誕主催 『我楽多りく会。ぷっは~!』
2023-08-14 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents “衝動” ゼツメイ & DAMNED 』
2023-08-23 渋谷Star lounge 『Birth of Jekyll [Jikifest]』
2023-08-29 渋谷REX 『cubrick presents「二転三転」vol.53』
2023-09-01 新宿club SCIENCE 『ゼツメイ不律生誕主催「不動の旋律。」』
2023-09-13 新宿HEIST 『ゼツメイ二部制単独公演「埃塗れの集会」』
2023-09-27 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents「激突” ジグソウ VS ゼツメイ」』
2023-10-06 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents 「激突” ゼツメイ VS ミスイ」 』
2023-10-13 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents 「激突” ゼツメイ VS Marvelous Cruelty 」』
2023-10-20 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents 「激突” ゼツメイ VS カラビンカ」』
2023-10-27 東高円寺二万電圧『東高円寺二万電圧presents 「激突” ゼツメイ VS HUMAN ERROR」 』
2023-11-07 新宿club SCIENCE 『絶命鴉〜ゼッカ〜』「鴉-カラス-/ゼツメイ」
2023-11-14 新宿club SCIENCE 『ゆっき〜presents STAND MARIA ~Shinjuku club SCIENCE 8th Anniversary!!~』
2023-11-23 littleHEARTS.STUDIO池袋 『polka dot circus Vol.5』
2023-12-08 渋谷Star lounge 『ゼツメイ一周年記念無料単独公演〜絶命日〜【一周忌】』
2023-12-16 littleHEARTS.STUDIO池袋 『polka dot circus Vol.6』
2023-12-19 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『cubrick presents「二転三転」vol.61』
2023-12-29 渋谷REX 『cubrick presents「SHIBUYA-REX presents.「ホントノミリョク x 二転三転 x FREE FOR ALL xユメノツヅキ」』
2024-01-08 新宿ClubSCIENCE 『ゼツメイ主催 新年明けましてお悔やみ申し上げます〜今年も共にゼツメイしましょう〜』
2024-01-19 高田馬場CLUB PHASE 『ライカザライブ~新春万福 東京乱戦~』
2024-01-20 littleHEARTS.STUDIO池袋 (Space emo 池袋内) . 『【polka dot circus Vol.7】』
2024-01-24 新宿club SCIENCE 『ゆっき〜presents STAND MARIA Vol.92』
2024-01-25 池袋EDGE 『SPEEDDISK PRESENTS~Hysteric Media Zone』
2024-02-02 東高円寺二万電圧 『 鮮血A子ちゃん×ゼツメイ 2MAN「鮮血ゼツメイちゃん」』
2024-02-11 新宿club SCIENCE 『ゼツメイバレンタイン主催 告吐日和御嬢さん編〜猪口令糖頂戴〜』
2024-02-13 池袋BlackHole 『Planet CHILD Music presents 『四季彩プラネタリウム』』
2024-02-17 littleHEARTS.STUDIO池袋 (Space emo 池袋内) . 『【polka dot circus Vol.8】』
2024-02-18 池袋BlackHole 『GREN現体制ラスト主催イベント 『さよならbyebye』』
2024-02-28 都内某所
2024-02-29 新宿ANTIKNOCK DAIGOFEST制作委員会 & ANTIKNOCK pre.【D’FEST vol.10】
2024-03-04 池袋BlackHole 『晴夜生誕主催『ハレルヤ爆誕祭オギャア』』
2024-03-11 都内某所
2024-03-12 HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 『 「ソラナキ~八雲生誕主催公演~九死に一生」』
2024-03-22 都内某所
2024-03-28 都内某所
2024-03-31 新宿HEIST 『ゼツメイ月白生誕無料単独公演「月が綺麗ですね」二〇二四』
2024-04-09 都内某所
2024-04-19 都内某所
2024-04-22 都内某所
2024-04-24 都内某所
2024-05-05 都内某所
2024-05-06 都内某所
2024-05-12 都内某所
2024-05-29 都内某所
2024-06-06 都内某所
2024-06-26 都内某所


  • 2023.12.08


Important Twitter translations

2022-12-05 Mona
“Bokutachi no Keikaku” has been fulfilled.
Once again, my name in Zetsumei(ゼツメイ) is “Mona(喪那)”
It’s my real name.
No matter what you do to me, no matter how you reject me.
I will never let you die…


2022-12-05 Tsukishiro
If you run away from me, I will continue to kidnap you until our life dies.
As long as I am here, I’ll keep you alive.

Zetsumei (ゼツメイ)
Tsukishiro (月白)

2022-12-05 Zetsumei
“Bokutachi no Keikaku” has kidnapped you.
And this sick love, right here, right now, evolves into “Zetsumei”, a life that never ends.
Let’s start.
A sick love story between you and me…

2022-12-05 Furitsu
I will not end your life.
The reason why I was born is…

Zetsumei (ゼツメイ)
Furitsu (不律)

2022-12-05 Yodome
I’ll take everything of you.
If it feels bad….I don’t know.

Zetsumei (ゼツメイ)
Yodome (淀目)

2022-12-05 Zetsumei
Your life will be never ceased by me.
Zetsumei ゼツメイ
MV “『絶やさぬ命』”(Unending Life)

2022-12-05 Yodome
I will be with you forever.

2022-12-05 Furitsu
The twisted love between you and me.

2022-12-05 Mona
I love you. I really love you.

2022-12-05 Tsukishiro
Swallow my sickening thoughts.

2022-12-07 Mona
2022.12.05 21:20 Location: Shibuya REX
“Execution Day”
Until now and from now on, I want you.

2022-12-08 furitsu
2022.12.08 Shibuya REX
“Execution Day”
We started as Zetsumei again.
“Eternal life” to you.

2022-12-08 Yodome
Live with me. Then we can disappear together.

2022-12-08 Mono
0:00~Your voice, my voice

2022-12-10 Yodome
My adoption

2022-12-11 Yodome
I want to quit taking medicine every day.
If life is this hard, I’d rather just disappear.
I could end my life, if I wanted to.
But humans survice.
We have no choice but to live together today too.

2022-12-12 Yodome
I don’t know anything about selfishness.
What is the word you seek?

2022-12-13 furitsu
Tomorrow, zetsumei
I won’t let you end your life.

2022-12-13 Tsukishiro
Tomorrow I will get revenge on my regrets at the sponsored event.
Watch us!
I’m looking at you all the time too.

2022-12-14 Yodome
Fresh blood

2022-12-14 Mona
When I can’t become one with you…
Then this world is…

2022-12-14 furitsu
2022.12.14 Shibuya REX
Today too, you×××

2022-12-14 Tsukishiro
Shibuya REX
We could have gone further, you and me.
Next time, I’ll stab into your heart even deeper.
I won’t let you go.

2022-12-16 Mona
Are you awake? Good morning.

2022-12-16 Tsukishiro
I was felt like dying, because you don’t care about me.
I’m sure it’s my fault too.
I didn’t express my affection for you enought.
Okay, next time let’s be more muddy.

2022-12-19 Mona
My emotions are a mess, murky, emotional break down.

2022-12-23 Furitsu
bad bad bad

2022-12-23 Yodome
I can’t love myself anymore.

2022-12-24 Mona
would it be okay if I will be your xmas present?

2022-12-26 Mona
I can’t wear headwear

2022-12-26 Yodome
I’m not needed.

2022-12-26 Tsukishiro
Today is our last live of 2022
I kidnapped you this year, let’s be codependet next year.

2022-12-26 Furitsu
You are my last love.

2022-12-26 Mona
Just let it all get messed up.

2022-12-27 Zetsumei
Next year and beyond, I’ll never let you go.

2022-12-30 Mona
I’m in love with you.
I had a plan
I carried out the plan.
No matter what.
I’ll always love you.
“I will always love you deeply and madly.”
Thank you.
Because of you, I am here…

2022-12-30 Yodome
This year has been more sad and painful than happy.
I won.
Internet Angel
Until that time comes, you and I will be together forever.
If I can be with you
I want to stay with you forever
Because your wishes don’t come true, I guess I can give you the happiness you seek.
I want to be with you, because I love you.

2022-12-31 Furitsu
It’s the end of the year.
Thank you for taking care of me.
I’ll will give you more messed up feelings next year.

2022-12-31 Tsukishiro Dec 31, 2022
Thank to you all, I could stand on the stage again in 2022.
I want to continue to stand on the stage.
So, see you next year.

2022-12-31 Mona
I really love you.

2023-01-01 Yodome Dec 31, 2022
Happy New Year.

2023-01-03 Mona Jan 3

2023-01-04 Mona
I’m sorry.

2023-01-04 furitsu
I’m sorry.
We continue as a 3member band now.

2023-01-04 Tsukishiro
I’m really sorry to those who liked the four of us and supported Zetsumei.
Maybe I could have managed a little more, maybe I couldn’t.
I guess I just wasn’t trying hard enough.
Regrets and Reflections
But I want you to understand that all four of us came to this decision because we want to make Zetsumei a better band.
I’ll show you what we got with all means from now on.
Please continue to love Zetsumei in 2023.

2023-01-05 Mona
Overflowing emotions.
Tomorrow is Ikebukuro

2023-01-06 Mona
2023.01.06 20:05
Tears of hate fall as they pierce your body.

2023-01-06 Tsukishiro
See you and thank you
I hope you can enjoy the three Zetsumei for a little bit longer.

2023-01-06 Furitsu
Ikebukuro EDGE
Next time I will destroy everything again!

2023.01.07 Zetsumei
2023.01.06 Ikebukuro EDGE
It’s not enough…
Our hands will…you.

2023.01.09 Mona
Sweet taste

2023.01.14 Mona
To you, who I love even if you are broken.

2023.01.16 Mona
Thank you ikebukuro EDGE, it was fun!
I don’t need your consent to love you with all my heart.

2023.01.16 Furitsu
We went crazy a lot.
Continue to have only eyes for me.

2023.01.16 Tsukishiro
Ikebukuro EDGE was fun.
I wanna go more crazy with you, I wanna go much deeper together with you. We…

2023.01.18 Zetsumei
Even if we are hungry for love, we will not let you die.

2023.01.19 Mona
Your heart, my encounter
Watch it!

2023.01.16 Tsukishiro

2023.01.23 Mona
Mutual love and co-dependence
If you love me, I can’t help loving you so much that I can’t stand it.

The rest of their tweets aren’t that interesting, just keep in mind that the guys love you no matter what. Oh And Tsukishiro said that valentine reminds him of his sisters cookies.
The rest is mainly just asking you to come to their lives and saying their thanks for coming to their lives.
Well anyway don’t forget to send your love to them.

And any new important updates, of course I will continue to translate!
And be free to always DM me, if you need something translated!

2023.05.24 Zetsumei
Because “YOU” are my destiny…
My Macabre love, it’s a story with “you” that never will end.

2023.05.24 Tsukishiro
Next time, I won’t hurt you.
Oh, you collapsed.

2023.05.24 Furitsu
This is the new me. Pain is also the proof of love, right?

2023.05.24 Kanaha
From now on, I also can be with you.

2023.05.24 Mona
Flowers are blooming
Gymnaster savatieri (Never forget you)
Fritillaria camschatcensis (Love & Curse),
Tigridia pavonia (Love me)
Daffodil (Self-love, Mystery)

2023-06-11 Tsukishiro
Sometimes you need to love your past.
I can love the present because I have a past.
I want to love my future even more.

Zetsumei:If our fate is to be together, let’s connect.

Furitsu: It was fate.

Tsukishiro: That’s right, this is why I want you to love me the most. It doesn’t matter how many people will love you, I’ll will connect to you. (squeakingsqueakingsqueakingsqueaking)

Furitsu: Torn Notebook, worthless trash.

Zetsumei:『綴』Tsudzuri &『翅』(Hana)
Music preview has been released.
Mix & Mastering by 澪(Mio) from NAZARA

Furitsu: Please listen to it a lot and spread it around!

Tsukishiro: Be sure to listen to it!


Kanaha: Don’t move your eye away from me.

Furitsu:Your slapping is cool.

Do: Do, on drums!

Kanaha: The songs are cool! Who created those?

2023-07-26 Furitsu (See on the photo on the left)
My white teardrops are my favorite.

2023-07-27 Tsukishiro
“It is going to be exhausting to have to live for decades from now on.”
I remember that when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, there were times when these thoughts overwhelmed me and became painful.
But as I got older, I understood the concept of death. so it didn’t felt painful anymore and at that young age, I began to understand death as a sense of redemption.
And for this reason, “Zetsumei” is the perfect band name for me.

2023-07-28 Do
It’s me Do, the live has ended, it was really fun to play with so many visitors!

2023-07-28 Kanaha
Gekitotsu Zetsumei vs Kebyo
Even Kanaha can sing.

2023-07-28 Furitsu
Niman den’atsu” “gekitotsu” VS kebyou 2MAN
We’ve done it!
It was an absurd mega fun live!

2023-07-28 Zetsumei
Pretending to be sick(Kebyou) and Paranoid love (Zetsumei) it’s My love.

2023-07-28 Tsukishiro
Gekitotsu vs Kebyou has ended.
It was my first time visiting another band’s stage, but it was super fun to do! I wanna do it again. Let’s contintue to live until then.
Your live too, let’s play together again!

2023-07-29 Tsukishiro
I didn’t sung the lyrics that well, but lucky they have put on subtitles ??
Kebyo and Keybo fans thank you very much!
I want to pretending to be sick with you again!

2023-10-21 Tsukishiro

The name of this bear will be 絶えちゃん(Tae-chan)

絶えぬ命Tシャツ: 1枚3,000円

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・書いて欲しいこと (1セットにつき2枚落書き可)


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ツーショット (特典)
※月白のツーショット撮影は 主催、スリーマンツーマン、ワンマンのみ。


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Please include this in your message.
・ Designated Member(s)
・ Your Reservation Name
・ Things that you would like to have written on the cheki. (available for 2 cheki per set.)

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Two-shot (privilege)
For every 5000yen spent, you can take a Cheki with your favorite member.
※A two-shot with Tsukishiro is only possible on own host events and THREE,TWO and ONEMANS.

Two-shot (privilege)
For every 5000yen spent, you can take a Cheki with your favorite member.
※A two-shot with Tsukishiro is only possible on own host events and THREE,TWO and ONEMANS.

In addition for every 5000yen you spent on Tsukishiro’s stuff you can get.
・ A video of 30 seconds and a 60-second voice file.
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※ For the video, Tsukishiro wears the make-up of the day.

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You can request; messages, Q&A, recitation, cappella, etc.
Please let us know what you want when you make a reservation.
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[Video of “me” feeling disquested]

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Can I direct order from overseas?
No, that is not possible, however its possible to buy via a proxys, such as Buyee and Zenmarket.

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